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    Resisting the lazy binary thinking of the 2016 Election

    American politics has been trapped in a liberal/conservative binary long enough, and this is the perfect election cycle to send a message that we will not choose between two candidates who do not share our fundamental values. The average American is neither pro-choice nor pro-life—or, they're both pro-choice and pro-life.

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    Scenes from World Youth Day in Krakow

    Walking around the streets of Krakow ahead of World Youth Day, the largest regular Catholic gathering in the world, one can find hundreds of reminders that the whole Catholic world is focused here, and here are several slices of life from the run-up to the event.

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    The four saints who loom over Krakow's World Youth Day

    The first two of our World Youth Day saints, St. Edith Stein and St. Pope John Paul II, were intellectuals. They were, if you like, “head saints,” The second pair, however, Sts. Maximilian Kolbe and Faustina Kowalska, are “heart saints" who burned with the love of God.

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  • Pope issues rules to help contemplative women be beacons for world
    Pope issues rules to help contemplative women be beacons for world
    • July 22, 2016

    Pope Francis warns Catholic sisters that contemplative life can “meet with subtle temptations” — the most dangerous being: listlessness, falling into mere routine, lack of enthusiasm and hope, and “paralyzing lethargy,” he said. In response in a new document, he encouraged centrality and the place of prayer in daily life.


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