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Organized Cleaning In Few Minutes

Have you ever walked into someone's house and found it very clean and wondered how they ever do it? How they manage to find each of those dust spots and get rid of all those water marks on the glass surfaces? Anyone would love to have a very clean and well maintained house.One of the easiest ways to ensure your house is always clean is to hire professional help. They know the tips and tricks for house cleaning and can get the work done in half the time you spend on cleaning. Want to get efficient at cleaning yourself? Here are a few tips and tricks to clean that house off yours in few minutes.

Target AreasInstead of going into frenzy about the messy house, target the areas first. Decide which room or what type of mess is going to get cleaned first. This way, you will not get carried away when you see a different type of a mess. When you get distracted, you will be left with a slightly lesser messy house only, instead of a clean one.When you target the living room, clean up that area first and move to the next room only after this area is done. If you find toys or books that need to go into another room, don't go to those rooms to put them in their place. Put them on a stand or a selected spot on the side, to be handled next.



Once you have picked everything off the floors, give yourself couple of minutes to do a quick sweep. It need not be a proper deep cleaning, just a quick sweep with the broom will do. You can target the dust mobs on the weekends.

When you sweep the floor regularly, you can mop it less often as dirt does not stay for long on the floor, resulting in sticky surfaces. Also when you sweep, you tend to find stray toys and other items you might have missed while picking them up. You will also clean upunder the furniture, which is one of the most frequently missed spots.




Have a box handy to put in things that don't fit into the place around you. for instance, if you have a book or a jacket that should go into the bedroom, put it in the box. This way you will not be distracted, won't be running to and fro between rooms, and they will not get forgotten either.


The trick is to ensure this miscellaneous basket is empty by the end of your cleaning spree. This way you can reassure yourself that all are put back in their places.


Next get a cloth and start wiping surfaces. Be it the table, counter or the refrigerator surface. Use a cleansing spray, to make it easier and these solutions can get through the grime too. This surface wiping need not be done on a daily basis but if you are expecting company in the next few minutes, this is a must. You don’t want your guests dusting their hands awkwardly and wondering where not to put their hands next.Another trick is to have two different cloths when you are wiping surfaces. When one gets too wet, you can follow it up by giving a rough wipe down with the dry cloth. When you spray a solution, it tends to get the cloth a little wet after repeated use, leaving water marks on the surfaces you wipe. Wiping with aclean cloth will remove all traces of the solution on the dust.


Arrange all that you have picked up, rather than letting them sit on a table or in that box. If you have stacks of magazines, arrange them in their designated table or put them insidea cupboard. You need not arrange them date wise, etc but they need to be in their place, else it will only add up to your cleaning list.Having a tray or a stand can make it easy to arrange books and paper, as they can be dumped in one go, if you are in ahurry.


The trick to a clean looking and fresh feeling home is the smell. Use a good room freshener, so that your house smells nice all the time. This will also help you relax the minute you step into your house from a long day at work, because the familiar smell is inviting and reminds you the long day is finally over.

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