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-We are comming for you-

We are anonymous. We are defenders of the internet. We are yet again on the heels of pedofiles around the world. There are many websites with children being exposed and it is not right morally, legally or in respect to human rights. Pedofiles of the internet this is a warning to you. This is a warning to your supporters and anyone that takes part in your sick world. We will come for you.
We will find you. We will shut down your websites and kick you out.
You are not welcome here and we have had enough of you.Leave our children alone and while you are at it leave the rest of the planet alone. This is not a threat, this is a promise. We will hunt you down and exterminate you like cockroaches..

There are many of you that are concerned about the same issue. Now is your time to act. Get involved.We do not forgive we do not forget expect us we are legion, and we are coming for you pedophiles
Divided we fall

OwNeD By= Code X Hunter

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