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Today's Top Travel Nursing Specialties

50 States Staffing offers assignments in virtually every nursing specialty.
What could that mean for you? Faster starts, higher pay, and more choice of when and where to work.



Top Pay and Benefits

50 States can offer you the positions you want and the pay you need! Free private housing. Comprehensive insurance. Every 50 States assignment includes a generous package of travel benefits.


More Locations

50 States has thousands of travel nursing positions from coast to coast. You can travel the country from California to Florida, experiencing new places and meeting new people as you go.


Top Rated Service

50 States' client support team has earned high marks from RN's nationwide. Experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of travel nursing, our recruiters make your career a priority!


Why Should You Travel with 50 States?

The staffing experts at 50 States have been placing healthcare professionals in travel assignments across the US for over two decades. If you're an experienced nurse – or relatively new to the nursing profession – switching from a staff position to a travel nursing job could be the key to supercharging your career.


With hospitals nationwide in need of contingent staff, 50 States has travel nursing jobs in more locations than ever ... from New York to Arizona, compact states, and just about everywhere in between. As always, the decision is up to you. You decide where to work and when. Don't hesitate!