Donald Trump, Our A.I. President - The New York Times

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If conventional psychology isn't up to the task, perhaps we should step back and consider a tantalizing sci-fi alternative -- that Trump doesn't operate within conventional human cognitive constraints, but rather is a new life form, a rudimentary artificial intelligence-based learning machine. When we strip away all moral, ethical and ideological considerations from his decisions and see them strictly in the light of machine learning, his behavior makes perfect sense. Consider how deep learning occurs in neural networks such as Google's Deep Mind or IBM's Deep Blue and Watson. The goal of DNA is self-reproduction; the sole intent of Deep Mind or Watson is to win.

AlphaGo Is Back to Battle Mere Humans--and It's Smarter Than Ever


In its public debut last year at a tournament in Seoul, AlphaGo thrashed Lee Sedol, the best player of last decade. Tomorrow morning, AlphaGo is set to play 19-year-old Ke Jie in Wuzhen, a town crisscrossed by canals 80 miles west of Shanghai. Though he is now ranked higher than Lee Sedol, Ke Jie doesn't stand much of a chance against AlphaGo. In January, via the internet, DeepMind secretly matched AlphaGo against several of the world's top players, including Ke Jie.

How Machine Learning Unlocks the Power of BI - DZone Big Data


The pair joined forces to deliver an in-depth webinar on Machine Learning and business intelligence, which you can view in full here. Or, put another way: when does it make sense to invest in Machine Learning projects for my business? One of the most exciting applications, says Boaz, is Natural Language Processing (NLP). For example, Sisense Everywhere uses bots and NLP to deliver data insights outside of the usual dashboard environment.

20 Questions With Google's Assistant and Apple's Siri

The Atlantic

Tuesday, Google made its artificial-intelligence powered Assistant available for the iPhone. The move brings the company's voice interface into direct competition with Apple's own Siri. For the first time, you can now have both assistants on the same phone in your palm. They serve as a platform for promoting the way Google's executives see their company and the world.

How our memories are made in the brain

Los Angeles Times

Images, sounds, smells and other stimuli from the party are translated into electrical signals and channeled to different parts of the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex then channels the signals to another part of the brain that will form, or encode, the memory. For an event like a birthday party, the signals go to the hippocampus. Later, when she recalls her 21st birthday, neurons in the cerebral cortex reassemble the components of the memory.

Google adds pic-in-pic, new notifications, auto-fill, machine learning tools to Android O


The company said it has added picture-in-picture video, so that that users can do things like watch video while looking at the calendar. Android gets Notification Dots, which places a small dot on an app icon if there is a notification coming from the app. Machine learning is helping Android recognize and select bits of text like phone numbers and addresses in emails. Google's machine learning library for developers is now available a mobile version called Tensor Flow Lite.

Google Home Updates: I/O 2017 Keynote Brings New Features To AI Assistant Hardware

International Business Times

New features include proactive assistance, hands-free calling, visual responses and expanded support for various music and video applications. For example, you ask Google Home to call your mother, it will recognize your voice and call your mother. If your roommate asks Google home to call their mother, it will recognize their voice and call their mother. Google also announced support for entertainment for applications including Spotify, Deezer, and Soundcloud.

LIVE: Google's biggest event of the year


He also announced a new product called Google Lens, which will be part of the Google Assistant for Android phones. Now it'll work wherever Google Assistant is, including Android phones and the iPhone. But the big news is that calling is also coming to Google Home, letting you call any number in the US or Canada from the speaker. Google also gave updates on Google Photos, Google's online storage service.