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Stacy Ployhar

I started 2020 Financial Planning LLC in 2010 to help people put their financial future into focus (hence '2020'). I practice as a Fee-Only CFP (R) (Certified Financial Planner (TM)).

My clients are primarily working professionals and near-retirees across many fields.

What do they all have in common? They want financial freedom. They want the ability to retire, whether that's now or in the future, and to stay retired. I show them how to make that happen.

Along the way, many have financial goals like buying a home, funding college, having an RSU strategy, traveling, and/or putting cash to work. What else do I bring to the table? . .

Fee Only Financial PlannerA Fee-Only Financial Planner‘s compensation differs from other types, as they are compensated only by their clients. Learn more about my fees and services...


Financial Planning Process

What are the 8 steps to any financial planning engagement with a fee only Certified Financial Planner (TM)?