Events and contests organised by Canon Singapore - join an event or enter a competition to win great prizes. Wed Mar 29 19:29:23 SGT 2017 Wed Mar 29 19:29:23 SGT 2017 1560 Sapa Valley, North Vietnam (4D3N)
Learn how to use a slow shutter effect to create another dimension to your street shots.
Learn various photography concepts such as the various types of lighting, how to correctly photograph a moving subject and more.
This travel photo tour is led by Adrian Loh, founder & lead photographer for Singapore Trekker.

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Santorini, Greece (8D7N)
Participants get to learn photography workflows on using Filters on landscape, and blue-hour technical shoot.
This travel photo tour is led by Adrian Loh, founder & lead photographer for Singapore Trekker.

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Phatthalung, Thailand (5D4N)
Participants get to learn photography workflows on using Filters, Waterfall technical shoot, Milky Way technical shoot, Star Trails workflow.
This travel photo tour is led by Adrian Loh, founder & lead photographer for Singapore Trekker.

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Lombok Indonesia, Landscape Photo-trip (6D5N)
Participants get to learn photography workflows on using Filters during coastal-scape photography as well as during waterfall technical shoot.
This travel photo tour is led by Adrian Loh, founder & lead photographer for Singapore Trekker.

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Flores, Indonesia (8D7N)
This is a photography tour to the exotic island of Flores. Participants should expect long driving hours and a fair bit of walking/trekking to get to our vantage points. The most physical part of the trip would be a 3.5 hr trek to Wae Rebo village on Day 3 past a slight inclination before level ground.
Porters will be provided, to carry your luggage during this trek on day 3, and you only need to carry your personal effects.

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Borobudur: Vesak Lantern Festival [7D6N]
All eyes at the night sky where thousand of lanterns, hopes and prayers flying free up above. Armed with your camera, you get to immerse this once-a-year mesmerising celebrations of festive magnificence through your lens.

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Tuscany, Italy - The Rolling Hills [8D7N]
Signature photography experience lead by not one, but two award winning photographers, Joseph Mak and Joseph Goh.

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Uzbekistan Travel Photography
Discover the land of Timur and Alexander the Great as we photograph grand architectural sites such as the Shah I Zinda and Bibi Khayoum – the largest mosque in Central Asia and other interesting sites such as the ship graveyard at Nukus, a dried up desert once part of the Aral Sea.

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Studio Lighting for Portraits
If you are an aspiring studio photographer or would like to learn more about working in a controlled lighting environment. This is the workshop for you.

Applicable to all (compact, mirrorless & DSLR) cameras with hotshoe.

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Fast Track
Canon Imaging Academy Instructor Nugene Chiang will share how the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings can make a huge difference in your photographs and even include simple tips for food photography during lunch! Duration: 3 hours (classroom + practical walkabout)

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Creative Photowalk
Architecture is all around us. Learning to make good architectural photographs can open your eyes to a beauty you may never have considered.

This workshop is for anyone interested in the field of architecture or in need of refining their current architectural portfolio.

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Intermediate 102: Nature Photography
This course picks up where our Basic Photography left off. It will cover more technical and creative aspects for students to gain better understanding of the thought process in image making. 

From a close-up photo of an interesting spider to the breathtaking view of the Singapore Sunrise, award winning photographer, Joseph Goh will show you how it’s done.

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Inner Mongolia, China (7D6N)
This photo-trip, led by Joseph Mak, award-winning photographer and founder of Unusual Expedition Pte Ltd, has made several award winning works taken from previous years participants. Embark on your next progression in photography with our carefully-planned itinerary.

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Land of Fire & Ice: Kamchatka
Located in the Russian Far East, lies a spectacular landscape of active volcanoes and glaciers bound to dazzle any photographer with its artistry grandeur while the adorable brown bears are sure to have visitors squealing over its cuteness.

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Basic Photography in English <br> (SkillsFuture Accredited)
Owning a DSLR presents a wonderful opportunity to capture beautiful images. However, acquiring the proper skills and knowledge is essential to taking great photos. This hands-on course will give you a firm grasp of DSLR fundamentals so that you can turn a mediocre shot into a great one.

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Understanding Lightroom
In this workshop, the instructor will give an overall view about Lightroom and also focus on the key functions and tools, which is typically used in your daily workflow. Another objective of this workshop is going beyond teaching 'tools and functions', get the participants to gain the eye of how to 'see' and analyze an image before working on any images.

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Basic Photoshop (For Photographers)
This workshop is tailored for photographers with little or no knowledge in digital editing or Adobe Photoshop. Course syllabus is crafted with thoughts "for photographer by photographer". There will be ample duration to give participants opportunity for hands-on practice.

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Melaka Day Trip - Heritage Photo Exploration
Melaka is a fascinating city which is rich in its history. A blend of many cultures, from all over the world, is seen in their architecture, traditions, music, and cuisine. Melaka is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Melaka offers a wide range of attractions for photographers and especially for all those interested in history, culture and art.

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