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I’m sponsored by the Rackspace Startups Program in Israel.


My mission is to #BeHelpful.


If you’re a startup, you’ve come to the right place.

Qualifying teams can get free hosting credits, a Cloud Mentor, and the world’s best customer experience known as Fanatical Support.

Once you’re on-boarded, I serve as an advisor to your team with a focus on strategic communications, content, brand and PR.

Accelerators & Workspaces

I conduct my Above The Code method that focuses on Tech PR / Startup Communications Strategies and hold office hours leading accelerators and workspaces in Israel.

Qualifying teams can also benefit from Rackspace hosting credits and value added services from me.

VCs and Angels

Individual angels, angel groups, and leading VC firms bring me in to help their portfolio companies.

I can also conduct my Above The Code method for group events and workshops.

Qualifying teams can also benefit from Rackspace hosting credits and value added strategic communications services from me.

Experience The Rackspace Startups Program

I’m sponsored by Rackspace Startups Program to be the Brand Ambassador to Israel. I’m here to help facilitate the process of growing your business by leveraging the power of the #1 managed cloud company.

My mission is to #BeHelpful and engage in the startup and innovation economy that is transforming our world and advancing humanity.

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In addition to offering qualified startups hosting credits, I can help you with the messaging, branding, and content development strategies and belief sets required to a successful launch and growth and value of your business. No other service provider will offer you this unique combination of managed infrastructure and strategic communications counsel.

I want to help you add a new layer of value to your startup.

It’s one focused on message, the creation of your story, supporting a compelling narrative, and effectively working with, and being discovered by media. It’s a method I call “Above The Code,” and I’d love to share it with you.

You can find me at just about every accelerator, co-working space, and various meet-ups in the greater Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Nazareth and Be’er Sheva startup communities.

So let’s connect in person, or here on LinkedIn, and see how I can help.

That’s what I’m here in Israel to do.


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