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The journey to the Polynesia was a great fun for someone who works all day in front of the computer with his eyes pierced into the screen and the work that he does is of great dull and boringness and the way he works and warps really dulls out everything that he touches and that is not a pretty thing to see because there couldn’t be more than some of those which really gives back to the society and luckily I might be the first of the freelancers who really made some contribution to the humanity and I am proud of that and I really invite a lot of you who are thinking of doing something like that or not thinking of anything like that I tell you both it is really refreshing and life affirming that you should be thinking like that and that is really great because a lot of people will be happy to do things like that. SEO Money Makers San Diego has a big case for this. or try at seo santa monica.

So we went to Solomon islands and my girlfriend Mia is again too much interested in getting the hair done and I am kidding because she is not much into it and she started working on the people and surveying the local needs and the people who are in want and hunger and the monetary system is not great there and that is pretty alarming and she set up an website all by herself asking for help from all over the planet and the social medias are responding slowly but steadily and that was pretty good thing that we were getting so much attention nowadays and that is pretty awesome because there might be a lot of things that we are supposed to be doing because there are so many people in the want for better care and food and as some SEO developer we should really try something to fight that and that was amazingly brilliant that someone from SEO will change the world and it is our own legacy and I reach out to all of those SEO in San Diego and other online money making business to come forward because we are a large number of people and we can really help change the world. We can together make the place the earth and the only home that we got in our hand a better place because the place is so much more close to the heart and we have nowhere to lean to because we are trying to make it more habitable and shiny because we are not going anywhere else if we lose this and we will die if we don’t preserve the place.

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