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Many people self-medicate underlying mental health disorders, leading to alcoholism and drug addiction. Alta Mira is the leader in the treatment of addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our team of experts ensures that mental health issues are accurately diagnosed and treated, making long-term recovery possible.

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– We Promise You –

Getting to the right diagnosis brought me comfort, knowledge, and a clear path forward. I am forever grateful.
- Michelle W., Alta Mira Alumna
I have learned so much here, and for the first time I have hope. Alta Mira gave me hope.
- Scott F., Alta Mira Alumnus
Alta Mira is a place of healing. The care I received was amazing. I felt safe to do the deepest personal work I’ve ever done.
- Sam E., Alta Mira Alumnus

– Our Campus on the San Francisco Bay –

Alta Mira is located in the Bay Area of Northern California, just across the Golden Gate Bridge north of San Francisco. We offer a serene setting with panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay.


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More than anything, I want people to remember how kindly they were treated here.

Drew Paxton
Executive Director

– Our Treatment Programs –

We customize our addiction and co-occurring disorders programs to address your diagnosis and meet your unique treatment needs

30 Day Program

An exceptional 30-day addiction treatment program that addresses the neurobiological, psychological, social, physical and spiritual aspects of addiction.

  • Our full clinical program, including medically-supervised detoxification
  • Medical, psychiatric and clinical assessments and evaluations
  • Comprehensive neuropsychological testing
  • Introduction to 12-step recovery
  • Individualized treatment plans for each client
  • Relapse prevention
  • Continuing care planning

90 Day Program

A 90-day addiction treatment program for individuals who want or need truly comprehensive care for addiction and co-occurring medical and/or psychiatric disorders.

  • Includes all elements of our 30-day program, plus
  • Continued work on co-occurring disorders
  • Deeper work on relationships, healthy communication and codependency
  • Continued focus on purpose, passion and spirituality
  • Deeper work on trauma and forgiveness
  • Continued work on 12-step recovery and relapse prevention
  • Intensive workshops on key recovery skills

Intensive Outpatient

Treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders for individuals who need structured recovery support while managing daily life commitments.

– Extraordinary Treatment Experiences –

We are committed to providing you with the most compassionate, sophisticated addiction treatment available.

Family Programming

We include your loved ones in the treatment process and provide meaningful opportunities for their personal growth and healing.

Intensive Workshops

A series of intensive workshops designed for those truly committed to deep recovery work.

Spiritual Exploration

A spiritual recovery program that guides you in examining your life’s meaning, purpose and passion.

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