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Service First

Your satisfaction is not just central to our business – it’s our passion! Not so sure? Give us a try with our risk-free money-back guarantee.


What can we say? We love this stuff! We are ready to help you solve your technical problems with our years of experience and expertise.


You want a service you can trust. We stand behind our product 100%, and we created our Service Level Agreement to meet this commitment to you.


We are here for you 24/7. More than just your hosting company, we’re your partners! Chat with us anytime to get the most out of your services.

Your Services

Cloud Applications

  • Consistently access your applications anywhere.
  • Focus on what really matters, not server maintenance.
  • Scale users quickly through the simple click of a button.
  • Breathe easy knowing your data is fully backed up.

High-Traffic Websites

  • Craft your website’s infrastructure to your business, not a template.
  • Host more visitors than ever before , be it through traffic spikes or events.
  • Add or remove web servers, load balancers, and databases with ease.
  • Manage updates behind the scenes with our technical advisors.

IaaS (for IT Professionals)

  • Architect your perfect solution with millions of configurations available.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest hardware available when it launches.
  • Stay online with a myriad of redundancy options offered.
  • Get your custom server quickly in an average of less than 4 hours.

Wake Up From Your IT Nightmares

We make your IT invisible through our blend of software automation and direct customer service!

Invisible IT

Did you go into business to figure out which operating systems will work best with your employees, environment, and customers? Tech, no! That’s where we come in – we love this stuff so much, we built our livelihoods out of being your IT department.

Software Automation

Our team thrives in the technical environment, so we've learned how to automate tasks big and small as quickly as possible. Use our technical advisors to benefit from our push to automate “all the things” to scale your business around your specific needs.

Direct Customer Service

We speak with you openly to learn more about your business and how we may help. We succeed only if you grow, so let’s develop a lasting partnership together!

Hosting, Made Better

We’re here to help you match your IT to both your current and future needs. Use us as your navigators through the ever-growing list of services available to make your business more successful!

We Love Our Customers!

Thank you to all our customers, public and private, for the many years of kind words.

Kate Smalley

I've never used a server before and had a project where I needed one. I was a bit afraid of the whole process, to be honest, but the customer support team was fantastic and helped me get started! My project is a success and I was able to configure the server myself. I'm happy to recommend to anyone, especially if you are just starting out!

Nick Jessen

Every question I have is answered to the best of’s excellent combined ability. No excuses are made — happy, willing hearts make the impossible look easy and even fun. has restored my faith in humanity and been partners and friends quenching my thirst for hosting companionship. I can count on them for any of my needs, and regularly do — and I pay the most reasonable prices on the face of the hosting earth.

Martin Tannerfors

Our large server farm, backup solutions, monitoring, dedicated firewalls, switches, and 24/7/365 support is all managed by Replicating this solution in-house would have cost us $100,000 or more, and we still would not have achieved the levels of redundancy we have by being housed in their carrier-grade data facility. – thank you for this great solution! Keep up the good work!

...and many, many more!