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Mysterious Experiences / Northwest Weirdness
Mysterious Experiences / Northwest Weirdness
Christopher Lee-Jenkins, PhD shared his mysterious experiences and interest in esoterica. Followed by filmmaker Vince Ynzunza on weirdness in the Pacific Northwest.


Forbidden Archaeology / UFOs & Consciousness
Forbidden Archaeology / UFOs & Consciousness

First Half: Researcher Michael Cremo explores forbidden archaeology and human origins, including artifacts and discoveries that don't fit into conventional timelines and theories of the academic and scientific communities. He'll share the newest discoveries that challenge established narratives.

Second Half: Former technology journalist, Nick Cook, is well-known for his non-fiction book, The Hunt For Zero Point. He has also written and produced two documentaries for the History and Discovery channels. He'll discuss his sighting of a UFO over Area 51 and the work being done at Robert Bigelow's Consciousness Institute.

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