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Press Release: Independent media websites blocked ahead of the election day

PHNOM PENH, 28 July 2018 – The Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM) expressed grave concern over the blocking of at least 17 websites by the Cambodian government ahead of …

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Challenges for Independent Media 2017 Report

Executive Summary: Cambodia’s facade of media freedom collapsed in 2017. Authorities shuttered 32 radio stations carrying opposition, U.S.-funded or independent content,1 hit often-critical media outlets with tax investigations that closed …

Challenges for Independent Media Report 2016

Challenges for Independent Media Report 2015

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Logging and Land Grabbing on a Community Forestry in Kompong Thom Province

Cleared community forestry in Kompong Thom. How community forestry is depleted A community forestry in Kompong Thom has been logged and grabbed by individuals for illegal trading owing to inactivity …

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Media Literacy: Now in School Curriculum