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Win a copy of A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine...

An extraordinary science fiction debut, Arkady Martine’s first novel in the Texicalaan trilogy, A Memory Called Empire is perfect for fans of John Scalzi, Becky Chambers and Frank Herbert’s Dune.

Einstein’s Gravitational Lenses Could Clear Up Roiling Debate on Expanding Cosmos

Einstein, the gift that keeps on giving

Truth vs Reality: How we evolved to survive, not to see...

Galileo was saying that your eyes are lying to you. The earth actually moves and it's not the center of the universe.

SpaceX: Starhopper soars above Texas in record-breaking test

Cool...that's about all one can say...

VOX by Christina Dalcher author Q&A

the book is about taking away a fundamental right, in this case speech, and as such, anyone could have been the target.

Dinosaur Poop Jewelry Is the Perfect Gift for the Science Lover...

Is that a coprolite hanging around your neck or did you just fall into the kitty litter?