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Why Not Date The Woman Of Your Dreams?

Don’t Believe The Feminist Propaganda About Mail Order Brides!

But don’t trust me!

We support these claims with evidence from the most authoritative research available, usually academic and government research.  The evidence that international dating is good for both the men and women is overwhelming.

The Best Mail Order Bride Guide

Our primary goal is to be the best guide for men seeking a foreign girlfriend or international bride, but there is so much propaganda and misinformation about international dating so let’s start off by dispelling some of the myths about this web sites, the ladies we profile, and the relationships that develop on the dating sites we review.

First, despite what you may have heard from a wild-eyed gender studies professor or uninformed journalist you cannot simply buy a wife on any of the dating sites we review.   That would be human trafficking and it is illegal, immoral, and utterly despicable.

We continue to use the term “mail order brides,” because that is the popular term for international dating among the public at large.  It is a term with a long and honorable history in the United States, Canada, and Australia, and banning the term, which has occurred on many websites, is a way to shame many happy couples solely for meeting on a particular dating site.  We believe that it is monumentally arrogant and hypocritical to judge these couples based on nothing more than a search term.

Second, international brides are not prostitutes!  The overwhelming majority of women we profile are looking for love and they will tell you very quickly if you suggest any sort of prostitution that they are not that kind of girl.

Third, these are not “Green Card” marriages!   This is one of the most common misconceptions, but it is also one of the most easily disproved.  There is all sorts of evidence from academic and government sources that the marriages that develop on international dating sites actually have a lower divorce rate than other marriages.

Fourth, online dating scams can happen on ANY dating site and of course you can also get scammed the old-fashioned way… in person.  Relationships are hard.  That is the truth, but many guys who were disappointed with international online romance were going to have a difficult time in any romantic situation.

Fifth, romance is always a challenge – for everyone.  We do not deny that. We are simply arguing that for many men a foreign girlfriend can be amazing for both him AND his lady, and that it is no more good or bad than any other way to meet a woman.

The Rise of International Dating

International dating developed because of the changes in culture and technology in the last fifty years.  Today we live in a fast paced, highly mobile world.  There are some good things about these changes, like Wikipedia and being able to watch every NFL game without leaving your couch, but our modern, highly mobile culture has destroyed traditional courting and marriage practices.

The old networks of family and friends that used to help men meet their women for marriage is not nearly as strong as it was at one time.  In the developed world, and particularly in the United States, most men do not continue to live in the same community they grew up in for long after they turn eighteen.  That eliminates most childhood sweethearts.

Then everyone change jobs regularly and few men take the time to become involved in the civic and religious life of their communities.  The rise of the #MeToo movement, which started off addressing a real problem, has become so big that no one in their right mind would consider dating a coworker.  So, all three of the main ways men traditionally met their single women have disappeared.

The modern mail order bride industry – which is another name for international dating – stepped into the gap.  It gives Western men a chance to meet a far broader range of potential mates than traditional online dating sites like or eHarmony.  It’s just that simple.

The twenty-first century is a time of increasing globalization in every other sphere of life, so why not romance?

The Basic Facts About Mail Order Brides

It is really not complicated.   Men and women are both looking for basic building blocks of a rich, happy life that is easier to find overseas than in their home country.

A woman decides she wants to marry a man from another country.  She often does this because her native land’s economy would make it difficult to live a comfortable life and have children.  Also, in most of these countries women are oppressed in ways that are truly shocking.

Many of the countries where most mail order brides come from have almost no laws against domestic violence and in other countries they have limited education and career opportunities.

When you consider all of the issues it is not surprising at all that so many women sign up to meet foreign men.  What is really surprising is that even more do not sign up, because often marrying a foreign man is the best thing to ever happen to a mail order bride.

Men have a difficult time finding what they need in life too.  A man, normally from the United States, Canada, Australia, or Europe, decides he wants to meet a foreign woman for dating and eventually marriage.  He is often a successful businessman who focused on his career for most of his life.  Now he is at an age where he realizes that he is not going to be young forever and he wants to meet a younger woman, so he can start a family.

That is normally the equation.  The brides tend to be younger and more beautiful than the groom would be able to marry in the United States or Europe.  The grooms tend to be more financially successful and significantly older – often fifteen or twenty years older – than the woman would probably marry in her home country.

So, yes, there is an undercurrent of economic status and physical attractiveness involved that anyone who ever went to high school will immediately recognize, but, despite what the critics say this is not any great scandal.  It is human nature.

The basic facts are simple.  Both men from more economically developed nations and women from less developed regions benefit from the modern mail order bride industry.  We are not apologizing for helping both men and women meet their most basic human need to be physically safe and emotionally fulfilled.

We are unapologetic boosters for international dating both because of our staff’s personal experiences, but also because there is a mountain of academic and government research that shows it has helped create a lot happy couples.

We are not going to back down or apologize.  The women are amazing and the couples are generally happy.  We do not promise you a rose garden.  Romance is a challenge, but the rewards of a great relationship are incredible.

That is enough about scientific evidence, academic arguments, and media bias.  You came here because you are interested in beautiful women, so let’s get on with the event: hundreds of the most beautiful women in the world.

Global Dating profiles from

Sexiest Dating Profiles Anywhere!

Our site is run by guys, for guys, so of course we keep our focus on the girls!   International Love Scout is a fun review of the profiles of the sexiest foreign women from all the top international dating sites.  That is not as easy as it sounds.

There are literally millions of women signed up at dating sites in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America.  Hundreds of thousands more are signed up in Africa and the Middle East.  And more amazing lasses sign up every day. We must constantly scan the best international marriage sites to point you towards the profiles of the most amazing women on the Web.

We handpick the golden needles out of the haystack and explain what we believe makes them so special.  We try to make your search more fun, more productive, and ultimately both cheaper and safer.

Take a look at the profiles on our site and I believe you will agree that we have done a pretty good job collecting some of the most beautiful, talented, accomplished women that you can find anywhere.

Do you like sexy Asian women?  Check them out.  You can find incredible ladies in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and even in India.  And most women in the Philippines and India have the advantage of already being fluent in English.  They are famous for being kind, compassionate and generous wives.

We also have Russian brides.  Many of them are incredibly accomplished.  There are physicists and engineers who are so sexy they do not make any sense beyond maybe a James Bond film.  If you are looking for a highly educated, highly motivated wife Eastern Europe is the place to go.

They have an amazing amount of intelligence, charm, grace and beauty.

And if you like sexy senoritas then you are in luck.  Check out our sexy Latin women.

And you will find the same standards hold true in every corner of the world from Eastern Europe across the Middle East, down into Africa, and throughout Latin America from the El Paso, Texas to the far tip of Argentina we have made every effort to find the sort of women who men really want to meet, but we are looking for more than simply physical beauty.

Yes, they are all beautiful, but we are looking for more than beauty.

The Most Beautiful Girl in The World?

On some level we are constantly searching for the most beautiful girl in the world, but we try to look much deeper than physical appearance.  Yes, that is important.  We scan an amazing number of profiles in a given month, but we only research a relative handful of profiles and usually we look at them because her profile photo jumps off the page.

But she needs more than that.  We look for profiles of beautiful women who seem honest and charming.  We try to find ladies whose photos and written descriptions reveal something significant about their personalities.

We look for profiles like the sexy Ukrainian woman who writes that, “I believe that the real love does not care about age, horoscopes, money…” or the hot Latin woman, an attorney, who wants “serious conversation” with the man of her dreams.

Like every other international dating site, of course we have our ladies sorted by region and country, but we have gone a step farther and resorted them by all sorts of special categories we call Archetypes.   This is part of our effort to look beyond simple beauty.

For instance, are you a gym rat, a workout warrior?  You probably want to date a fit chick, but no matter how hard you try it is not always easy.  Then check out our sexy fitness models.  These women are hot, sexy, and sweaty!


Or maybe you are more into geek girls.  There is something hot about an intelligent woman.  There is no doubt about it.  So, take a look at these brainy beauties.

There are tens of thousands of profiles of sexy foreign women on the web sites of hundreds of international marriage agencies, but here at ILS we start by selecting the best agencies and then sifting through their profiles by hand to find the most amazing women in the world for you.

Take a look our galleries and we believe that you’ll be amazed by the ocean of beautiful, available women out there.

top foreign women

Best Global Dating Sites

What are the best dating sites for meeting foreign women?  It is an obvious question, but there is not an obvious answer.

Each of the sites we represent has strengths and weaknesses.  Oddly, there is no perfect international dating site, but perhaps one-day International Love Scout will launch its own dating site.  Of course, our site would be absolutely perfect, infallible, and produce nothing, but divine happiness – or not.

For now, we recommend different agencies for different purposes and stages in a relationship.  And in fact, we encourage our readers to follow the links and sign up at a couple of agencies – BEFORE – they spend any money.

That is the best way to get a handle on the services each dating agency offers.  Then you can use each site in the most efficient manner possible.

A Foreign Affair – Our Favorite Global Dating Site

Overall, A Foreign Affair is our favorite all around international dating site.   Some of our readers find that hard to believe.  Their site looks like it was designed in 1995… because it was.  They still use email as their primary form of communication between men and women.

Another issue is that their main URL is, which confuses a lot of guys, but, despite those issues, A Foreign Affair is the oldest and most respected international dating agency and primarily because of the efforts of John Adams, A Foreign Affair’s President.

John Adams global dating matchmaker

Here is John and his beautiful Russian bride, Tanya.  They have been married over twenty years.

John takes a hands-on attitude and has repeatedly impressed us with his concern for the success and well-being of the men and women he is introducing.  After more than twenty years in the business he still actually meets many of the men who take one of A Foreign Affair’s famous romance tours to Ukraine, Latin America, or Asia, and he is still enthusiastic about the benefits of international dating.  He is genuine and knowing that he is at A Foreign Affair makes them very easy to recommend.

They are far and away the most open dating site in the world.  John has repeatedly opened their doors to journalists, filmmakers, and academics.  Many of these investigators started out wanting to expose the sort of mail order bride “abuse” that have been repeatedly reported in the mainstream media.  They have been featured on Oprah,  Nightline, and BBC, and covered in the New York Times, National Geographic, Time magazine and many more newspapers and magazines.

But despite all of the effort no one has been able to besmirch A Foreign Affair’s reputation.  It is really pretty amazing.

Oh, and the last, and maybe the most important reason, we are big fans of AFA is that they actually help men and women meet the old-fashioned way – in person. Ultimately that is the point of all of this getting men and women together face to face.

Check out this video and I believe you will understand what makes A Foreign Affair special.

A foreign Affair promo video

Also, read our Foreign Affair review.

Elena’s Models

Elena’s Models is a very good Australian based dating site that specializes in Russian and Ukrainian women.  One of the things that make it such a great site is that the site’s owner, Elena, is a Russian woman who went through the entire process of marrying a foreign man in the mid-1990s.

We have a great interview with Elena Petrova that is worth reading if you really want to understand the thinking of Eastern European women.  She is obsessed with ferreting out scammers and providing the best service possible.

So, if you are worried about mail order bride scams read our Elena’s Model review.  It really is a great site.


If your goal is to meet the hot Russian women in the world there is not a site that is even close to AnastasiaDate.  Maxim and Sports Illustrated put together do not have half as many hot women as this site. No joke.

And what is stunning is that the vast majority of these ladies actually want to meet foreign men a lot like you.  That is what really makes international dating so special.

Now, recommending this dating site is a high crime to many old-time mail order bride “experts.”  But the site definitely has its uses and if your goal is to simply meet hot Ukrainian girls it is incredible.  That is an absolute fact.

However, you really need to read our Anastasiadate review before you spend any money with them, because there are certain practices you need to avoid.  It will save you money and improve your chances of meeting the woman of your dreams.


Asiandate is a sister site to Anastasiadate and it comes with all the same strengths and weaknesses.  But if you want to meet a sexy Asian woman there is not a better site on the internet than this site.  It is amazing!

Check out our Asiandate review.


Amolatina is another sister site in the same family as the two previous agencies.  If you visit the site you will notice it has been completely redesigned and does not look like the other two sites, but they are all owned by the same company.  And again the same notices and issues apply here, but if you go loco for hot Mexican girls or would swim the Florida Straits for some of the incredible Cuban women you have seen then this is the site for you.

They have more sexy Latin ladies than any other site.  So, if you love the senoritas take a look at our Amolatina review.

International Matchmaking

There is one more option you might consider if you are really serious about getting married – investigating if International Love Scout’s preferred matchmaker is willing to work with you.  While we offer a slew of dating services right now we offer a grand total of one matchmaker.

This woman is a genius.  She does not accept everyone and she is only interested in working with men who are serious about getting married.  She is not the millionaire matchmaker; she is better.  The great thing is once she takes you on as a client she will move mountains to help you find the right woman for you.

She has an amazing success rate and if your goal is to find the right woman and build a long marriage you should check out our professional matchmaker.

Dating Tips For Men

So, the women are great and there are ways to use the dating sites to maximize your chances of success, but if you really want to develop a relationship with an amazing foreign woman try and stop just briefly and look at yourself first.   Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses as a potential boyfriend or husband.  Think about your past relationships.  Read, this article about men who are not ready to seek a foreign girl. It is really worth a read.

Most of you will pass the test, but no one is perfect.   It does not help to cover things up and your life is not preordained.  There is a mountain of research today that proves that people who want to can and do change.

Take a look at our library and see if you can find a few books to help you become a better man.   We also have a whole page of articles that are full of dating tips for men.

Check out all of our resources.  You can improve yourself if you make the effort.  You may not become Casanova, but he died as a lonely, destitute, librarian.

You can do a lot better than that! But you have to get into the game and make the effort to be a great guy – the sort of guy who is going to charm a kind, beautiful foreign woman.