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CCIM Produced “Best Practices Guide for Citizen Journalism Projects”

The phenomenon of citizen journalism has spread worldwide, enabled by the rapidly growing influence of the internet, with its ability to turn users into publishers with a global audience, and …

Challenges for Independent Media Reports

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Challenges for Independent Media 2017 Report

Executive Summary: Cambodia’s facade of media freedom collapsed in 2017. Authorities shuttered 32 radio stations carrying opposition, U.S.-funded or independent content,1 hit often-critical media outlets with tax investigations that closed …

Challenges for Independent Media Report 2016

Challenges for Independent Media Report 2015

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Logging and Land Grabbing on a Community Forestry in Kompong Thom Province

Cleared community forestry in Kompong Thom. How community forestry is depleted A community forestry in Kompong Thom has been logged and grabbed by individuals for illegal trading owing to inactivity …

Media & Information Literacy

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Media Literacy: Now in School Curriculum