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Peter Y. Chuang was born in Hong Kong. Growing up thinking he would become a concert pianist, he ended up studying Psychology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he became interested in cognitive psychology and did some research on language comprehension. That was the time when he realised he would like to become a novelist some day. After spending some time at the London School of Economics, he worked in finance and did some finance blogging for a while before he began to devote his energy into writing.

When he is not reading or writing, he listens to classical music. He uses Linux (current distro of choice: Ubuntu Mate Edition).

He has a cat.


Learn more about his novels

Twenty Forty-Seven

Only You Know What It Means

To learn more about his writing process, read "How to write novels".


From time to time, he writes things other than full-length novels, such as short stories and occasionally poems. Here is a listing of them, which are published here on the blog and elsewhere. You can also find the latest news and announcements here.

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