BEE Japan

Bicycle for Everyone’s Earth


BEE ride 2015

We’ve had a rest for a couple of years, now its time to Save the World by Bike once again. Two months too long? How about a mini-bee ride, less than a month to fit in with JETs returning home?



Sustainability Starts With A Spoon»

(An article for Japan For Sustainability by BEE Japan 2012 member J Muzacz) I’m not talking about the cat in the cradle with the silver spoon; or the spoonful of sugar helping the medicine go down; or the card game…   It was at a Michi no Eki (Roadside Station) tourist viagra online trap, one [...]

Morning at the Kagoshima Museum of Environment: Planet Earth and its Future»

Waiting on the evening ferry for Okinawa, after a pleasant stay with Couch Surfer Yohan, Yuki and I happened across the Kagoshima Museum of Environment this morning heading back into town. We decided to check it out, and boy are we glad we did! It is an excellent space with striking installations encouraging environmental awareness, [...]

Yakushima — GOAL!!! 3500-plus Kilometers on two human-powered wheels…»

After more than two months sleeping in tents, waking up to ojisan (old dude) inquisitions, eating oatmeal over camp stove with chopsticks (thx Alishan!), showering under faucets and faking that we are professional cyclists climbing peaks of 500, 1000, 1250m and more, into forests dense with fog, volcano calderas, valleys of pine and mikan (citrus [...]


Kagoshima! Near the ride’s End!!»

See the full gallery on Posterous Aoi is very sad… Why? Because we rode the western coast all the way down to Minamata to check out the Minamata Disease Museum and Memorial, and it was closed! The memorial was quite somber, but unfortunately we didn’t get the full experience. Though I encourage you to do [...]


Omoshiroi Deaikoto (Meeting Cool People!) Everywhere!»

See the full gallery on Posterous This guy, 30 years ago, rode his bike around the world for 7 years, and gave us his self-published book to prove it.. Three other tourers headed from Kyoto to Shimonoseki, two on brand spanking new GIANT bicycles.. One fellow from Fukuoka invited us to his home if we [...]



Kumamon, Japan’s cutest character… for all you Terminator fans, SKYNET is real, and their headquartered in Kumamoto Prefecture! Me and Yuki stop on the descent into Aso, a town built inside a 90,000 year old volcanic crater.. A fierce viagra tablets 100mg Katou Kiyomasa in front of the rebuilt Kumamoto Castle… Some splendid sparkling bamboo [...]


BEE 2009 Route - Kumamoto to Kagoshima 熊本から鹿児島 

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