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Friday, April 20, 2018

Incredible Causes Of The Worst Body Pains

Did you know 11 percent of people in America suffer from chronic pain? It’s true, and you could be one of them. The worst part is that most of these people have no idea what’s causing their pain. There’s even a word used for people with pain like this, and that word is fibromyalgia. If you have fibromyalgia, there’s some bad news. It’s used by doctors to describe pain with a cause that they can’t find. In the case of this condition, many doctors believe it is purely psychological. However, other experts disagree and claim that there is a physical cause, we just haven’t found it yet.

Of course, fibromyalgia is just one cause of the pain that you might experience. Let’s look at some of the other incredible causes that make your back, your leg, your neck and your head, ache.

Is It All In My Head?

It could be. As weird as this sounds there is evidence to suggest that emotional issues can manifest as physical pain or a physical condition. For instance, you might be stressed due to pressures at work. This can manifest in a flinch or a tick that you simply can’t get rid of. It can even be quite painful. Alternatively, if you are having trouble in your relationship, you might find that pain develops in your lower back. Why does this happen? Researchers have suggested that it’s a way for your mind to deal with an issue head-on. If there’s a pain, it can be understood and dealt with. Luckily, like typical pains, these do tend to go away with meds and other traditional treatments. However, if you address the emotional cause, they will disappear completely.

A Broken Bed

It is possible that your bed is broken and you haven’t even realised it. If your bed is broken, it won’t be providing the right level of support, and it may be sinking down in certain areas. If this is happening, you can bet you will be waking up most mornings with severe pain in your back. Check underneath your bed to see if any of the panels are broken. You might even find it’s the mattress that has seen too much wear and tear. If that’s the case, you should consider replacing it all with a new panel bed. Due to their design, these can be very comfortable and provide the level of support that you need for your back.

Fatty Food

Finally, you might be surprised to hear that food can actually be the cause of chronic pain in your body. It’s absolutely true to say that certain foods have been linked by researchers to certain pain such as aches in the lower back. It seems to be particularly prominent for those who love their red meat. So, if you are constantly finding that your back aches, you might want to consider laying off those deluxe steaks when you eat out.

We hope you found this information interesting and perhaps even helpful when you’re trying to find the cause of your own body pains.

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Pixie's First Month As A Therapy Dog

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It's officially been one month since Pixie and I began volunteering for KPETS, a local pet therapy organization and we've had quite the experience!  

 It started off with a visit to a local school in an emotional support classroom setting and Pixie had a blast with the kids! It was a one time only thing but I hope we get to do more classroom visits in the future. 

Then we officially started our regular weekly visits to a local facility where Dementia patients live. 

 There are 4 residents that we are assigned to visit with and we love them.   After the first 2 visits I noticed that not only were our regular residents beginning to recognize and remember Pixie but other residents in the facility remember her.   I can't even walk down the hall anymore without a line of folks waiting to see her! 

Pixie loves laying with the residents and playing around.  It's a very rewarding experience.

We are also starting a monthly visit to a rehab facility and a nursing home. 

Of course whenever Pixie is done with her work she gets rewarded with a treat.  Right now I'm using Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats in Salmon Flavor from Chewy which I break up into smaller pieces for her.  She's usually exhausted after our visits so the protein in these treats gives her a high-protein boost.  I'm also very picky with treats because with Pixie's tiny size she can get gassy very easily.  I have no issues with that with Blue Wilderness Biscuits.  They have no by-product meals and no gluten, grains, corn, wheat, or soy.  If you're looking for a nice all natural treat for your meat loving dog, these are a great choice, especially for training. 


Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Top Expenditures To Budget For On Your RV Camping Trip

Easily the most important part of preparing for your RV camping trip, even if it’s not the most fun, is budgeting for each the expenditures.

One of the big appeals to RV camping trips as a family vacation is that they are significantly cheaper in comparison to alternatives such as flying or staying in hotels.

Nonetheless, this does not at all mean that RV trips are cheap, and you still will need to set aside a fair amount of money.

Here are the top expenditures you will need to budget for on your RV camping trip:

Renting The RV

The first and primary cost of the trip will be actually renting the RV. Outdoorsy is an excellent resource to help you find RV’s with the best rates in your area.

How much can you anticipate to spend on renting an RV? It really depends on who you’re renting it from and on the size of your RV, but as a general rule, anticipate to spend around $100 on the low end and possible over $200 on the high end.

Assuming you spend around $150 a day renting an RV and are going on a week long RV trip, that means it would cost you around $1,050 to rent the RV for that week.


Fuel is another large expense for RV trips. It’s no secret that motorhomes are not exactly fuel efficient vehicles.

To calculate how much you’re going to be spending on fuel, you’ll need to take the length of miles of your trip and divide it by the miles per gallon rate of your particular RV. Then, you will take the resulting figure and multiple it by the price of gasoline.

On average, an RV should get around ten miles per gallon. With the average fuel prices of today hovering around $2.60, and assuming that you go on a one thousand mile long trip, you can expect to pay approximately $260 in fuel prices for this example.


RV campground fees are actually not quite as high as you may have anticipated. They can vary drastically in price, from as low as $15 a night to as high as $200 for the luxury and in-demand locations.

Most RV campgrounds, however, will cost in the vicinity of $30 to $50. There may also be added fees for having children and pets, though most don’t (FYI, if an RV park has added fees for kids and children, it’s likely a sign that they prefer you not have them).

If we take the middle number of $40 for a week long trip, that comes out to $280 for a full seven nights. It’s certainly cheaper than staying at a hotel.


You’ll need to budget for both the food you bring with you and the food you plan on buying restaurants. If you’re conscious of cost, bringing you own food will definitely be a cheaper option in comparison to eating out.

The good news about budgeting for food is that it is the expense you have the most control over. You don’t get to control how much your RV costs to rent or what the cost of fuel per gallon is, but you do get to choose which foods you want to bring with you so can keep the expense down as much as possible.

If there is another piece of advice to be given in regards to food on RV trips, it’s to plan each individual meal ahead of time, so you know exactly what you’ll be eating for each meal on each day. This is the only way you can truly take the total cost of food into account.

Budgeting For Your RV Trip

Budgeting is an important component of planning for any type of vacation. Make a list of each of these expenditures on an Excel spreadsheet and calculate how much you anticipate to spend on each one. Don’t allow any expense to be overlooked.

As a whole, going on an RV camping trip may actually not be as expensive as you think. If you’re extremely budget conscious and you want to go on the cheapest trip possible, with the cheapest RV rental, the cheapest food and campground, and with a short duration and travel distance between you and your destination, it is possible to spend less than a thousand dollars on a fun and memorable RV trip.

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