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It’s Monday! The start of another week. The beginning of another 5ive day Marathon. And the Genesis of a frustrating commute for some, but not for me. 5:59am. My alarm clock counts down 3–2–1 action (🎵). Two deep breaths, a silent prayer, and a kiss on the Queen’s cheek before rolling out of bed and into my Urban Rainforest. The water falleth from thy ceiling as I serenade the building with a verse from Sir Keith Sweat’s ballad “Make it Last Forever”. Not my best performance, but heaven’s Rays of Sunshine still smileth down on me. With harmonies dancing in my head and time dancing even faster, I returned to the master suite to dress.

One sock on then the other.

Right leg in followed by the left leg.

F*CK!!! Pants off. Boxers on.

Right leg in followed by the left leg. It’s Monday! Smh

Wallet, Keys, iPhone, Book, Loose change, etc.

One step out the door and my Queen asks for a kiss. Then another. And another. 15 minutes later I’m back where I started.

One sock on then the other.

Right leg followed by the left leg.

I’m running late, and time is running even later. Down a flight of stairs. Out the front door. And into the wild I GO…

“Leaving my Brooklyn apartment each morning feels like I’m acting in a dramatic film about Survival! Returning home to my wife feels like I’ve just won the Lottery.”

It’s 7 o’clock!!! Tuesday’s are just as Easy.

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We Share Everything

I can’t remember my first day of school (I was only 5).

Don’t quite remember the first day on the job (It felt like the first day of school).

Really can’t remember if I said, “I love You!” first or if she said it (Wait, when was the last time she said it?).

And I can’t remember if I put the toilet seat down or if I locked the front door. (Not sure why those things are important?).

I knew she was the one when she left her toothbrush at my place, and I didn’t throw it in the garbage.” – Bum Bum Jones

I do remember Friday October 5, 2006 or ’07 at 8 o’clock in the morning (Maybe it was 2009. Can’t remember). After an amazing nite of dinner, foreign films, and nude scenes on my couch, “I knew she was the one when she left her toothbrush at my place, and I didn’t throw it in the garbage.”

“I LOVE her toothbrush!!!”

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