An Introduction to Algorithms


A famous example of an algorithm is Google's PageRank, which determines the order in which websites appear in Google's search rankings. Roughly 50% of the market moves through high frequency trading – the process of using dedicated programs to make automated trading decisions to place orders. The remarkable thing about deep learning is that it goes beyond what any human can program a computer to do. An era where "things" will communicate autonomously and take actions without human intervention is sure to profoundly impact our society.

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The process is called machine learning, and with the right algorithms we can train a computer to recognize objects in images. To understand an image, intelligent machines need to complete several steps, or "layers" of processing to identify all the features that make up the whole. With deep learning, a computer performs several layers of processing in order to identify objects in an image. With multiple detectors that each recognize a specific part of the dog, computers can better recognize that object.

Apple's Seattle job listings reveal desire to attract AI talent to work on Siri in the land of Amazon's Alexa


When Apple announced plans earlier this year to expand its engineering operation in Seattle, the company said it would be looking for "the best people who are excited about AI and machine learning." Job listings on the tech giant's website reveal just who Apple hopes to attract on its Siri Advanced Development team. You will be working in the Siri Advanced Development team, at Apple. Computer scientist Carlos Guestrin, who is Apple's director of machine learning, told GeekWire in February about the hopes and plans for Apple's team in Seattle, which was moving into two floors in Two Union Square.

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Verizon Ventures led the Series B funding round with participating from The Boeing Company, through its Boeing HorizonX unit. "Having industry stalwarts, Verizon and Boeing, support our existing investors in funding this new round of growth serves as tremendous validation of our technology and track record. Our real world deployments and on the ground successes speak to the broad applicability of SparkCognition's AI technology, and the tremendous promise of AI in general." The company previously raised more than $16 million from investors such as Michael Dell's private equity arm, MSD Capital, The Entrepreneur's Fund, Alameda Ventures, Verizon Ventures, CME Ventures, and Brevan Howard.

Citadel has just hired a new head of artificial intelligence from Microsoft


Li Deng, who joined the tech firm straight out of academia 17 years' ago, has just joined Citadel's hedge fund operation in Seattle, but will work also across Chicago and New York. Deng announced his move to Citadel on LinkedIn yesterday, saying that he was "very excited about the opportunities for artificial intelligence innovation here and the firm's passion for growing its leadership in this space." Citadel is the latest big buy-side firm to create a new role heading up AI and machine learning as hedge funds rely on ever-more complex datasets to gain an edge over the competition. The co-founder of Deutsche Bank's all-important innovation labs has just joined Bank of America.

Cisco: Distributed AI Development Using Blockchain


Jack Clark of OpenAI believes that this situation seems to benefit large-scale cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. This is also why our data center people are working with NVIDIA to add GPUs to our Unified Computing System (UCS) line (Dec 2016). The addition of GPUs makes it likely that each cloud/appliance will specialize around one or more particular frameworks to add value as well as services that play to each provider's strengths. And Google: TensorFlow integrated with ecosystem ML services.

Hey glassholes: Apple just bought an eye-tracking company


In addition to tracking down acquisition documents linked to Apple attorney Gene Levoff, the site also spoke to an anonymous tipster in contact with an Apple employee who confirmed the acquisition. Similarly, another image on the SensoMotoric site shows a user wearing similar glasses as she reads the information on the back of a cereal box (see top image). This connection to SensoMotoric and its eye-tracking could be what led to recent rumors around Apple possibly developing its own AR glasses. Also, giving brands a means to directly track user engagement in AR with eye-tracking (the holy grail of advertising) could result in a rush of AR apps from major brands, in addition to independent AR app developers.

Reimagining the Avatar Dream

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The first is our computational approach to analyzing sociocultural identity phenomena in virtual identity systems; these techniques support engineers developing systems that avoid or combat negative phenomena (such as discrimination and prejudice). The current expression of the Avatar Dream in many contemporary societies includes using virtual identities to communicate, share data, and interact in computer-based (virtual) environments. We thus enrich Gee's model with an approach from cognitive science called "conceptual blending theory"9 in which blending is a proposed cognitive mechanism by which humans integrate concepts.d We thus use Harrell's notion of a "blended identity"17 in which aspects of a player's physical identity (such as preferences, control, appearance, and understanding social categories) are selectively projected9 with aspects of the virtual identity onto a blended identity, integrating and elaborating aspects of each (see Figure 1). We later give examples of our approaches for analyzing blended identities computationally to reveal how physical-world values can be both embedded in virtual identity systems and enacted by virtual identity users.

The IDAR Graph

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This is why most software developers use UML only when forced to.1 For example, the UML diagrams in Figures 1 and 2 portray the embedded software in a fax machine. While these diagrams are attractive, they do not even tell you which objects control which others. Which object is the topmost controller over this fax machine? Which object(s) control the Modem object?

Building a Brain May Mean Going Analog

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Applying a current across the antiferromagnetic layer affects its spins, which in turn applies torque to the spins in the magnetic layer, switching the magnetization from up to down. Another approach to building analog circuits with synapses uses memristors, a recently discovered fourth fundamental circuit element, in which flowing current alters resistance, providing the device with memory. By contrast, the TrueNorth chip, IBM's digital implementation of neural computing, simulates 100 million spiking neurons and 256 million synapses and consumes just 70mW, though Strukov argues that his flash chip is more efficient, with energy use and latency three orders of magnitude better than TrueNorth, when the IBM chip is configured to perform the same task. Going digital was important for TrueNorth, says Dharmendra Modha, chief scientist for IBM's Brain Inspired Research group, which developed the chip.