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Editor's Choice


Satan at the Movies (and everywhere else)

Pagan reactions to The Witch seem to be generally positive, but we're still mostly freaking out about the same, tired stuff.

The Allergic Pagan

Bursting the White Bubble of Colorblindness

My “colorblindness” actually contributes to the perpetuation of this racist system. Being “colorblind” renders me blind to the role of race in the scenario described above and a thousand other micro-systems like it.

Born Again Witch

Do Pagan Conventions Matter?

It made me reflect on why so many Pagans work so hard to make these conventions happen. Nobody is getting rich and famous. Is it simply because we love doing what we do?

Into the Mound

What the Devil? Paganism & Satanism

The historical intertwining of the Church's fantasies of Satanic opposition with the remnants of Paganisms and the real continuing tradition of occultism continue to produce plenty of discussion. Is occult work with the demons and 'Satanic' spirits of early-modern occultism legitimately 'polytheist and animist' or does it's Christian overlay disqualify it?