Army Archerd 1922-2009

'Army Archerd' Army Archerd: Last of a generation Stars, media moguls remember the Daily Variety columnist as a gentleman reporter.

Obituary: Army Archerd Columnist chronicled Hollywood's elite for half a century Memory of a classy man Variety's Michael Fleming remembers his colleague Impossible shoes to fill Brian Lowry toasts the 'legendary' reporter Tribute from a fellow columnist Liz Smith on her "hero worship"

Variety honors its own
The print versions of Army's memoriams from 09/09/09
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The print versions of Army's memoriams from 09/10/09
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Army Archerd interviewed everyone from Hollywood stars to heads of state in his illustrious 52 years as a Daily Variety columnist. Click here for the photographic proof

Army received spot on Bronx Walk of Fame
Publicists honor "a mensch"

Click here for some of Army's best columns, as they appeared in print

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