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  • 16 Sep 08

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    Assignment #10: Remixed Emotions

    Earlier this month James posted about a recent HSBC Lumberjack TV ad in his personal blog. The ad features a very dramatic story captured by some pretty high quality production work. Without question it's a great piece of story telling. But is it a great commercial? To test the mettle... Read More >

  • 17 Jul 08

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    Assignment #9: iPhone, eh?

    Well it finally happened. The iPhone has arrived and Canadians have been catapulted into the future of mobile technology. A year behind most other countries, but catapulted none the less. Rogers wireless is the company that holds exclusive distribution and service rights for the iPhone in Canada, which has brought a... Read More >

  • 8 Jul 08


    Assignment #8: 404 Fun

    The beta site has arrived! We're still working out a few pop's and clicks, but that's part of the fun. Literally! In celebration of the new AdHack community we wanted Assignment #8 to offer each of you a chance to contribute in a lasting way. So here's how: We want you to help... Read More >

  • 5 Jun 08

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    Assignment #7: Everybody's Olympics

    Here comes AdHack Assignment # 7: Olympic logos for the people, by the people.Marketing and graphic design experts everywhere race for the opportunity to design the Olympic logo when the event comes to their hometown. Along with this race usually comes heated debate among the local community over the chosen... Read More >

  • 24 Mar 08

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    Assignment #6: love yourself up a little

    Here's the quick and dirty of AdHack Assignment #6: make an ad for yourself and what you're up to in the AdHack community. Use the mirror if you need to. Use that flimsy door thingy that hangs off your camera. Point the lens at yourself. Tell us your story. Introduce yourself.... Read More >

  • 26 Feb 08

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    Assignment #5: Raise one to St. Paddy's Day

    In honour of the upcoming holiday of all things green, Assignment #5 is to reinvent and reimagine St. Patrick's Day. Leprechauns, lager and shamrocks seem pretty well trod ground, which makes them perfect to reconsider. Maybe the leprechaun's grown sour about his luckiness. Everybody wants a piece of him. Pints of Guiness could... Read More >

  • 22 Jan 08

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    Assignment #4: Best romance item.

    AdHack Assignment #4 announced Since we're over the New Year's hump, it's timely to think ahead to Valentine's Day: February 14th. And in the Valentine's spirit, we present AdHack Assignment #4: make an ad for the best romance item you ever received (or gave or wished you'd given or that you heard... Read More >

  • 30 Sep 07

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    Assignment #3: What's the best "green" product that isn't just "greenwashing?"

    AdHack Assignments #1 and #2 proved to be a ton of fun and a great way to get ads created. So we're back for more, more, more. Thanks to Alphanaut Boris Mann for the suggestion, here's AdHack Assignment #3: What's the best "green" product that isn't just "greenwashing." And further: What's the best... Read More >

  • 14 Sep 07

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    Assignment #2: favourite household item

    Hey, hey, we're back with AdHack Assignment #2 a review of a favourite household item. Create an ad that celebrates your most prized household item. We'll determine the winner again by this highly scientific polling mechanism Read More >

  • 31 Aug 07

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    Assignment #1: best or worst hotel experience in Vancouver

    What's the story of your best or worst hotel experience in Vancouver, evah? The night you'll never forget because of what happened. The story you tell people when they ask you what hotel to stay at / avoid in Vancouver. It could be your own story or you could repossess someone... Read More >