Nozomi Sasaki

These days I stay pretty busy with work and family and taking care of other commitments along with trying to stay active within this community of those who truly appreciate the beauty of Asian women that I don’t get nearly enough time to look for pictures. So the time that I do have, I try to find the best stuff of the hottest chicks. Every once in a while I come across someone who I think is so incredible that I need to write an article on to spread the word. And that person today is Nozomi Sasaki.I found out about Nozomi a few months ago while searching for pictures. I figured that someone would have done an article on her by now, but since she hasn’t been featured yet, I might as well go ahead and write an article. Nozomi is 20 years old and has been featured in many Japanese publications and a few photobooks.

During my searching, I came across this picture of her licking either a lollipop or a popsicle and immediately fell in love with her. She reminds me a little of Leah Dizon but cuter. And I am in love with her petite frame. Nozomi is the essence of Asian beauty.

My Nozomi Sasaki Sampler
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Nanao Arai is a model/talent in Japan and is known for having the best pair of …., can you guess by looking at this picture? She has been very active in the modelling world in Japan but is also a familiar face in the variety programs that are all the rage in Japan. She has recently put out a new picture books full of clamorous pictures. Check them out after the jump.So yes, this girl is ALL about the legs. The pictures give you a good idea, but you need to see the girl in video to get an idea of the height of those legs! Here is Nanao talking about her new photobook.
Nanao used to be mainly a race queen before entering into modelling, so you can also check out some of her racequeen pictures below.

Birthdate: 1988, October 28th
Birthplace: Saitama
Blood Type O

Height: 172 cm
Measurements: 80 – 57 – 83 cm
Leg length /Proportion of height: 85 cm / 49.4 % (This girl is almost half made of legs!!!)

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MAIKO ITAI – Miss Universe Japan 2010

When Maiko Itai’s name was called out as 2010 Miss Universe Japan at the final in March, a roar erupted from the audience in the gallery – 40 of her friends had turned up to wish the 25-year-old well on the big night. “Actually, I didn’t say anything to my friends about the contest until I was a finalist,” says Itai, sitting down for a chat in the offices of Miss Universe Japan. “When I heard my friends yelling my name, I felt so confident that I could stand on the world stage.”

Born in Usuki in Oita Prefecture, the 173-cm-tall Itai says she never dreamed she would enter a beauty contest. “I didn’t have much interest in fashion. I really liked animals, and wanted to become a vet. I was also interested in foreign countries, so I decided to learn foreign languages. I had studied English at school and later at Sophia University in Tokyo, I studied Portuguese for five years (including one year in Portugal) because of the historical relationship between Oita and Portugal.”

After graduating, Itai worked in Tokyo for a year before returning to Oita where she got a job at the local ward office for 3-4 months last year. That’s when she decided to apply for the Miss Universe Japan contest. “I’ve always been interested in expressing my personality, and I thought Miss Universe would be an ideal opportunity. My mother encouraged me to go forward. She said to me: ‘Don’t be scared to take risks.’ She always pushes me forward even when I am hesitant. I’m not too sure what my father thought about it, but he wasn’t against my entering the contest.”

Itai beat nearly 4,000 contestants and since her victory, has been busy preparing for the Aug 23 final to be held in Las Vegas. She has been taking English lessons, learning how to walk and present herself, as well as getting beauty and nutritional tips. “I still feel like I don’t have enough self-confidence,” she admits.

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Kumi Koda

Japanese pop singer Kumi Koda (or Kumiko Koda) was born on November 13, 1982. Kumi debuted in 2000 with her first single ‘Take Back’. She did not achieve success until her seventh single ‘Real Emotion / 1000 no Kotoba’ which was a hit because of its connection to the videogame ‘Final Fantasy X-2’. Her popularity skyrocketed in 2005 after the release of Butterfly and being named one of the best selling artists of 2005 from the success of BEST ~first things~.

To be honest I’m not a real fan of her songs but damn is she hot!

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