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This site is a free resource that is dedicated to helping new and would be bloggers get started with how to blog. It covers what paid and free blogging platforms there are. How to set up a blog, what kinds of blog you can create and the more nuts and bolts of How To Blog. So things like what to write, where to find content ideas and how to optimize your blog so readers can find you.

A lot of blogs are connected to websites as content is very important in our busy world but there is still room for pure bloggers, those of us who just want to write for the joy of sharing our knowledge and ideas.

We can look at blogging as a business and how to monetize your blogs as well. There is a lot of content on the site and more will be added so please bookmark us, add us to your favourites and you can even sign up to our free newsletter if you’d like to stay up to date.

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