Brigitte Millar As A New Bond Adversary

684791English actress Brigitte Millar, known for her work on the Harry Potter franchise, has reportedly been cast in 007’s latest adventure, SPECTRE. The new James Bond movie, due for release in November, will host an impressive line up of villains – including Dave Bautista, Christoph Waltz and joining them recently Detlef Bothe and Brigitte Millar.

Millar, like Bothe, is expected to play an adversary to Daniel Craig’s 007, on location in Italy.

MI6 reports that her agent confirmed the news this week but would say little else about Millar’s involvement.

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Detlef Bothe to cameo in SPECTRE

Detlef Bothe to cameo in SPECTRE

Sam Mendes quietly cast a few of his co-stars for SPECTRE with eagle-eyed fans noticing German actor Detlef Bothe had won a role in SPECTRE opposite Ben Whishaw (“Q”).

Q is expected to have a lot more to do with 007’s latest mission, with one scene filmed in Austria already.

Bothe is credited by IMDB as a man on the cable car and posted a photo of himself on location with the Bond family in Solden. In the photo Bothe is bald… a cunning ruse, one wonders, by the producers to make us think of him as SPECTRE number one, Ernst Stavro Blofeld?

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Could Adele be back for SPECTRE?

According to British tabloids, the Mirror, the Skyfall title-song artist flew into LA recently for a meeting about Bond.

According to a source the paper secured:

Everyone thinks Adele is here for her much anticipated new album, but she is actually working on a music idea for the James Bond film.

She hadn’t been in contact with the film bosses for a few weeks, but suddenly she said​ she had great plans for the theme, so they flew her over.

Adele won two prestigious awards for her work on Skyfall, securing both an Oscar and a Golden Globe. The Bond producers are likely to want that winning formula back, along with Sam Mendes and his creative team.

We at understand that whomever the title-artist will work out to be, the Bond producers already have him/her in mind.

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Ben Whishaw spotted on location

Austrian press are reporting that MI6’s new Quartermaster, introduced in Skyfall, was on location in Austria with the crew earlier this month.

Ben Whishaw, MI6 reports, was on hand to shoot a scene (which may or may not be connected with 007’s more action-packed exploits) in Obertilliach town center. He was also expected to be shooting scenes in Solden, where the principal cast posed for a photoshoot with a dramatic backdrop.

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Daniel Craig in action in Obertilliach filming SPECTRE

James Bond 24’s production is in full swing in the snowy and normally sleepy town of Obertilliach, Austria. Here, where work has been going on for months to prepare the location, the SPECTRE production team are staging an action sequence like no other. Daniel Craig, as Bond, has been seen on foot shooting at off camera adversaries as well as piloting an out-of-control airplane down a slope.

In addition to Craig, Lea Seydoux was spotted on location along with Ben “Q” Whishaw, who MI6 predicts will be involved in the action.

The ever-reliable Daily Mail had its hard-working photographers out and about and over 30 pictures of the scenes captured this week are online. A small selection are below:

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SFX wizard, Chris Corbould spotted in Obertilliach, Austria

Austria is playing host to 007 this month as the first and second unit are on location to film scenes for SPECTRE. Planes fitted with cameras have been spotted already, Daniel Craig filmed a scene in Altausee on the lake, and now key members of the production have been spotted in Obertilliach, where pre-production has been under way for months.

These two photos show the state of the specially-constructed buildings as well as stalwart of 007 pictures, Chris Corbould, the special effects supervisor for this and recent Bond films.

It has long been rumored that a plane is expected to crash into the main building as the climax to a fantastic chase sequence.

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Solden location photoshoot

The principal cast of SPECTRE arrived in Austria and, taking a break from shooting the 24th James Bond adventure, posed for a photo call against a spectacular background.

Daniel Craig was joined by his latest squeeze Léa Seydoux and the heavy henchman Dave Bautista at Solden, the ski field where key scenes for the new 007 film were captured this month.

It is understood that an Solden is one part to an action piece that sends 007 on hot pursuit of the villains through this spectacular scenery, climaxing at the Obertilliach set that has been under construction since October. Chrisoph Waltz will be on location in his native Austria, but purely as an observer as he has no scenes to shoot until February.

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SPECTRE crew spotted preparing London locations

The first to get attention was some scaffolding and some crew wearing Skyfall stunt crew jackets courtesy of The Establishing Shot. They spotted the work and took some photos of the preparations near Regents Park, where 007 was seen exercising in the Skyfall teaser trailer.

Also spotted by the Express photographers today was prep-work at what they suggest will be James Bond’s apartment, based in central London. Could the Bulldog that made  an appearance in the first of the SPECTRE clapperboard photos (a tradition the 24th film continues from Skyfall) be at Bond’s apartment, or perhaps in his MI6 office?

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SPECTRE first impressions in MI6 Confidential

Tcollecting_mi6_confidential_issue28_coverhe fan James Bond magazine MI6 Confidential has released a timely issue featuring SPECTRE content.

The cover art features Daniel Craig from a special Omega photoshoot but boasts “first impressions” from SPECTRE cast and crew. Also in the issue:

  • Golden Girls – The five fantastic Goldfinger actresses and their timeless characters
  • Erno Goldfinger – The architect who lent his name to Bond’s nemesis
  • Steve Cole – The Young Bond author on the character and legacy
  • The Bond Connection – Fleming talks geopolitics and the need for a hero
  • Hot Wheels – James Bond’s new Aston Martin DB10 is revealed
  • Road To Production – The tale of Sam Mendes and the SPECTRE director’s chair

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Studio execs worry about a shocking end to SPECTRE

And that’s not ‘schocking’ in a friendly Scottish lilt kind of way, that’s in a demand that the third act be rewritten kind of a way. According to spoilerific Gawker website, the entire script for SPECTRE, Bond 24, is on the darker edges of the internet thanks to Sony’s hackers.

We’re not shy of spoilers here at but this doesn’t feel much like sport. So if you want to see what the script was like circa August-October check out their post linked above.

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