Alumni Blogs

Adding chapters

By Alison Macor '88

I stare down at my phone, puzzled by the text. Activity swirls around me as I stand in my good friend Michelle Melland’s kitchen. I check the sender’s name and slowly turn around. Michelle ’88 lies eight feet away in a hospital bed, breathing through a tube inserted into a hole in her trachea and connected to a nearby ventilator.

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See you on the dark side of the moon

By Steve Ruskin '02Ph.D.

On Monday, August 21, 2017, America will witness one of nature’s grandest spectacles. During the “Great American Eclipse,” as it is being called, tens of millions of Americans are projected to make their way into the narrow path of the moon’s shadow to watch the sun disappear completely for nearly three minutes over one section of the country after another.

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Echoes: The old ND&W

By Tom Burke ’83MBA

Notre Dame once had its own railroad. Tucked behind the University power plant and crossing Douglas Road twice on the northern edge of campus, the Notre Dame & Western or ND&W ran from 1902 into the 1990s.

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What I’m Reading: Battle Cry of Freedom, James McPherson

By Liam Farrell '04

It’s summer when I think about the Civil War. I think of childhood trips with dappled sunlight on Burnside’s Bridge at Antietam and the cool touch of Devil’s Den boulders at Gettysburg. So nostalgia, probably more than intellectual curiosity, is what led me to start reading James McPherson’s Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era.

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What I’m Reading: Ernie’s America, edited by David Nichols

By Ken Bradford '76

I re-read the Ernie Pyle columns in Ernie’s America for many reasons. First, he was an outstanding writer who saw the story inside a person other people might ignore. And, like a lot of us, Pyle was curious. He earned his credibility because he saw things with his own eyes. He reported what he knew, without embellishment.

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What I’m Reading: The Night Angel Trilogy, Brent Weeks

By Christina Payne '16

I’d been hunting for a new fantasy author to read for a while when I came across the name Brent Weeks. He’s relatively new on the scene, with only one completed series and another halfway done. So I set about getting a copy of his finished The Night Angel Trilogy to see if I could add another author to my list of all-time favorites.

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What I'm Listening To: S-Town Podcast

By Amanda Gray ’12

When I was a child, I complained every time my grandfather listened to NPR in the car. I didn’t want to listen to adults talk about adult things like news and politics — I wanted to listen to The Backstreet Boys. Now, I still listen to The Backstreet Boys, but I’m also now addicted to talk radio and, by extension, podcasts.

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Global Doc: Health. Care. Now.

By Dr. Vincent DeGennaro Jr. ’02

While cervical cancer has dropped out of the top 10 cancer killers in most developed countries — thanks to a simple screening test, the Pap smear — it tops the list in Haiti, where Ange is my patient. Yet Ange’s story is no different from the stories of many women in the United States, particularly among the poor and uninsured.

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Truth to Power

By Tara Hunt McMullen ’12

Father Bob Pelton went to Latin America to serve the people there, but he didn’t envision his work for social justice would put his life in danger — as subversive to government efforts there, and here.

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