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Taking care of Ellenbrook smiles for over 17 years

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Coolamon Dental Centre is your one-stop clinic for general dental care, cosmetic dentistry, and affordable dental implants in Ellenbrook WA.

Looking for a Dentist in Ellenbrook, WA?

Coolamon Dental Centre, your Ellenbrook dentist, offers a comprehensive range of services to cater to your dental needs. Our Ellenbrook dental services include a routine scale and clean, composite (white) fillings, ceramic fillings, dental crowns, or wisdom teeth removal, our experienced dental team is here to assist you.

We also provide dental implants Perth, cosmetic smile makeover dentistry treatments such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, Invisalign treatments and more, performed by a Registered Specialist Orthodontist next door.

At Coolamon Dental, we see patients from Aveley, Bullsbrook, LexiaMelaleuca, Henley Brook, Brabham and The Vines.

Our primary focus is on patient care, and we take the time to listen to your needs and make sure all concerns are addressed. We want you to have a comfortable visit and strive to ensure you’re happy with the results, no matter what treatment you have.

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Find the Right Dentist for Your Dental Needs in Ellenbrook WA

Finding the right dentist for your dental needs in Ellenbrook, WA can be daunting. Choosing a dentist near you that you can trust, with the qualifications and experience to meet your specific dental needs, is essential. Whether you’re looking for a general dentist, a cosmetic dentist, or an emergency dentist, you should consider a few things when choosing.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a dentist in Ellenbrook, WA, is their qualifications. It’s essential to choose a dentist who is a member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA), as this ensures that they have met specific education and training standards. Additionally, you should look for a dentist with experience in the particular areas of dentistry you’re interested in, such as cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics.


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Comprehensive Dental Care in Ellenbrook: From Check-Ups to Implant Surgery

In addition to our general and cosmetic dental services, we also offer emergency dental care for patients experiencing severe pain or other urgent dental issues. Our team is equipped to handle emergency cases and will ensure you receive the care you need as quickly as possible.

Coolamon Dental Centre is dedicated to providing our patients with the highest level of care and is committed to ensuring that you receive the best dental treatment possible. Whether you need a regular check-up or a more complex procedure, we are here to help. So, if you’re looking for a dental clinic in Ellenbrook, Western Australia, 6069, look no further than us.

Services we also offer include:

Keep Your Teeth Healthy with Preventative Dentistry and Regular Dental Visits

Dentist Ellenbrook WA believes that preventive dentistry is critical to maintaining a healthy mouth and preventing dental issues. That’s why we offer a wide range of preventive services, including regular check-ups and cleanings, to help keep your teeth and gums in top condition.

During a check-up, our experienced dentists will examine your teeth and gums for any signs of decay, gum disease, or other issues. We’ll also take X-rays and thoroughly clean your teeth to remove any plaque and tartar buildup. These regular visits are essential for catching problems early and preventing them from becoming more serious.

In addition to check-ups, we also recommend regular cleanings, which help remove plaque and tartar that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Cleanings also include a polish to remove surface stains and leave your teeth feeling smooth and refreshed.

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Dental Services in Ellenbrook, WA: Affordable and High-Quality

At Coolamon Dental Centre, our team of experienced dentists takes pride in providing patients with affordable, high-quality dental services. We understand that visiting the dentist can be a daunting experience, so we ensure a warm and welcoming environment to help our patients feel comfortable and relaxed throughout their visit.

We also offer emergency dental care, dental implants, and orthodontics for those who require them. Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to ensure that we can provide the best possible care to our patients.

Preventive dentistry is essential to maintaining oral health, so we encourage regular check-ups and cleanings. We are committed to providing affordable, high-quality dental services for residents of Ellenbrook, Western Australia, and the surrounding areas of Ellenbrook East, Henley Brook, Belhus, Aveley, and Millendon. We welcome new patients and encourage you to schedule an appointment today to experience the difference at our Ellenbrook dental clinic.

You can find us via Westgrove Dr

via The Broadway and Coolamon Blvd


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Frequently Asked Questions

What dental services are offered at Coolamon Dental Centre?

The Coolamon Dental Centre offers a wide range of services, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency dental care. Services include check-ups, cleanings, fillings, crowns, orthodontics, and dental implant surgery.

Who are the dentists on the team at Coolamon Dental Centre?

The team at Coolamon Dental Centre is made up of experienced dentists who have qualifications and areas of expertise.

Why is preventative dentistry important?

Preventative dentistry is important because it helps maintain oral health and prevent dental issues. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are crucial in catching and treating issues early on.

How often should I schedule a dental appointment?

It is recommended to schedule regular check-ups and cleanings at least twice a year. However, you should schedule appointments as often as recommended by your dentist.

Is the dentist in Ellenbrook WA affordable?

Yes, the clinic is committed to providing affordable and high-quality dental care to patients in Ellenbrook and the surrounding areas.

How can I find the right dentist for my needs in Ellenbrook?

You can find a dentist in Ellenbrook by asking for recommendations from family and friends, researching online, or consulting with your primary care doctor. When choosing a dentist, you should also look for qualifications, experience, and patient reviews.

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