12 Places to create a web site online

  1. Wix A Flash based web site creator with a free version available.
  2. Yola Easy to use, lots of templates
  3. Shopify Start an ecommerce site, build an onine store easily.
  4. Google Pages Ajax based simple WYSIWYG web editor.
  5. Jimdo Another easy to use AJAX site editor. Has a feature for copying other sites’ designs.
  6. Babyjellybeans Create a personal website, family website or baby website.
  7. Letseat.at Create a free web site for your restaurant.
  8. SnapPages Drag and drop text boxes, widgets, photos, calendars and more with an easy to use web page builder.
  9. Edicy An elegant and simple solution to creating web sites.
  10. Sauropol Create blogs, text pages, image galleries, news lists, document folders, bulletin boards and more.

5 Places to find free images and photos

  1. Dreamstime has a free photos section where you can download high quality stock images for free.
  2. LogoInstant Download and/or receive free web 2.0 logos in your inbox every day.
  3. MorgueFile Free photos in a wide range of subjects.
  4. Scx.hu has almost half a million free images.
  5. IconFinder a search engine to help you find free icons.

Top places to find free templates

  1. TemplateMo free CSS and Flash templates.
  2. TemplateYes Around 100 free html templates in a range of subjects.
  3. Arcsin.se Free web templates and wordpress themes.
  4. FreeWebTemplates.com A large community contributed free templates site.