AddToAny Blog All about AddToAny Fri, 29 Apr 2016 21:17:34 +0000 en-US hourly 1 New messenger buttons: Skype, Viber, Kik, WeChat, Snapchat Fri, 29 Apr 2016 21:17:34 +0000 We’ve added five new messengers to AddToAny this month!

Skype share button

Skype icon

Share to Skype on the web.

Viber share button

Viber icon

Share to the Viber app.

Kik share button

Kik icon

Share to the Kik app.

WeChat share button

WeChat icon

Share to WeChat. It’s here. The web grew tired of waiting for WeChat to create a proper sharing endpoint for the web, so we created an interim WeChat button in AddToAny. On desktop, users scan a QR code to share in the WeChat mobile app. On mobile, users copy the link and tap “Open WeChat” to share. If/when WeChat offers an open sharing endpoint for the web, we’ll switch to that one in a jiffy.

Snapchat follow button

Snapchat icon

Follow on Snapchat by setting up your Snapchat follow button.

Any messenger

AddToAny welcomes the above messaging apps in addition to SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp, Line, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, and more to come.

New share buttons and icons: SMS, Telegram, Google Classroom, GitHub Thu, 28 Jan 2016 20:32:42 +0000 Today we are excited to highlight a few major service additions to the AddToAny sharing platform.

SMS share button

SMS icon

Finally, SMS sharing is ready for action! AddToAny has been rallying the top two mobile operating systems to properly implement the standard SMS scheme for years — Google & Apple finally made it happen. Using the latest versions of Android and iOS (as well as other OSs), AddToAny users can now share links from the web through SMS. In addition to “SMS” sharing, the SMS share button works for sending iMessages on iOS and in other default SMS messengers on Android.

Telegram share button

Telegram icon

Welcome, Telegram! Many you have asked AddToAny to include Telegram sharing, and we’re delighted that the Telegram team made link sharing work in all of their apps. With AddToAny, you can now share to Telegram on both mobile and desktop.

Google Classroom share button

Google Classroom icon

Students and teachers, you can now share to Google Classroom with AddToAny.

GitHub follow button

GitHub icon

Developers, we’ve included the GitHub icon to conveniently point to your GitHub profile among your other follow buttons.

WeChat and other services

AddToAny is always looking for new services to include by default, and we work to include any service with major usage as soon as it becomes technically possible.

WeChat, for example, is one service that has been on AddToAny’s radar for a very long time, but the developers of WeChat have yet to enable sharing to their apps from the web. Until then, we recommend contacting WeChat to request that feature so WeChat can be included in AddToAny.

Thanks for your requests, and keep them coming!

Twitter removes share counts Wed, 14 Oct 2015 21:10:44 +0000 By November 20, 2015, Twitter plans to remove share counts from both their official Tweet button and share counters across the web.

The product team at Twitter gave us a heads up, and we will gracefully remove Twitter as a supported share counter in AddToAny by early November. While counts for Twitter are going away, Twitter sharing will continue to be prominently supported on the AddToAny platform.

Existing AddToAny share counters for Twitter will simply have the counter alongside the Twitter icon removed. The Twitter share icon will remain intact, just without the counter.

Twitter’s official Tweet button will also have the counter removed, and will “render in the same pixel dimensions as a Tweet button configured without a share count today.” A bit of good news: the Tweet button will have a modern new design next month.

New Tweet button design

Publishers, developers, and designers use AddToAny share counters because they’re stylish, performant, and accurate as the official counts come directly from each supported service. Twitter, being the second most popular link sharing destination, was a key service to support since Tweets can be a strong social signal for trending content on the web.

On behalf of publishers, we are disappointed to see Twitter discontinue share counts; however, we understand Twitter’s hard decision at this point, and encourage Twitter to reconsider supporting counts at their next opportunity.

If you’re a developer and have feedback or questions for Twitter, you can post your thoughts in Twitter’s developer forum for websites.

The best icons and larger buttons come to your share menus Tue, 27 Jan 2015 18:38:20 +0000 Last August we announced a modern new design for AddToAny share menus, and this year begins with an exciting update to that design.

Vector icons

AddToAny has been bullish on highly optimized scalable vector icons, and we have extended the vector treatment to all AddToAny services, including the universal share menu and the universal subscribe menu. (Note: The following are zoomed-in screenshots, so try your nearest AddToAny button to see the real vector menus.) The universal share menu with SVG iconsSixteen square pixels of raster blurriness: be gone! AddToAny SVG icons look great at any scale on any screen, and they are spectacularly crisp on high-PPI devices such as Retina and Retina HD displays. Zoom all the way in if you’d like. Almost magically, AddToAny vector icons are super-lightweight, even faster loading, and gracefully switch to raster equivalents for older browsers (such as Internet Explorer 6-8 and Android < 4.4).

The new icons compliment a new modern font face and an increased font size. AddToAny now uses the best-available and fastest-loading system font starting with Helvetica Neue Light. So with larger icons and larger fonts, that leads us to…

Larger tap areas

Poking around a mobile touch interface can be difficult at times, so we made tappable targets even larger for menu buttons. A larger tap area is a relief on mobile touchscreens, yet still appropriate for desktop pointing devices like mice, trackpads, and the rare pointing stick.

Simpler menus

Multiple share buttons presented an opportunity to actually reduce the number of default options to a helpful degree. Larger icons, larger fonts, and less options improve glanceability, and we fully expect that to result in increased sharing activity.

Universal modal share menu with SVG share icons

With AddToAny, you’re always welcome to customize the share menu for your needs. Let us know if you have feedback on this universal menu update.

Flipboard button update Thu, 06 Nov 2014 15:52:05 +0000 This week we updated Flipboard across the AddToAny platform. Flipboard updated their sharing endpoint, AddToAny detected it, and the new endpoint was instantly rolled out to all AddToAny users. In classic AddToAny form, you don’t have to update your AddToAny plugins or code, but perhaps you’ll want to make Flipboard sharing more prominent on your site.

What is Flipboard?


Flipboard is a platform for readers to discover, collect and share new content. Millions of people use the Flipboard app for a beautiful reading experience, and the latest generation of Flipboard offers stories from over 34,000 topics to follow.

AddToAny always looks to provide the best possible integrations for major & nascent platforms. As with Twitter sharing templates, the official Pin It interface, and WhatsApp sharing on mobile, we’re keeping an eye on Flipboard for new opportunities for publishers and developers.

Below you can try out sharing to Flipboard’s web app, and you can add Flipboard to your site as a standalone button.

The new universal sharing menu design Fri, 15 Aug 2014 06:20:25 +0000 Next week, AddToAny is rolling out a brand new design for the universal sharing menu. As a matter of fact, one menu leads to another in the new design:

Menu 1 — The new “mini” menu of services in a classic drop-down

Service links are larger, legibly labeled, and closer in proximity to the universal share button. Email is a default service instead of a tab. The More button is more pronounced and serves to launch a brand new modal menu featuring all services.

New sharing menu drop-down design

Menu 2 — The new “full” menu of services in a modal dialog

This menu makes better use of space and is fully responsive for displays small & large across mobile, desktops, tablets and hybrid devices. Email services from the former design’s email tab are here, too, and finding multiple services is faster and friendlier on mobile & tablets.

New sharing menu modal design

The new AddToAny design modernizes the end-user experience by increasing usability and removing complexity. We bid farewell to tabs, thick borders, and superfluous text in favor of subtle refinements that include large touch targets, intuitive cues, native smooth scrolling, instant button responses, and a whole lot more that just works.

All web browsers are supported in this update, even Internet Explorer 6, which is decades old but surprisingly not difficult to accommodate. This continues AddToAny’s long tradition of efficiently supporting the widest array of browsers, devices, and configurations.

Backwards compatibility is another key feature of the new design. Configurations applied to previous AddToAny menus are aptly applied to menus of the new design. Typical customizations do not require publisher-side changes; custom menu colors and most CSS overrides port over perfectly.

The new design rolls out to sites starting next week, and we’re excited about the follow-on releases that build upon and enhance the new design.

While we’re working on the next release, please get in touch if you have any feedback at all. Enjoy!

Developers & Designers

Developers and designers should take note of a few changes that may affect deeper modifications to previous AddToAny menu versions:

  • Service links no longer have an HTML ID. Instead of hiding services using CSS, you can now exclude specific services with a single line of JavaScript.
  • Menu and service link widths have changed, and dimensional overrides (height & width) should be avoided generally. Such overrides to the old design may impact how the new menus display.
  • Custom margins are generally not recommended due to box-sizing calculations, so we recommend applying padding, if necessary, instead of margins.
  • Custom border sizes are generally not recommended due to box-sizing calculations. We recommend applying box-shadow to increase the visual size of a border, and we recommend matching the background color to hide a border altogether.

Taking the above notes and AddToAny guides into consideration, feel free to inspect and target A2A class names and IDs to override all sorts of other styling declarations. As always, let us know if you have any feedback.

Update: It’s live!

Joomla share buttons plugin available now Tue, 08 Apr 2014 17:10:14 +0000 AddToAny’s share buttons plugin for Joomla has officially arrived!

This brand new sharing plugin makes it easy to place AddToAny on Joomla sites and is compatible with Joomla versions 2.5 through 3+. Like our other platform plugins, you can definitely expect AddToAny to support future Joomla releases as well.


Joomla publishers and developers have been asking about an official AddToAny Joomla extension for [far too many] years. Many used Bill Smith’s original AddToAny extension through Joomla 1.5, and those on a more recent Joomla release had to implement AddToAny’s general code or write their own Joomla extension. Code can be wonderful, especially for customization, but plug & play appeals to all, especially when it just works. We’ve struck a balance between both camps in version 1.0.0 of our Joomla plugin.

Once installed & enabled (it’s pretty easy), the AddToAny plugin automatically displays share buttons below each article. Each article’s buttons share the respective article. You can change AddToAny’s placement to the top, bottom, or top and bottom of your content. You can choose whether to display share buttons in articles on the Front Page, or to exclude certain categories. You can disable sharing for individual articles too.

The default share buttons are AddToAny’s mightily efficient and beautiful SVG share icons, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and of course AddToAny’s universal share button. You can add or remove services, use custom icons, and insert custom HTML.

Perhaps best of all, the AddToAny Options panel allows you to customize AddToAny with additional JavaScript from AddToAny’s JavaScript API. This opens up a great range of customizability, and each feature is usually just a few lines or a single line of code. Check out the docs for what you can do. For example: track shared links with URL shorteners, apply a custom Twitter message, apply a custom email template, customize the universal share menu, and so much more.

We’re excited to officially bring AddToAny sharing to more Joomla sites, and we look forward to your feedback to make the AddToAny plugin the best Joomla extension for sharing.

AddToAny fixes sharing on the mobile web, enabling mobile web-to-app sharing Tue, 25 Feb 2014 16:02:10 +0000 Sharing links from a mobile web browser to the native apps on your device should be straightforward, and when you click a service’s share button on the mobile web, you expect the respective app to open, but it doesn’t yet. AddToAny is solving the problem by bringing native apps a big step closer to users of the open web.

First up: Twitter & Google+

Coming this week, AddToAny will begin giving mobile device users the option to share a link using official apps instead of mobile websites.

Oftentimes, for example, a Twitter user is logged into the official Twitter app on their device but not signed into in their mobile browser. So the user foregoes sharing because logging in feels like a chore on the mobile web. A brand new AddToAny feature fixes this roadblock and further enables link sharing on mobile. It works like a charm, and you’ll see it in action by the end of the week.

Google+ mobile web-to-app sharing works just like it does for Twitter, and will also be available to AddToAny users by the end of the week.

Share links from the web to the Twitter app with AddToAny Share links from the web to the Google+ app with AddToAny

Next up: WhatsApp

All over the world, people know WhatsApp as a favorite messaging service that works between phones. In the United States, people know WhatsApp as that 11-digit acquisition by Facebook, so truly, many of us are just learning how cool a service WhatsApp is over here.

Coolest thing about WhatsApp in our opinion? The app openly accepts message sharing from the web, and where messages are accepted, links are to be shared. Thanks to their excellent foresight with their native app, today we finally welcome WhatsApp to AddToAny’s universal sharing service, and we’re happy to be the first to include them. Enjoy sharing directly to WhatsApp from websites on your iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Symbian, or Windows Phone.

Share links from the web to the Twitter app with AddToAny

About all those other apps

The web still eagerly awaits Facebook, Skype and dozens of other popular apps to support message passing (and thus shared links) like Twitter, Google+, and WhatsApp do. We implore mobile app developers to consider offering protocols & URI schemes that accept messages & links, particularly if their service is already included (or to be included) in AddToAny.

Like always, expect AddToAny to swiftly enable mobile web-to-app link sharing as soon as a mobile app supports it. We’re already following up with a few other services right now that we hope to mobilize soon.

As for standard SMS, we wish it worked as standardly open as sharing via email works, so we raise the question: Which mobile operating systems will be the first to implement the SMS protocol correctly to allow for an initial message? Until then, consider using Twitter and Google+, and consider WhatsApp!

Try sharing from the mobile web

Universal Analytics share tracking integration for Google Analytics Fri, 14 Feb 2014 22:14:31 +0000 As of today AddToAny automatically integrates with Universal Analytics, the latest major update to Google Analytics. Publishers and developers tell us that AddToAny is the first major sharing platform to integrate with Universal Analytics, and we are not surprised, just happy to continue offering free sharing stats in the analytics dashboard you already use. AddToAny was first to integrate with Google Analytics way back in 2008, and we continue to offer tracking methods for other analytics platforms.

Google Analytics Universal Analytics

What does this mean for your share buttons? It means no worries. Whenever you make the upgrade to Universal Analytics, AddToAny stats will continue to automatically roll into your Google Analytics dashboard no matter what version of Google Analytics your site is running.

In fact, a website that uses any one flavor of Google Analytics is covered, going as far back as the original urchin.js “WebAnalytics” code, the synchronous ga.js code, the asynchronous ga.js code, or the new asynchronous analytics.js Universal Analytics code. Any Google Analytics code snippet (or plugin) is compatible with AddToAny sharing stats.

See the Google Analytics access guide for details on where to access Social Interaction Tracking stats in Google Analytics.

As requested by some, we are maintaining the Google Analytics event tracking method for at least a few months longer. For a painless transition, the event tracking method works in tandem with Social Interaction Tracking. Event tracking will remain in place indefinitely for one of our hidden gems, the AddToAny Subscribe button.

With that, enjoy the weekend, Happy Valentine’s & House of Cards Day, and let’s look forward to seeing AddToAny sharing stats in Universal Analytics next week!

Perfect sharing icons in any size on all devices Wed, 30 Oct 2013 12:02:49 +0000 Scalable vector sharing icons have arrived!  For the past months, we have been rolling out beautiful new “SVG” icons across the AddToAny platform.

Vector sharing icons by AddToAny (overview)

These aren’t your ordinary raster graphics. AddToAny’s SVG sharing icons are infinitely scalable, customizable, crisp on high density pixel displays, mobile-ready, super-lightweight, and cross-browser.  Make them as large as you want, make them rounder or square, animate them using CSS transitions & animations, and never worry about graphical perfection and efficiency, because that’s what AddToAny strives for:

Perfectly beautiful, technically perfect.

Developers know that AddToAny maintains excellent backwards-compatibility, and SVG icons are no exception. In older web browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 & 7, which do not support SVGs, AddToAny gracefully uses raster icons instead of vector icons. All modern web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and many more) will display AddToAny’s SVG sharing icons.

At AddToAny, extreme efficiency is always top of mind, so we challenged ourselves to offer new vector icons in just one web request. The result is a fully minified and concatenated single download that renders icons only on demand. It’s so incredibly efficient that soon AddToAny will default to vector icons (instead of traditional raster icons) on high-PPI displays such as Retina displays.

So far, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, WordPress, VK, and dozens more services are among the first SVG sharing icons, with more continuing to roll out. Like traditional sharing icons, AddToAny vector icons will be receiving the same constant updates as logos change.

For WordPress and Drupal publishers, the latest versions of the WordPress sharing plugin and the Drupal sharing module have been updated to support AddToAny’s new vector icons. For publishers & developers on other content management systems, you can get the new icons and code from AddToAny’s share buttons generator and read the docs on further customizing the icons.

We’re excited to bring vector sharing icons to modern web devices, and it’s a thrill to contribute to a more perfect, beautiful, modern web.

Twitter URL shortening and how to reactivate Bitly ( Tue, 29 Oct 2013 20:02:40 +0000 Since 2010, Twitter discreetly shortens all shared links using their own short URL service, which makes additional URL shortening unnecessary. So if you tweet a link that is over 100 characters long, Twitter today only counts 20-23 against your 140 characters. Not having to worry about short URLs makes sharing links on Twitter far easier than it used to be.

Last week we finally disabled AddToAny’s default link shortening to Twitter using Bitly’s service. Bitly had a good run on AddToAny’s platform since 2009, and Bitly remains a URL shortening & link tracking option for publishers.

If you have any questions about enabling short URLs or link tracking for your site using Bitly or another service such as, just ask and we’ll show you how.

AddToAny is back! Tue, 02 Jul 2013 09:31:30 +0000 Many of you have noticed some changes here and there, and some of you guessed it. Yes, indeed, I have.

I bought AddToAny back!

Yours Truly, Founder of AddToAny, sharing/saving/subscription machine, supporter of web publishers, Pat Diven II, “micropat” is again the proud owner of the boomerang that is AddToAny.

More passionate and appreciative than ever before, I’m back at it full-time and I’ve got the keys.  I can’t wait to (re)deliver on what matters most to publishers, developers, and always of course, the end-user.

Your feedback is my fuel, your praise on recent updates has already been reinvigorating, and I’m excited to show you the new paint and new things we’ve been working on that you will love for a number of years. Thank you, world, and please do keep the feedback coming!

— Pat