4 Ways Gaming Culture Can Make You Rich

I’m a gamer from way back when. I have seen the industry, and that’s what it has become, go from block text graphics to the online tournament and competition games we can’t do without. The speed at which everything from the gameplay to the joystick response time is nothing short of incredible. What is more incredible though is how much money someone can make by becoming a part of the gaming culture.

I am going to give you four basic ways that most people can use to make gaming a way to put a lot of money in your pocket. After reading these ideas, you will not think the idea of making money gaming is so crazy after all. Of course, not everyone can take advantage of all these methods, so find the one that suits you the best.

The first and most obvious way is to develop games yourself. I went down this road when I started getting involved with PC programming, and beyond being a lot of work, you need to be familiar with a number of hardware and software nuances. Object oriented programming has helped a lot in trapping many of the keyboard and controller errors, but the requirements to get your program in front of a real marketer can be stiff. Apple has a 500 plus page guide that developers need to abide by before submitting an app. Going it alone to try and market your program can not only be difficult, but expensive.

Another way to make some money is through beta testing. Personally, as a programmer, I hate testing of any kind. It is tedious and detailed work that can get boring fast. Keeping logs of every bug can wear yo out if the program you are testing is really buggie. Then you have to retest that part of the program that has been fixed and hope the same bug does not reappear.

I should stop here and mention that the pay for these first two choices can be from zero to mattress stuffing piles of money. If you go down the programming path, you may find that all your effort does not result in making more than $1 an hour because what you thought was a hit ended up a dud. With testing, don’t expect to make much money playing video games. The advantage is that you get to meet people in the industry who may find your talents useful in a permanent, full time position.

One of the most logical ways to take advantage of your expert level gameplay is to write or create a video walkthrough. Of course, you do not want to give everything away, but there are a lot of walkthroughs on YouTube that lay out the basics of how to play. So this is a matter of having the right way to talk about the game that people can relate to. Because of the intense competition you will probably have to come up with some unique way to make your video walkthrough stand out from the crowd. Sometimes choosing the right game can do the trick. If you do a walkthrough of Grand Theft Auto you can be sure there will be a ton of people who want to jump on the bandwagon.

The last option I’ll discuss is the simplest, but it takes a certain knack for writing. Create a blog. The biggest problem I have found in writing any blog is that it takes a lot of time to build a following. As with walkthroughs, there is a lot of competition and then you have to find a way to create a revenue stream. The game developers are way ahead of you on this, having a huge number of contacts from previous customers. Getting a visitor to sign up for a weekly mailer is different than getting someone to pay for your newsletter or blog. If you place PPC or other types of banner ads to generate revenue, that can take an even longer time. Blogging may be the slowest way to make money from your life of gaming.

Why Gaming Culture is Sexy

dante_cosplay_by_leon_chiro_in_rimini_comix_2013_by_leonchirocosplayart-d6flxh7Is it too creepy to suggest that the gaming culture is sexy? I didn’t think so either, but I had to put it out there. Now there are a lot of ways gaming can be considered sexy, such as the game characters. For me, there is no doubt that Lara Croft is in my top ten of fantasy females to play with. I am sure you have your own favorite male of female game character, and so that is one of the more obvious ways the gaming culture can be considered sexy.

Then there is the personal side of sexy in the real world – by attending gaming conferences such as E3. If you are looking for people of the opposite sex who have a mutual interest, you can likely find them at the major gaming conferences. The great thing about it is that you already have something in common! And if you are of the virtual persuasion, you can meet them online even if you live on opposite ends of the country. It’s not even like a first date because you don’t have to dress up or impress anyone. Just come as you are with your experience and you may find a real fantasy person. Or is it the other way around?

But in discussing this aspect of the gaming culture I cannot in good conscience exclude the technology of its inner workings. There are more than a few of us who look at the latest screen resolution or game controller with an awe and wonder that goes far beyond a simple technologic attraction. I am not one of those people, but we all know they are out there. To discuss the latest technical specs over lunch gives us reason to continue gaming after work – and ever after.

I guess the interesting part about thinking of gaming as sexy is that it makes me want to stop and think about just why is it that I play these games as much as I do. More than a few young adults prefer gaming over dating. More than a few married men prefer gaming over football – and their wives – which I have to say may be more of a problem than they would like to admit. But I wouldn’t say that all gamers are addicts or anti-social. They just prefer to be in a personally created world with a few select friends, virtual or real, and spend some time together with them.

For most of us, we can agree there is a general romantic aura about being a gamer that draws us together. We may not call it sexy, but there is a mutual attraction that exists between all of us that creates a common bond. It is what brightens our day and makes going shopping for something other than food worthwhile.

Freebie: Glest

The latest freebie, Glest, is a fairly standard RTS in the vein of games like Starcraft or Command & Conquer. However, Glest does manage to distinguish itself from the rest of the pack in two distinct ways. It has a unique “tech vs. magic” system where the two sides face off, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The other difference? It’s free.


Gameplay in Glest isn’t exactly revolutionary, but it does have everything we’ve come to expect from a good RTS. You’ll start off by sending a few of your lesser troops to mine for gold or chop down trees, build a barracks, start creating an army and ultimately march your troops to the enemy base and start burning buildings and chopping down anyone who stands in your way. Starcraft fans should feel right at home almost immediately.


There isn’t really a story mode in Glest, instead, players can jump right in to any number of pre-made skirmishes, create their own scenarios or even hop online for a quick match against a human opponent. You can even download an easy to use level editor and create your own maps.

Graphically, Glest looks great. The maps do tend to look very similar, but the units and buildings are nicely rendered in 3d. Animations for some of the larger units can look a bit stiff, but for a freeware game, the whole package is very impressive.


If you’re looking for a new RTS to keep you occupied until Starcraft 2 comes out, Glest should fit the bill nicely. Be warned, however, if you suck at RTS games, like me, Glest will mercilessly kick your ass. I don’t think I’ve actually won a skirmish yet.

The Top 10 Armor / Bodysuits

For those of you who are addicted to videos games, then you are probably aware on how iconic some characters have become just for their fully body hi-tech armored suits. There are times when people who don’t even like to play videos games are able to identify a couple of characters just because of their assigned suits. Yes, a couple of suits have been so unique and innovative that they have defined certain figures.

#10 Armor

10. Kain’s Dragoon Armor (Final Fantasy IV)

This old-school character of long blond hair was the one who inspired me to create this list, as his featured game has recently received a remake on the Nintendo DS and has garnered great reviews. Dragoon Kain who is also known as ‘Hooded Man’ is often a contender for the best Final Fantasy hero, and it’s an icon of Final Fantasy IV. Kain’s light blue/purple iconic armor of powerful structure, dragon shape helmet, and sharp spikes that extend out of his armor have the tendency of causing a sense of awe.

#9 armor

9. Valiant Mail (Radiata Stories)

Jack Russell is a special character from the least acclaimed game on this list: Radiata Stories. If he were to be alive, he would more than likely be a brown-haired teen living in the medieval times helping to fight the evil. Jack is highly remembered for having various armored suits throughout this game that have allured players with their uniqueness. But, there is one particular suit the he wore that was breathtaking; it was a powerful piece of armor that totally captivated me and made me a fan: Valiant Mail. It is definitely an exquisite piece that represents both power and elegance at the same time.

#8 Armor

8. Zero’s Armor (ga Man X)

Zero is not popular as his blue-suited brother, as he is the Dante of the Mega Man series. This character is known for kicking ass in style. Zero is the independent and rebellious robot of the bunch, and also, his stylish armor that is equipped with powerful hand features is definitely that most stylish one among the gang, as well.

#7 Armor

7. Octocamo (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots)

The Octocamo is an extension of the character Snake’s early sneaking suit. What is so great about this suit is that it contains a near-instant camouflage technology. It helps blend the figure directly into the environment when the it presses its body against any kind of surface; it replicates both its texture and patterns. This allows Snake to do whatever he wants on the battle field, as he has freedom of movement to go wherever he desires.

#6 Armor

6. Big Daddy Armor (BioShock)

This is the only character on the list that is not a playable character. This steel-plated frame has a massive drill on its right hand and has a bio-luminescent chemical substance that fills the helmet, which displays its state of mind or emotion. It is a true force that cannot be easily reckoned with.

#5 Armor

5. Gears (Gears of War)

Gears of War had an epic armor suit that often caused me to think about what the creators were thinking when they designed it. Seriously, it is too big. Three normal sized people could easily fit into one of those suits. There is no other word that could describe this over-sized armor better than ‘monster-like.’

#4 Armor

4. Nanosuit (Cysis)

Crysis nanosuit was a very futuristic approach when it first came out, as other characters that were out-there in games at that time didn’t match up to his hi-tech armor suit. This suit had the ability of increasing movement speed and strength, as well as the ability of reducing damage that was received of any kind of weapon and could make the user invisible for a while.

Each nanosuit came equipped with a self-vaporizer that could be initiated by any of the squad members. It vaporized when you wanted to get rid of a body or the nanosuit so that the enemies wouldn’t be able to get their hands on it. It was definitely a powerful and an extremely versatile set of tactical-combat armor.

#3 Armor

3. MJOLNIR Mark V (Halo)

This is another iconic figure in the video game world that left a print in the heart of many video game lovers. Although you never get to see his face, just having the opportunity of laying your eyes upon Mark V Armor is more than enough to know what game it’s from. It is one of the most recognizable symbols, and it is the image of the franchise’s legendary hero, Mater Chief. The suit possesses numerous of magnetic holsters to attach additional weapon, ammunition packs, and equipment. This armor also has an advanced Heads-Up-Display on the helmet’s visor, which displays a motion-tracking system to be aware of enemy forces and allies, as it is linked to a couple of sensors.

#2 Armor

2. Varia Suit (Metroid)

For a lot of individuals, Samus Aran is the most famous female protagonist in the video game world. She is rarely seen without her armors. Samus true identity is only visible if one completes one of her games. Samus has worn different types of armors but the Varia Suit stands-out from the rest, as it reduces damage taken, increases speed, and protects Samus from extreme heat and cold temperatures.

#1 Armor

1. HEV Suit (Half-Life)

Gordon aka “The Free Man” suit takes the number one spot on this list of the ‘The Top 10 Bodysuits in Video Game History’ because unlike other characters whose suits were high-tech with nanotechnology, his suit is not a massive cast of armor or a legendary piece of armor. It is simply a hazardous environment suit. It protects against energy discharges, radiation, and blunt-force trauma. It helps to sustain injuries that would normally fatally wound this character. Sometimes, simplicity is the key. Don’t you think?

There you have it…the list of the top 10 armor suits that have captivated many of us video game lovers over the years. Every video game character is different from one another but have one particular thing in common—all of them wear protective suits that tend to mesmerize many of us and make us fantasize for a bit.

Remaking the Retro: Pier Solar

For those of you unaware of this landmark development, Pier Solar is an RPG in the mould of the great 16-bit epics that has been put together from the ground up by members of the TAVERN forum found at Sega emulation site Eidolon’s Inn.


A demo for the upcoming Mega Drive/Mega CD release, Pier Solar, will be available soon and will comprise of part of the first chapter. According to the OFFICIAL SITE a version has been released internally for reviewing. Based on these reviews any necessary tweaks will be made before eventually being made public.

This isn’t just a homebrew ROM though it will be released on physical media for both the Mega Drive and Mega CD. Thats right, in a box, on a cartridge!! This will be the first time in over 10 years such a thing has happened and the projected release date is 29th October to tie in with the Mega Drives birthday.


Pier Solar’s story follows that of three young friends, Hoston, Alina and Edessot, battling to find a rare magical herb to cure Hoston’s Father who is tragically ill but what begins as a simple quest uncovers a sinister plot to take over the world and our young heroes wind up in a mighty battle of good vs evil.


The gameplay has all you would expect from a quality RPG with turn based battles, magic, upgradable weapons and we have even been promised a few extra treats for the Mega CD release though these have not been announced. I’m very, very excited about Pier Solar and looking at the screenshots I’m reminded of the mighty Chrono Trigger which can only be a good thing. Expect a review of the demo as soon as possible.

Images used under fair use from the fan site