your story
isn’t finished

there’s more to your story. There is someone orchestrating every step of your journey. This person walks with you in times of trouble and celebrates with you in the victories. Whatever you’ve experienced, you’re not too far gone. How do I know? Because I’ve been there too. I thought my story was over, but the Divine was just getting started.

My name is Jason Bedell, friends call me J-del, and I have 26 years of ministry experience helping people. I freelance doing graphic design for tattoo artists, nonprofits, churches, and consulting churches on how they can better serve their communities. I co-founded a non-profit,, that reaches hundreds of homeless and marginalized families every year.

I spend almost every morning in the water surfing with friends. I am married to my wife and favorite human and we have three amazing daughters.

Whether you believe it or not…

I’m glad you decided to stop by.

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Why branded with love?

“My life was a trainwreck before coming to faith. The Divine entered my life and branded it with a love that could only come from the spiritual. Never in a million years did I think I would get to be married, with kids, minister to people for over two decades, and have the privilege of baptizing so many people. This life is a gift. I have this tattoo as a reminder that love is always with me, down to my very core. My hope is you would be open to exploring faith and watching as your life is known for something more.”

What if you were one decision away from a totally different life? Would you fight with everything inside of you to get it?

Doubting The Divine is about wrestling with that decision as you face doubt head-on and find hope through God in the process. The waves of life will continue to come, but you can be prepared for how you will respond. A new dawn is coming.

New Release:
Doubting The Divine