Jun 24, 2018

Alzheimer's Reading Room Testimonials

Alzheimer's Reading Room Testimonials

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"The Alzheimer’s Reading Room is what it claims to be – and more."
"This comprehensive site is run by full-time caregiver and gifted advocate Bob DeMarco. 
Filled with wonderful contributions from a variety of talented writers, this site offers everything you need to know about the challenge of caregiving, learning about your loved one’s condition, and taking care of yourself as well. 
Thanks to the tireless efforts of everyone at the Alzheimer’s Reading Room, you have a go-to place for advice, education, and an occasional laugh. Stop by, and start feeling empowered to handle life as a caregiver."


Jun 22, 2018

6 Questions You Need to Ask About Surgery, Anesthesia and Dementia

Lately we have been receiving a lot of search queries from Google and Yahoo concerning Anesthesia, Surgery, Alzheimer's and dementia.

What do you really know about Anesthesia and Surgery?
It is clear that this is a growing concern for caregivers taking care of patients living with dementia and Alzheimer's.

It is likely to be of greater concern as baby boomers continue to age and the incidence of Alzheimer's and related dementia's like Lewy Body continue to rise.

How to Use Bright Light to Improve Mood and Behavior in Alzheimer's Patients

One of the most important things I learned as an Alzheimer's caregiver was how to use bright light to change my mother's mood and behavior.

Bright light can be used effectively to change the mood and behavior of Alzheimer's patients.
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

My mother, Dotty, had a tendency to get in a bad mood around 4:30 PM each day. It was like a form of sundowning. Learn more about that situation by following this link.

Jun 19, 2018

Light Exposure in Nursing Homes Decreases Sleep Disturbances, Depression and Agitation in Alzheimer's Patients

A tailored lighting program in nursing homes can positively impact sleep, mood and behavior for patients with Alzheimer's disease

Bright Light Alzheimer's Reading Room
by Alzheimer's Reading Room

Tailored lighting intervention in nursing homes can positively impact:
  • sleep, 
  • mood 
  • and, behavior in patients with Alzheimer's disease,
according to preliminary findings from this study.