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As a member of a marketing company in Miami (one of the most competitive cities in the country to business in) there are often times where I wish we did not have so much market saturation and competition to deal with. The difficult thing about the modern-age-marketing world that we live in today is the fact that the competition is fierce. Just when you think you are doing something better than everyone else, the competition starts to creep up behind you and you start to lose market share.

When it comes to advertising, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you own, marketing online with is probably the best way to get your products or services out there for people to find, this coming from experts at the Advertising Spokane Wa. Being that most people will turn to the web to find what they are looking for, having a professional web site is crucial.

Today I’d like to go over 5 reasons why you should redesign your website if you haven’t done so recently. Having an old website is something that can be severely cumbersome to the growth of a company or companies which is why I wanted to write this post. The problem is that most people don’t really see value in spending so much money on getting a new and modern website. I’m hoping to educate those website owners looking for a web design company so that they can understand the value in having their website re-designed. I’d like to cover how to go about finding the best website design firms and how to stay away from choosing a less-than-acceptable web design companies to not waste your time and hard earned money.

A Fresh New Look & Feel!
Obviously the best part of redesigning your site is to have that “wow” effect when a visitor lands on your site so I’d like to touch on that. In a world where everything is done online, having that online “wow” factor is like having a store front with an amazing exterior design. Much like when you walk into an office’s reception area that has fabulous flooring and furniture that makes you feel like you’re truly working with a professional company that is well established. The same thing happens when your website visitors land on your landing page, they either are going to love it or feel like it looks just like any other site that your competitors have. This guide on Amazon’s enhanced content program also offer plenty of information on how to boost your conversion rate.

According to many online marketing experts, you only have a few seconds to captivate your visitors when they land on your page, if you ever need assistance then check out Search Engine Optimization Tokyo with Webguru. Having that really impressive layout and design to give the customer exactly what they are looking for in a user friendly way is exactly what it takes to have a successful foundation for any online marketing strategy, learn more here.

SEO Is A Small Business Necessity

Although it is true that SEO can be complex, this is no excuse to neglect it altogether. Much of SEO costs nothing more than your time, and it is much more effective than traditional marketing tactics. For example, inbound leads (like from SEO) cost 61% less than outbound leads (like cold calling), according to Search Engine Journal. It is also simple to put tactics in place — once you know how.

• Local SEO. Google favors local content, as it has extra value for users. As a small business, you may have an advantage over even the biggest corporations if you have a unique knowledge of your local audience. Much of local SEO is based around long-tail keywords. By researching potential terms with a tool like Google Keyword Planner, you can find phrases that describe what your business offers with a location included. Simply creating content based around these keywords will help you reach the top position in search engine results.

• Social Media. Social media is an ideal place to share content from your website or blog to drive traffic to your site. You need to post regularly and interact with users.

• Link Building. Another aspect to add to your initial SEO strategy is link building. Bear in mind that to Google, the size of your business is not important — if you use black hat techniques, you will be penalized. Black hat techniques consist of any low-quality methods and spam. Instead, you need to use link building to show your authority, such as by guest blogging, sending pages to high-quality, relevant directories and creating content others want to share.

11 More Great Conversion Optimization Tools for SEO Mon, 13 Sep 2010 09:00:27 +0000

Remember the article we wrote that reviewed those 5 great conversion tracking tools for your online business?  We got such great feedback that we just couldn’t resist telling you about a few more to view use this link, before you keep on reading, take a look at the king kong digital marketing reviews.

Learn how to be an amazon affiliate. You can build amazon affiliate sites that earn commissions every month from free search engine traffic.

  1. – HighConversion offers great tools to improve your Reputation Management and conversion rate optimization.  It’s great for low traffic sites and small to medium sized enterprises. Furthermore, you can use Circadian’s enterprise physical security risk assessment which is a digital tool to empower security consultants for complete and actionable assessments in your business.
  2. 4Q from – Get great insights from your visitors and understand how visitors got to your site and if they are finding the information they’re looking for.  With the ability to merge your clickstream metrics with your visitors’ intentions and satisfaction ratings you’ll get great new insights that can help to increase your conversion rate, just make sure to check the West Palm Beach and the SEO Virginia Beach search engine optimization company where you will find assistance with no doubt, even internationally, agence – web seo will help you out. Most businesses who engage an SEO consultant will want to know how does SEO help a business.
  3. – This is a great tool for feedback. The integrated system uses user feedback to help you understand where you can reduce customer attrition, increase conversion rates and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. – Not sure why your website has a high abandonment rate, or why people aren’t spending much time looking around?  It may be due to a slow website speed. Sebastien le marketeur français will tell you how long it takes to download your page elements and where you could save it.
  5. – If you have a lot of images on your site, consider condensing them with this great tool.  Simply upload your images or paste their URLs in to this tool then download the “smushed” files. They’ll take up less bandwidth which will decrease user download times.  (Your site should take 10 seconds or less to download for 56k, which is 1 second on DSL). This is critical for landing pages, home pages, and category pages. The longer your load time the more likely viewers are to abandon the site before completing your site’s conversion goals.  It also makes it harder for your site to increase its number of returning visitors.
  6. – This Easy Street SEO is another great tool to help you understand where you site is performing slowly and negatively effecting usability.  It provides accurate estimates of site loading speed including the full script. If you are not sure how to improve your website speed, you can get help from SeoMarketer digital marketing specialist.
  7. YSlow – This plug-in works in FireBug (in your FireFox browser) to analyzes web pages and suggests ways to improve their performance based on a set of rules for high performance web pages.
  8. – This is a great tension tool that mimics eye tracking to effectively analyze attention and attraction in visuals.  Understand how visitors see and interact with your website.
  9. – This site offers some great resources that will help you with your Web Design in many aspects.
    Their Battleship Grid article explains that not everything above the fold has equal value and will help you decide the best way to you’re your screen space.Please checkout for more information.
  10. – This is one of our favorite sites for Usability Testing.  For $39 you get a video of a visitor speaking their thoughts as they use your site and a written summary describing the problems they encountered.
  11. WeWeCalculator – Discover what your word choices say about where your website’s focus really is. You’ll get a sense of the impression you are making on your prospects and where you could make improvements to increase leads and sales.

Let us know what you think of these tools and if you have a favorite! We aslo recommend to arm your sales rep with SalesHub For now the team will be taking a quick vacation, we will keep you updated, we are so exited to go in a camping adventure, the people from Survival Cooking already provided us with all the essentials which is better to get advices about Local SEO services.

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5 Tips To Improve & Optimize Conversion Rate Mon, 06 Sep 2010 09:00:39 +0000

It can be difficult to know and understand exactly where one should begin with conversion rate optimization. The thought of heavy development changes, testing, and huge amount of work can be frightening to the average person. While it is always good to work hard, it is better to be smart about how you work, which is why you should contact a SEO agency in Wisconsin if you don’t really know what you are doing, if you run your own business, like photography then it will be perfect for you to check out this photography seo to help you out and check the Image Raider site at the same time, this seo in tampa can also be a great option for your company. Conversion rate optimization doesn’t have to take up your entire schedule. Here are five simple conversion rate improvements that anyone can do before the day is done. Calculate your network security by going to for free. You should also check out these Forex Broker ratings and reviews so you can see how great they are. On related articles, follow this link to learn more about pan card.

  1. Get verified and add trust to your site – Users are always scared of the unknown. So it is extremely important to keep users feeling comfortable and safe. One of the best ways to increase trust is to add security buttons to the website, especially during the checkout process. Some security buttons that can be added are hackersafe, paypal, thawte, and verisign.
  2. Make your call to action more visible – Visitors are converted when they take action. Whether it is for the user to sign up, contact, or buy, it is extremely important to make the call to action easy to point out. Some easy ways to improve the call to action is to turn a text link into an image or make the call to action button bigger or brighter. And view getresponse vs mailchimp comparison for effective app for marketers.
  3. Move every step of the buying or checkout process above the webpage fold – One of the most common errors seen on websites is having the checkout process involve scrolling to the very bottom of the webpage. It is a simple task to move or add another buy-now button above the fold of a page.
  4. Remove one or more distraction from the checkout process – During the checkout process some people leave half-way through buying a product to look at another page on the website such as the FAQ or shipping details. When streamlining the checkout process it is important to have little to no distractions or links to pages outside the buying course. By removing distractions, the conversion rate can be improved immensely. Have information in a pop-up if it deals with the buying process, such as shipping details. Users should also be wary of long order forms with non-essential fields. Keep those fields to a minimum.
  5. When in doubt, get a friend to test the site – It is difficult to know if the webpage is running smoothly and correctly. And there is no way to know what type of information a user will click on or enter in text fields. Information may make sense to the creator but not the average user. The easiest way to test how the site works is to ask a friend that is completely unfamiliar with the website to look at it and buy something. Watch over their shoulder and find out where they get confused.

Let us know what you think of these tips and if you have any of your own!  Be sure to try them out and tell us if they worked for you.

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5 Great Tips for Dealing with Complaints on Social Media Mon, 30 Aug 2010 09:00:03 +0000

Social media or the Skyfall Blue can be a tricky endeavor, and maintaining your accounts is the most important aspect.  But what do you do when someone leaves a negative comment?  Well, the first thing to remember is that often times people are much more brazen when speaking their minds on line because of the anonymity.  So, to help you navigate the sometimes-murky waters of social media, check out these 10 great tips on ways to respond to negative social media. To avoid these types of complaints you have to become more creative and please your customers, a great way to do so is to use Function Point’s project software for creative agencies. It helped my company become much more organized throughout the years and it ended in success.

1.  Don’t take it personally. The number one rule is that, for the most part, no matter what is said you should always respond graciously.  As your mother always said, taking the highroad is your best solution.  Here’s an example:

Negative Tweet: “Just bought coffee at Café XYZ and it was awful, never going back!”

Great response: “@Tweeter so sorry your coffee was disappointing! Please let us make it up to you with a free cup!”

Then send the person a direct message (or email, if you can) with a one-time use coupon code for a free coffee along with a sincere apology.

2. Reach out as yourself, not your company. For serious complaints or really dissatisfied customers, it may be much more beneficial for you to reach out as yourself.  Most people, when they realize they’re dealing with a real person, are much more willing to listen and try again.

3. Respond Quickly. Everyone needs validation, complaints can be turned around very quickly with a speedy response time.  Reaching out will not only make the person feel understood, nine times out of ten they’ll be happy to give you a second chance.

4. Follow up, privately. If the issue has been resolved, and the complainant has turned around, gently ask them to let people know.  Track the coupon code you gave them (suggestion #1) follow it up with an email asking them to let you know how the experience went.




Here’s an example:

Hi Jane!

We’re so glad to see that you took us up on the free coffee and we sincerely hope you enjoyed it.  Let us know how we did and we hope to see you again soon!


Café XYZ

If the person responds with a positive message think about Tweeting it.  “@Jane, so glad you enjoyed your free cup of coffee and thanks for giving us a second chance! We hope to see you again real soon!”  This way, your other followers can see that the issue was resolved and there are no hard feelings.

5. Know when to leave. You won’t be able to make everyone happy, but the good news is that you don’t have to.  The complainers won’t stick around long, but your loyal customers will, especially if they see that you’ve tried to appease.  So take it all in stride and remember that no one can be loved by everyone!  If you’ve tried to rectify the situation and the complainer just isn’t having it, let it go and move on or try to hire an expert like SociFollower.



Responding to negative feedback isn’t always easy and it usually isn’t fun either.  But it can have real benefits for your company if the issue is resolved quickly and satisfactorily.  Letting other followers see that you’re happy to apologize and rectify these kinds of situations lets them know that you are loyalty-worth and willing to help when they have issues.

Have you tried any of these suggestions?  Let us know what you think and if you have any tips of your own!

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15 Tips for Improving Your Website’s Conversion Rate Mon, 23 Aug 2010 09:00:07 +0000

Would you like to improve your website’s conversion rate?  The Blogging Buddha Changed the ways we see things here, so we have gathered a list of our top 15 suggestions to help you get started, with an emphasis on shopping carts, the check out process, and in-site search tools, this is sometimes referred to as conversion rate optimization. When you want effective online marketing, go to Joel House Search Media. If you´re one of those people who prefer to fire someone to optimize your site, then make a visit to Take a look at these great suggestions and let us know if they work for you!

  1. Original Photos – Surprise and delight potential customers by differentiating your offering. Having original photos of real people is a good way to surprise your prospects.
  2. Original and Low Budget Videos – Low budget videos with great content are now more compelling than over-produced videos thanks to YouTube.
  3. A Unique Guarantee– Play with your guarantee to make it stand out from the competitors’ typical “30-Day Money Back Guarantee,” try a 50-day guarantee. And remember if you ever need money right away, make sure to contact louisville no credit financing CIC store to get the best loan possible with low interest rates and how you can get one. In the end, customers may potentially leave you with pleasantly surprising results. No need to go to to minimize your business debt, just see this website. If you´re worried about your money, then a gold IRA will do you perfectly so you can invest your money with no worries! By the way, if you’re planning to invest your money, you can find all stock market information and trading tools at Share Prices website.
  4. Offer Alternate Ways to Place the Order – It is important to address peoples’ concerns before they even arise. Provide assurance by providing the company’s complete contact information during the checkout process. Some potential customers are still uncomfortable providing credit card information online, it is important to offer a phone number and/or a faxable order form.
  5. Include a Progress Indicator on Each Checkout Page – Let customers know where they are in the checkout process and how many steps are left. Allow customers to review what they did during their previous steps and return to their current step without having to fill out the page again.
  6. Editing the Shopping Cart Should Be Easy – Customers will appreciate being able to change quantities and delete an item from the shopping cart with ease, in addition to being able to change values such as colors and sizes.
  7. Allow Items to Stay in a Cart for at Least 30 Days – Consumers are always searching for deals and comparing products. McAfee conducted a study that revealed that the average time span between a visitor going to a site and actually checking out was 34 hours. It is important to plan for that type of behavior by allowing items to stay in a cart.
  8. Suggest Items – If a consumer is viewing a product, have a suggested items box that shows similar items.
  9. Provide a Box for Coupon Codes at a Later Point in the Checkout Process – If a prospect has invested time into the checkout process, they are less likely to stop right before checkout in order to look for coupon codes.
  10. Offer a Variety of Payment Options – If a customer is not comfortable with the payment options provided they are most likely going leave the site. Assure them that your order process is legitimate by offering such payment options as BillMeLater and PayPal.
  11. Add Third-Party Reinforcement Messages – Third parties such as VeriSign, PayPal, Better Business Bureau, and credit card approval logos increase the consumers’ comfort and can greatly boost conversions. A Hacker Safe rating certification has an increased order average of 15.7%!
  12. When in Comes to In-Site Search, Make Sure There are No Dead Ends – Never allow your in-site search tool to lead your visitor to a dead end, offer alternatives or close results.
  13. Always Conduct Research on Your In-Site Search Tool – Mine through existing search logs for every entry a visitor attempts. This will reveal what visitors are looking for, any misspellings, and what words they are using to describe products.
  14. Inspect Your Conversion Paths – Go through every possible path that a visitor may take. (Your Google Analytics provides valuable resources Reverse Funnels).  By doing this you will uncover missing or broken links, if there are too many steps in the process, and which pages in the process have the highest abandonment rate, you also want to make sure to get high quality backlinks for your website.
  15. Know Your USP – Your unique selling point (USP) is what sets you apart from the competition. Make sure that users know what yours is so they know why they should purchase items or services from you.

Make sure to check the kingkong com au review, where you will get the best marketing tips. For house renovation, please visit window replacement atlanta, ga.

Will Facebook Overtake Foursquare in the Geolocation Game? Mon, 16 Aug 2010 09:00:49 +0000

This fantastic map was created by Flowtown, inspired by XKCD.  It comically shows the relative sizes of social networks according to recent 2010 user data.  The sources for this data were USA Today, Alexa, Compete, and others.

In January of this year we shared some terrific graphs on our Facebook page reporting search trends from 2009 that offered some insights into the minds of average internet surfers who are always online thank to the best wireless router for their homes or wherever they are.  We reported that said that visitors to their site are 3 times more likely to type in search queries in the form of questions.  Question based searches have continued to grow each year. There was an average of 50 million visits per month and one of the top search queries was “What is Twitter?”  (We’re so glad to see that our moms and dads are jumping on the social media band wagon!)  This question ranked number 4 on’s top overall questions of 2009.  Which we took to mean that social networking and social media platforms were continuing to grow in popularity, and importance.

In June we asked, Could Facebook Be Bigger Than Google in the new chicken-versus-egg conundrum… social-versus-search.  We reported that Facebook had been pushing hard against the biggest names in web search, including Google, for several months.  Hitwise’s reporte said that Facebook’s overall web traffic was ahead of Google’s Digital marketing for the first time in the U.S. for the week of March 15th, 2010. The market share increased 185% as compared to the same week in 2009 while Google’s traffic increased by only 9% during the same time frame.

Now, Facebook seems to be pretty confident in its own shoes and rather than going after the big players, it would seem that Facebook is taking aim at the smaller guys.  Facebook had confirmed in July that it would be launching a location-based feature in the very near future.  CNET reported that,

“It’s going to take the form of an application programming interface (API) for third-party companies on the Facebook developer platform, integrating existing “check-in” start-ups more deeply into the massive social-networking service and in turn permitting location-aware data to become a part of existing platform applications.”

What this means is that the geolocation feature won’t be an exact replica of any of the existing sites like Foursquare, Brightkite, or Gowalla but it is going to integrate a third party check-in type service to a larger platform that will become part of the site.  Some other fun facts according to Mashable are that:

  • Facebook will be partnering with Localeze to create a directory of “places” that will resemble Twitter Places
  • Facebook now owns Hot Potato, a check-in service focused around what people are doing
  • Facebook offered around $120 million to acquire Foursquare, but walked away from negotiations when Foursquare asked for 25% more.

We’re sure that Facebook and Foursquare will call their imminent relationship mutually beneficial, and it very well may be.  But, we have to ask, do these geolocation sites really have a choice?  Our guess is that Facebook made them an offer they couldn’t refuse and rather than trying to beat Facebook, Foursquare and its competitors will choose to join it.

What do you think will happen?  We love hearing your opinions so leave us a comment and let’s hear it!

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5 Great Conversion Tracking Tools Mon, 02 Aug 2010 09:00:30 +0000

A website’s success used to be measured by the number of visitors. However, a marketing campaign cannot be successful if it generates countless visitors and none of them convert visitors to customers, this is why marketing campaigns have to be organized by companies like the following, if not it will for sure have no success.

Conversion tracking is an analytics tool that measures the effectiveness of a source that directs visitors to a website and persuades them to take a desired action. Sources vary from a landing page phrase to a referrer. The desired action of the web site depends on what the creator wants. The action could be the visitor signs up for a newsletter, completes an order, or fills out a form for more information. With conversion tracking tools available we are able to measure that effectiveness of our web sites and campaigns, which is often expressed as a percentage known as a conversion rate.

Here are five useful conversion tracking tools that you should check out.

1. Crazy Egg – This tool will help you improve the design of your site by providing you with a heat map that shows where people are clicking and where they are not. It also provides information such as where people clicked based on the source from which they came. Here is an example of what the heat map looks like.

2. BTBuckets – This is a free segmentation and targeting web application tool that allows web sites to create user clusters based on their behavior. You can then assign different sets of actions for each segment. Below is a screenshot from one of their tutorial videos on youtube.

3. User Testing – Provides a usability testing tool that helps users to understand why viewers are leaving their website. Once a user has signed up, a representative visits and records their experience on the website and provides feedback. Below is a clip of a sample report that was done for Petco.

4. Cross Browser Testing – By using this tool, users are able to have their website tested across different operating systems. Users can also interactively test their ajax, javascript, and flash. A sample report is provided below.

5. Attention Wizard – This tool provides visual attention prediction for a website’s landing pages. Users are able to view their website how customers are viewing it.

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6 Great Tips for Link Building Mon, 26 Jul 2010 09:00:03 +0000

Link building has become an extremely important task for online marketers and is a big part of the workload for a search engine optimization agency. The number of links that point to your website, and quality of the site from which they’re coming, all effect how search engines rank your website.  Link building is used to describe the task of building links to a website, meaning increasing the number of links that point to your site.  This does not include internal linking – when one page like “About Us” links back to your home page. The two main reasons as to why building links is so important are:

  • Building links helps direct click-through traffic to your website.
  • It improves your site’s rankings with search engines and its overall optimization.

According to cardiff website designers, being thrust into the world of SEO and link building can be confusing and difficult for many beginners. But, it’s such an important part of your optimization that hiring an austin seo agency is worth the effort, and you can try to look for an affordable seo service if you think you have trouble paying a lot of money for the services. You can check out this link for more details. Hiring the right web development team for good SEO is essential. In Traverse City we can recommend MasterMindSEO for web design.

Here are 6 tips to get you started:

  1. Create new original content for your site and make sure it’s visible and accessible.  Post articles in your blog and link back to them in your newsletter and promote the content through your social media.  The benefit to doing this is that the more your content is out there, the more likely it is that people will link to it, especially if you’re one of the first people to talk about the topic or provide the, hot information.
  2. Quality is better than quantity. Be sure to write great content instead of a lot of decent content. Quality articles will gain more links and exposure on good websites. Referral traffic increases when articles are featured on reputable websites.
  3. Guest blog on a complementary blog or website. Be sure that the website you guest blog for is relevant to your industry and seen as a credible source. For example, your blog is all about Pink Pearls, then you should write content around that niche of fashion and accessories. This is a good way to gain quality inbound links and boost brand awareness. If you are able to establish a good partnership you have the potential to build further reciprocal linking.
  4. Do not spam. The algorithms of search engines are updated to make sure search results are relevant and to remove spam in their index. Your rankings should remain intact as long as your content is relevant and you avoid spam tactics.
  5. Be sure to syndicate your RSS feed and not your article content. Do not publish duplicate content on every website. Keep the original content on your website and ping services to publish your site’s feed such as Twitter, Technorati, and Facebook. By doing this you have the opportunity to gain visitors to your website and give them a chance to share your content via social media.
  6. And finally, patience is a virtue.  Create a schedule to check your rankings and progress once a week. Although it is hard not to check them every day, it’s best to limit yourself. There are plenty of other valuable tasks you can accomplish by doing so. For other promotions, please checkout for fast loan approval.

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The Canonical Tag: An SEO- Friendly Tool for Split Testing Tue, 20 Jul 2010 00:30:17 +0000

The Canonical Tag—A Useful Tool for Split Testing:

Different from domain canonicalization is the “canonical” tag. Add this one to your SEO tool box as well, Scottsdale SEO and make sure to contact Linkdraft if you have trouble adding it. For other inside pages that you think may have duplicates, you’ll want to look into the “canonical” tag.  This tag is officially being accepted and understood by all three main engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN Live/Bing.  This is a tag that goes on the ‘duplicate’ head tag to direct to the ‘actual’ page. It only tells the robots, not website visitors, which URL to index.  Unlike the 301 redirect, the visitors do not get redirected anywhere.  This is a great tool for split testing because visitors don’t see a difference, web analytics software tracks the separate pages but search engines see it as one page. You can also check out ServiceMax warranty management software and learn more about their online services.

Read more about this at:

Conversion Tracking Tools for Testing Site Effectiveness Mon, 19 Jul 2010 18:38:39 +0000

It used to be that a website’s success was measured by the number of visitors. But a marketing campaign wouldn’t be successful if it generated a huge number of visitors without any conversions. A website’s main goal is: to convert visitors to customers.  How is yours holding up? The best of the best achieve over a 30% conversion rate. One of the main key to have high conversion is good web design and if you don’t have it then contact web designers joondalup.

Conversion tracking is measuring the effectiveness of a source that directs visitors to a website and persuades them to take a desired action. Sources vary from a landing page phrase to a Cross Browser Testing referrer. The desired action of the web site depends on what the creator wants. The action could be a newsletter sign up, order completion, or white paper download. With conversion tracking tools available we are now more easily able to measure that effectiveness of our web sites and campaigns.

Here are 10 great tools you should try:

1. Crazy Egg – This tool will help you improve the design of your site by providing you with a heat map that shows where people are clicking and where they are not. It also provides information such as where people clicked based on the source from which they came. To improve your website design for higher conversion contact website designers cardiff. Here is an example of what the heat map looks like.

2. BTBuckets – This is a free segmentation and targeting web application tool that allows web sites to create user clusters based on their behavior. You can then assign different sets of actions for each segment. Below is a screenshot from one of their tutorial videos on youtube.

3. User Testing – Provides a usability testing tool that helps users to understand why viewers are leaving their website. Once a user has signed up, a representative visits and records their experience on the website and provides feedback.

4. Cross Browser Testing – By using this tool, users are able to have their website tested across different operating systems. Users can also interactively test their ajax, javascript, and flash. A sample report is provided below.

5. Attention Wizard – This tool provides visual attention prediction for a website’s landing pages. Users are able to view their website how customers are viewing it.

6. – This is a very useful tool that allows users to gain a better understand of how their customers are seeing, using, and clicking through the website.  It provides heatmaps, form analytics, attention maps, scroll reach maps, attention maps, and more to help you improve and make your site as user friendly as possible.

7. Split Testing – This free tool is used to better understand how visitors behave when they visit and user’s site. By using Split Testing, users are able to find out what is going wrong and how to fix it. This tool can be used to test anything about a webpage. Below is a screen shot of how split tests are managed.

8. Google Website Optimizer –Google offer a free optimization and testing tool on their website. This allows users to increase their existing websites value and traffic. Use this tool to increase revenue and ROI. Below is a screenshot of Google’s free tool.

9. AWeber – AWeber Communications has a tool starting at $19 a month that provides users with email marketing tools such as email newsletters, autoresponders, and RSS to email. User can also track downloads with email analytics. Below is a screenshot of an example. AWeber offers plenty of other features that are well worth the cost.

10. Free A B Split – This is a simple and free tool to use that will help users enhance the performance of their webpage. Below is what an A B split looks like.

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