Dentist Baton Rouge Recommends Oral Cancer Screening

Few people think about oral cancer screening, but it is important to understand the reality of this dangerous disease. Detecting oral cancer in the early stages is important for the best chance of successful treatment and survival. When abnormal tissue is found early, it is easier to treat.

The screening is quite simple. During your yearly check-up or cleaning, Dr. Grand at Grand Family Dentistry will take a few minutes to do a visual check of your mouth to note any cancer or precancerous condition. He examines the inside of your mouth and tongue with a small mirror. Because he is able to see areas of your mouth that you cannot see easily, his observation is more comprehensive. Mouth cancer can often be detected in its early stages during a thorough mouth examination. If he observes symptoms of oral mouth cancer, further screenings will be recommended.

Prevention and early detection are most important. Tobacco products including cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoking are linked to oral mouth cancer as well as the consumption of alcohol. Early detection and treatment increase the survival rate to about eighty percent. When mouth cancer is detected early, a complete cure is possible. It is important to visit Grand Family dentistry on a regular basis for a healthy mouth.

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