Athlete: Black Diamond Athlete Joe Kinder
Location: Bone Tomahawk, St. George, UT
Photographer: Tristan Greszko

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Joe Kinder

Sending Bone Tomahawk

BD Athlete Joe Kinder has been in the game since the late 1990’s, and when it comes to sheer numbers, he is prolific. Since 2000, he’s logged roughly 200 5.14 redpoints, but perhaps Kinder’s greatest gift is his eye for establishing first ascents. From Spain to the desert southwest, he’s bolted and sent modern day testpieces. So after years of searching and perfecting his craft, Kinder finally discovered his king line—Bone Tomahawk.


Hazel Findlay

Skills for a Stronger Mind

Black Diamond Athlete Hazel Findlay just roared back from shoulder surgery and recently redpointed her hardest route. However, Findlay will be the first to tell you that her biggest strength is not her body, but her mind. As a coach, she’s found that most climbers could benefit from a few simple tips to strengthen their mindset at the crag. Get stoked, because in this article she’s shared these tips.

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