Events and contests organised by Canon Singapore - join an event or enter a competition to win great prizes. Thu Jan 19 02:09:08 SGT 2017 Thu Jan 19 02:09:08 SGT 2017 1560 Tuscany, Italy - The Rolling Hills [8D7N]
Signature photography experience lead by not one, but two award winning photographers, Joseph Mak and Joseph Goh.

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Holi Festival, India (4D3N / 8D7N)
Canon Imaging Academy is going to cover the photogenic Holi festival over 4 days 3 nights. Known to be the most anticipated celebrations in the Hindu calendar, Holi festival, is also seen as the festival of colours. During this spring period, celebrations will be in full swing across India as people cover themselves in powder, throw flower petals and lit bonfires

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Borobudur: Vesak Lantern Festival [7D6N]
All eyes at the night sky where thousand of lanterns, hopes and prayers flying free up above. Armed with your camera, you get to immerse this once-a-year mesmerising celebrations of festive magnificence through your lens.

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Uzbekistan Travel Photography
Discover the land of Timur and Alexander the Great as we photograph grand architectural sites such as the Shah I Zinda and Bibi Khayoum – the largest mosque in Central Asia and other interesting sites such as the ship graveyard at Nukus, a dried up desert once part of the Aral Sea.

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Studio Lighting for Portraits
If you are an aspiring studio photographer or would like to learn more about working in a controlled lighting environment. This is the workshop for you.

Applicable to all (compact, mirrorless & DSLR) cameras with hotshoe.

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Creative Photowalk
Architecture is all around us. Learning to make good architectural photographs can open your eyes to a beauty you may never have considered.

This workshop is for anyone interested in the field of architecture or in need of refining their current architectural portfolio.

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Siem Reap, Cambodia
Join Canon Imaging Academy on a photography journey that ascend into the realm of gods and mother of all temples. This weekend getaway workshop is for travel photography enthusiast and budding photographers, itinerary is planned with maximising photography in mind.

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Basic Photography in English <br> (SkillsFuture Accredited)
Owning a DSLR presents a wonderful opportunity to capture beautiful images. However, acquiring the proper skills and knowledge is essential to taking great photos. This hands-on course will give you a firm grasp of DSLR fundamentals so that you can turn a mediocre shot into a great one.

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Understanding Lightroom
Lightroom 4 by Adobe is the essential digital photography workflow solution, helping serious amateur and professional photographers quickly import, manage, enhance and showcase all their images within one application.

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Melaka Day Trip - Heritage Photo Exploration
Melaka is a fascinating city which is rich in its history. A blend of many cultures, from all over the world, is seen in their architecture, traditions, music, and cuisine. Melaka is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Melaka offers a wide range of attractions for photographers and especially for all those interested in history, culture and art.

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