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Editor's Choice

Beneath the Moon

The Goddess Blodeuwedd

Join me as I delve into the mysteries of the goddess Blodeuwedd; intrigue, betrayal and total woman power...

A Modern Traditional Witch

Secrets of the Uncommon Witch

Some of the traits and abilities I value and admire the most are often overlooked for more "sexy" ones in the larger population.

Witch on Fire

Shopkeeper Sagas: The Hogwarts Disappointment

I wonder if sometimes the gods disguise themselves as my more interesting customers and come to confront me with some shadowy prejudice I still have. Do they offer me an initiatory test, the way the gods challenged the mythological heroes of old?


The Cartomancer: Forgiveness As a Hook

If your motivation is not aligned with your action you’re screwed. There is nothing to forgive.