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The most successful wedding professionals we work with appreciate the importance of  creating a wonderful experience for the bride and strive to exceed expectations at every opportunity. They tend to be trend-setters in their fields and are not content with recycled ideas or formulaic approaches. They radiate confident calm under pressure and are driven by passion and artistic hunger.

By creating the Wedding Professionals We Admire series, we aim to help you plan and enjoy the Big Day of your wildest dreams by benefiting from the advice of the top wedding professionals in the U.S. today.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most talented wedding cinematographers in our industry. I love their artistry and my own output is enriched by their work. When I first met Jennifer & Zeus from Cabana Pictures at an enchanting South Florida wedding, I was inspired by their infectious energy, wife-and-husband team chemistry, impeccable etiquette, and creative enthusiasm.

Adagion Studio: You are one of the few artists who spend the most time with the bride on her Big Day. What advice can you give her on how to choose a wedding filmmaker who is the right fit and will enhance her wedding experience?

Cabana Pictures: Personality and chemistry are as relevant as a filmmaker’s technical skills. While many brides may be more familiar and, consequently, comfortable in front of the lens of a photographer, this does not necessarily translate to motion picture. If you are overly conscious of the camera, your body language can reflect a discomfort on film. You want to make sure the person behind the camera will make you feel at ease and collaborate with you to get the best and most natural footage. Talk at length with your wedding filmmakers and get to know their personality. Choose an artist who not only fits your style, but also makes you comfortable for 8-10 hours on one of the most important days of your life.

AS: If you were hiring a cinematographer for your own wedding, what would the process look like, what questions would you ask, and when should a bride start her search?

CP: I would suggest kicking off your search process as early as possible — it’s not unusual for a wedding cinematographer to be booked one year or more in advance.

The first thing you want to consider, of course, is the filmmaker’s work, samples of which are usually available either on the artist’s website or blog. Familiarize yourself with different wedding cinematography styles to see what speaks to you. Once you have identified a few filmmakers who consistently produce the type of style you would like to see for your own Big Day, ask the artists for a full edit. Generally, what wedding filmmakers post online are short highlights or trailers; you want to ideally get a sense for what your actual film will be like.

AS: How many videographers per event is an ideal number and how does this number vary by the size of the wedding or by the influence of any specific religious or cultural practices?

CP: We feel that professional wedding documentation requires a minimum of two cinematographers. Every interaction is about action and reaction, which by definition requires more than one angle to tell the story in motion picture. The difference on a typical Hollywood movie set is that actors play a given scene over and over; accordingly, the director is in position to capture an inter-action from every conceivable angle. As event filmmakers, we do not have the luxury of do-overs. Instead, we leverage our experience and creativity to set up multiple cameras to artistically capture your day as it unfolds.

As the size of your event increases or cultural and religious practices mandate the documentation of multiple parallel events, additional cinematographers may be necessary. Every wedding is different, so it is important to go over these details of your day with your wedding filmmaker and find out how much coverage you need to be able to tell your story.

AS: How do you balance your creative director role with the intention of not wanting to dictate the day for your bride?

CP: We think of ourselves as guides in that we like to guide our clients into coming away with footage that is visually compelling without dictating the day for them. We want to put our couples in a perfect setting with optimal lighting to achieve the best looking footage, but we also want our couples to be natural in front of the camera. It comes down to letting the day unfold and making adjustments when needed.

AS: Why is lighting important to your final product and what can the bride, her planner, her florist, and venue do so you can achieve the best results?

CP: Without sufficient light, the quality of your product can diminish. Of course, every wedding filmmaker should have ways of providing light to their footage whether on camera or off; however, it’s important to take into consideration the ambient lighting while planning your event. There are dedicated, pure-play lighting and staging experts who can provide just the right amount of light at the right time to the right place.

A rule of thumb: if there is not sufficient ambient light for you to see your guests properly, chances are that your cinematographers will need to harness their own light sources. It may be a good idea to collaborate with your planner to have the ballroom lights raised during key moments, such as your first dance, but subsequently lowered for dinner and dance to preserve ambiance.

AS: Quality sound is critical to your craft so what would be the optimal way to ensure clear vocals independent of wind and other noise while not making the bride and groom feel strapped, unsightly wired, and uncomfortable?

CP: Clear audio is essential to the production of quality film. A great way to ensure that your vocals are professionally recorded is by inconspicuously placing a wireless microphone on your groom. Wireless microphones are used primarily during the ceremony and the first look; they are invaluable in minimizing distractions during playback, maximizing Cabana Picturesprivacy in the moment, and coming away with crystal-clear audio in the process.

For reception-related audio, we usually plug our equipment into available mixers or soundboards. It’s an effective method of ensuring that your toasts are lucid while keeping distracting clinking of plates and silverware to a minimum.

AS: The engagement session is popular in wedding photography as it helps the couple become comfortable in front of the lens of a relative stranger while producing fun, sexy, and editorial imagery in the process. With that in mind, please tell us about an engagement adventure as it relates to motion picture and whether it could take place at the same time as your photography e-Shoot.

CP: Additional shoots before your wedding day are a fun way to personalize your video, get to know your wedding filmmaker and begin to gain comfort with a video camera. An engagement film is different from a photography engagement session, however, in that you can’t frame the final product or place it on your coffee table. To properly prepare for your shoot, you should ideally sit down with your weeding filmmaker and come up with a creative concept that reflects your personalities. Here are some questions you may like to ask:

How would you like to use this video? Music video, love story, . . . ?

How about a save-the-date to embed on your wedding website?

Would you like to play your video at your reception for your friends and family?

The sky is the limit these days in terms of what videographers can produce. You want to have a clear purpose and know what the story is prior to the shoot.

AS: If a bride wants to produce a true life narrative as opposed to a one-day wedding coverage, how do you go about interviewing the couple and their loved ones in advance? If that happens on the wedding day, would such interviews have the potential to side-track the bride and groom from their overall experience?

CP: A narrative that revolves around interviews takes some planning; you should make it clear to your wedding filmmaker what you would like to get out of the film. Should it to be advice-driven? Perhaps there is a funny story about when your parents met your fiancé for the first time? What were their initial impressions? Or perhaps you are eager to recount and document your true engagement for generations to come. The story has likely been told uncountable times, but has it ever been recorded?

Wedding days can be pretty busy and fast-paced so our recommendation is to schedule the recording of your narrative on a separate day.

AS: How many hours of wedding day video coverage should a bride ask for?

CP: The amount of coverage will vary from wedding to wedding. Basic coverage tends to be somewhere between eight and ten hours. The greatest determining factor is the wedding day timeline and what is most important for you to have documented.

AS: Is there still a place for Super 8 and other formats or is a bride best served with an HD footage shot from modern DSLRs?

CP: There has been a resurgence of brides who would like their day documented on film – especially among celebrities. Select wedding filmmakers offer Super 8 and/or 16mm film packages in addition to their standard High Definition (HD) collections. HD is characterized by crisp footage with stunning colors. Film provides a soft, classic, nostalgic feel. It’s really quite subjective and a matter of preference.

More inspiration and advice from Jennifer & Zeus:
HQ: cabanapictures.com
Twitter: @cabanapictures
Facebook: facebook.com/CabanaPictures

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Wedding at The Plaza, New York: Ambiance, Decor, Enchanting details http://cengizphotography.com/2011/wedding-at-the-plaza-new-york-ambiance-decor-enchanting-details/ http://cengizphotography.com/2011/wedding-at-the-plaza-new-york-ambiance-decor-enchanting-details/#comments Fri, 21 Oct 2011 13:26:22 +0000 Cengiz http://cengizphotography.com/?p=2753 Reception decor documented at the Plaza by Adagion Studio

Reception Table Splendor

Details from a wedding at the Plaza Hotel in New York photographed by Adagion Studio

Ambient Still Life

Confidentiality agreements are part of our daily life at Adagion Studio. As artists we don’t like them, but as professionals we respect the requirement to protect our celebrity clients’ privacy.

And so once again we were asked to not make public any images of and references to the couple, their families, or guests. What a loss . . . as this particular Plaza dream wedding was a spectacular celebration of love with an enchanting bride whose smile would warm your heart. Her glamorous Big Day was impeccably orchestrated by the supremely talented Harriette Rose Katz, who assembled a world-class team to design a magical setting for the joyful festivities.

Lovely wedding at the Plaza Hotel photographed by Adagion Studio

The Grand Ballroom — The Plaza, New York

So why would we publish an event where we aren’t allowed to show the bride, you may ask? Well, we’d like to use this opportunity to share practical advice on an often-overlooked aspect of the wedding, namely the visual experience of your Big Day.

Ceremony in the Terrace Room

The Terrace Room — The Plaza, New York

As we’ve observed before, a wedding experience is shaped by all five senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing) as well as by what Immanuel Kant referred to as “extrasensory” modes of perception (balance, temperature, and motion). When all five senses are stimulated in harmony, the result can be pure bliss.

Belly dancer entertainment at the Plaza documented by Adagion Studio

Exotic wedding entertainment: a belly dancer lighting up the Grand Ballroom.

If you were to take away one crucial piece of advice from this post, please let it be that your ceremony and reception lighting should not be considered an afterthought.

We photographers love and need light to work our magic. Equally important, professional wedding lighting gently accentuates the beauty of your presence and your tastefully decorated environment. Curiously, lighting is an essential you may only notice when it’s missing or ineffectively applied. Often, the first time a bride realizes her event lighting was inadequate is after the fact–once she receives her photos and video where imagery intended to delight family and friends can look blurry, grainy, or lifeless.

Fortunately, the images above were lit up with a purpose by a veritable master, Bentley Meeker. As you can see, the light is warm, flattering, and exactly where it needs to be by highlighting the most appealing visual traits of people and objects.

From a technical perspective, this quality of light is perfectly sufficient for me to cleanly capture fast-paced motion without resorting to flash photography, which can be undesirable since it has the potential to overexpose the subject, to create a black background, and to reduce the overall vibrancy of the imagery.

So as you plan all aspects of your dream wedding, please allocate a reasonable portion of your budget to staging and lighting. In other words, do not simply assume that your venue, florist, videographer, or photographer will provide the requisite ambiance by default.

Sylvia Weinstock cake photographed by Adagion Studio

Sylvia Weinstock, the Michaelangelo of Celebratory Cakes …

Sylvia Weinstock Cake photographed by Adagion Studio

… and her signature glasses grace all of her tasty creations.

When Adagion Studio photographs iconic wedding details, we stay away from the beaten path. After all, you invested precious time, creativity, and resources on assembling the many little details, which collectively define your style and wedding experience.

The most common challenge we find when documenting the cake is that it can be marginalized in a location with limited access considering that your attentive catering staff doesn’t want anyone to accidentally bump into it. Indeed, it is quite common to find the cake pushed up against a wall, secluded behind a door, or somewhere near a cluttered stage.

Then again, if the cake is important enough for you to commission it to Sylvia Weinstock, the celebrity cake maker, wouldn’t you want it to look stellar on your pictures? Fortunately, the solution is quite simple: have your catering staff equip your cake with a mobile platform that allows us to safely roll it to a suitable location.

Stunning wedding dress captured at the Plaza Hotel by Adagion Studio

Wedding Gown Superstar …

Celebrity wedding dress photographed at the Plaza by Adagion Studio

… and just as beautiful from the back.

Let’s shift gears to talk about your wedding dress as it relates to photography: your gown is one of the most emotionally significant, exciting, and luxurious acquisitions you will make. You will have waited many months for your dress to arrive and for the alterations to be completed. So please afford your dress the opportunity to look nearly as stunning on an aesthetically appealing hanger as it will on you — the typical brown wooden ones with silver metal clips that you find in many hotels will not do it any justice. Again, we go out of our way to devise creative ways to document your dress all the while protecting it.

Stunning bridal bouquet captured at the Plaza by Adagion Studio

A bridal bouquet fit for a princess demands a royal background.

The documentation of your wedding flowers also says something about the creativity and inventiveness of your photographer. Yet, when it comes to your bridal bouquet, there are a few unique considerations given that it is a living organism that needs to stay fresh for your ceremony. What’s more, certain bouquets can be incredibly fragile and should be handled with the utmost attention.

One idea would be to have the florist deliver your bouquet (and those of the bridesmaids) to your bridal suite towards the tail-end of your getting ready coverage, say, about 30-45 minutes before you slip into your wedding dress. Another thought would be — just like with your wedding gown — to consider the increasingly popular choice of having a duplicate bouquet created for your pre-ceremony pictures.

Ring detail photographed by Cengiz from Adagion Studio


Let’s briefly turn our attention to the wedding bands — possibly the most famous and instantly recognizable symbol of the formal union between two people in love. These precious rings may ultimately have to find their way back to the best man’s handkerchief pocket, but there’s really no better time to artistically frame your jewelry than during your getting ready coverage. So please feel free to bring along all rings, including your groom’s band, into the bridal suite and present them to your photographer along with other personal iconic details.

Finally, let us conclude this post by letting the remaining pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Tasteful lighting = Breathtaking Ceremony = Memorable Pictures

Tasteful Lighting = Divine Ambiance = Iconic Imagery

Tasteful Lighting = Magic Vibes = Inspiring Family Album

Reflections at the Plaza Hotel

Creative "scene-setters" can add variety and range to your imagery.

The Plaza Hotel

An optical and a culinary delight!

Stunning wedding decor in the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza documented by Adagion Studio

The Plaza Hotel Grand Ballroom




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Paris Engagement Adventure with Kate & Adam — Dreams Prêt-à-Porter http://cengizphotography.com/2011/paris-engagement-adventure-with-kate-adam-dreams-come-true/ http://cengizphotography.com/2011/paris-engagement-adventure-with-kate-adam-dreams-come-true/#comments Wed, 28 Sep 2011 12:17:56 +0000 Cengiz http://cengizphotography.com/?p=2468 Love made in Paris

Best things in life are free!

You’ve got that thing, you’ve got that thing
That thing that makes birds forget to sing
Yes, you’ve got that thing, that certain thing …

~ “You’ve Got That Thing” by Cole Porter

Paris photo shoot with Adagion Studio photography

"You've got that kiss, that kiss that warms … "

Paris photography with Adagion Studio

"You've got that charm, that subtle charm."

Paris photography with Adagion Studio Photography

Two Master Practitioners of The Art of Celebration

Engagement photos shot near Montmartre by Adagion Studio Photography

Once in awhile it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way that they have been told to. ~ Alan Keightley

Paris photography with Adagion Studio Photography

"You've got those ways, those taking ways …

A Game of Reflections -- Paris photography by Adagion Studio

… that make me rush off to Cartier's for a wedding ring."

Engagement photography by Adagion Studio in Paris

"You've got those looks, those fatal looks."

Engagement photography in Paris by Adagion Studio Photography.

The Secret Identity of Shakespeare & Company Bookshop in Paris

Photography by Adagion Studio Photography

Dear Kate & Adam, on behalf of Adagion & AV Photography, congratulations on your engagement!

In our previous Paris engagement post, we observed that engagement sessions are not created equal and that different terminology was called for to better describe a new breed of engagement adventure.

We pointed out that engagement sessions mustn’t be considered an afterthought; instead, they present a precious opportunity for two people to celebrate their love in a context which emphasizes fun and, ultimately, results in blissful imagery complementary to what can be expected from the wedding day.

We summarized what we consider the ingredients of modern engagement photography in a simple, intuitive equation:

Imagination + Fun + Liberated Emotional Expression = Memorable Pictures!

Paris Bateaux Mouches Photography by Adagion Studio

Paradise is always where love dwells. ~ Jean Paul Richter

We have seen time and again how it’s possible to delightfully enhance the joy, flow, and overall experience of your shoot by preparing with a purpose. But let’s first meet Kate and Adam before we discuss preparation.

Looking back, it seems like destiny that Kate and Adam would celebrate their engagement in the City of Light. After all, Paris has been Kate’s favorite place in the universe from the moment she participated in a study abroad program during her college days. What’s more, ever since the couple more seriously entertained the idea of marriage, she had envisioned Adam professing his love for her under the Eiffel Tower surrounded by jubilantly clapping tourists — ideally at sunset with an ambient temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Well, you will need to read until the end to find out why the actual proposal didn’t take place in Paris. What matters, though, is that Kate and Adam spent an unforgettably special week in Paris forging memories for life; we were simply honored to follow the romantic European sojourn of a couple deeply in love.

“We” includes my creative international award-winning twin sister, Amina, who already joined me during our previous Parisian engagement adventure, as well as our childhood friend, Gregory, who flew up from Nice to provide abundant porter-qualities and a healthy dose of humor. And as was true last time, when Amina and I have an opportunity to collaborate, the formula is really quite simple: Amina + Cengiz > Sum of the Parts.

Paris Engagement Session

Paris may well be the hottest engagement spot in the Universe …

Paris photography by Adagion Studio

… but it's difficult to decide whether the city is more beautiful at day …

Paris photography by Adagion Studio

… or night.

Preparing with purpose allows you to enhance your engagement session experience. Simply put, the idea is to do more of what nurtures your joy, which is key to happy memorable photographs. Other important considerations include:

  1. Locations
  2. Logistics
  3. Prepping, attire & accessories
  4. Props
  5. The delicate art of the kiss

Kate passed with flying colors for her seemingly endless enthusiasm and impeccable preparation which also helped us refine our approach to the art of modern engagement photography. One of the first things she did in anticipation of our shoot was to create a Facebook Photo Album (aptly named “Engagement Shoot in Paris”) which was only visible to me as well as select friends and family whose opinion she valued. Almost daily, Kate posted new engagement “inspiration boards,” which helped with theme development, location scouting, styling, accessorizing, and props.

Facebook is a great way to post restricted access mood boards

"Inspiration-boards" help you stay organized and are an engaging way to solicit feedback on attire and accessory combinations.

Tour de Paris Engagement Adventure with Kate and Adam.

… a blind date with your photographer …

As we’ve observed before, the first shots of an engagement session can sometimes be less amazing than the rest. This should come as little surprise considering that you are being asked to play and display affection in front of the lens of a relative stranger. What’s more, it generally takes a little time for everyone to warm up and develop what we have coined a “callow disregard for perception.” With that in mind, Amina and I routinely break the proverbial ice with drinks, where we click with our clients before we click our camera shutters.

Apropos warm-up drinks … we agreed to an 8.30pm rendezvous at Pigalle’s iconic Moulin Rouge, from where we would head to the nearby Café des 2 Moulins, which has gained considerable fame since its appearance in the 2001 film, Amélie. It’s always an interesting dynamic when I initially meet with clients — kind of like a blind date in that both the couple and I have a good idea of what we would like to get from our shoot, but it’s still important to allow personalities and energies to discover, bond, and connect.

From the Bride: “… I’m not sure if you go through the same amount of phone conversations (for your other shoots) that we did leading up to the Paris trip, but I feel I had a good idea of what you were going to be like. You definitely showed energy, which is key because I knew you were going to get excited with me about everything and I wasn’t going to feel ridiculous getting excited about stuff. Then I liked that you asked the right questions of what we wanted to get out of our shoot, because I feel like that is so so so important.”

When we were finally seated and ordered our first beers, we had plenty to chat about — most notably how we somehow made this Paris engagement adventure a reality against all odds. Allow me to explain: first, Amina is my twin sister and our mother passed away unexpectedly less than 10 days before we headed to Paris. While life without her still remains incomprehensible, both Amina and I agreed that we needed the happiness and positive distraction that comes from collaborating with shiny happy people.

I would like to dedicate this Paris adventure to Mama, who was a remarkable woman. She, too, considered Paris one of her favorite cities and often proudly recounted her visits to the high-fashion establishments along the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

The other potential obstacle to us uniting in Paris was Hurricane Irene, which made its third U.S. landfall in New York the day before my departure to France. I’m not particularly wont to panic, but would admit that CNN‘s 24/7 hurricane extravaganza (mis)led me to believe that John F. Kennedy‘s runways would be flooded and my flight cancelled. As such, Kate and I agreed to split a new trans-Atlantic flight ticket, which came with a hefty price tag and an uncomfortable 7-hour layover in Charlotte, North Carolina.

All is well that ends well, however, and this story ends great! After a few more drinks, it was finally showtime: Amina and I previously photographed at Moulin Rouge and figured this would be the perfect place for Kate and Adam to kick things off.

Moulin Rouge Photography by Adagion Studio

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. ~ Maya Angelou

As you see above, our couple was entirely immersed in the moment — no time for uncomfortable set-ups and undesirable camera awareness, for there were simply too many moving parts at work. First, Moulin Rouge is a little akin to Times Square in that at any given time you are surrounded by uncountable curious onlookers flashing at you in fine paparazzi-fashion.

Second, Kate and Adam lit up Pigalle’s sexy summer night with a massive Champagne shower — after all, we had an engagement to celebrate — and were just happy to stay dry. Finally, the subway vent underneath our couple created such a powerful wind tunnel that it should be considered an accomplishment that Kate and Adam retained their outfits. All to say, if you can make it at Pigalle, you can make it anywhere …

And here is what Kate had to say about her initial encounter with the camera: “… we both absolutely think that starting with an action shot — in a very public situation — just totally loosens you up and makes you realize that, yah, people are going to look at you, but everyone is going to smile and be totally into the moment with a happy couple doing whatever it is that they’re doing (i.e. standing on a wind-tunnel/vent trying to get cheap Champagne to fiz and look awesome, while the girl is holding down her dress with all her might, trying not to expose her bum to innocent bystanders … haha). But by doing something action-oriented in public as our first shoot, we didn’t have time to think about perception.”

Paris photography by Adagion Studio

When the little Bluebird …

The City of Light is blessed with a superabundance of fascinating landmarks. Aside from the Eiffel Tower, however, none seems quite as recognizable as the world-famous Louvre Museum with its I.M. Pei designed glass and metal pyramids. In the past, I hadn’t had much opportunity to photograph around the museum. However, this time, the Louvre was a must, and so we headed there straight from Pigalle.

All I really recall is that it was an unusually chilly late summer night, the Louvre felt surrealistically abandoned, and that Amina stood barefoot in the museum’s freezing water asking our bewildered couple to join her for the sake of imagery.

Incredible photography by Adagion Studio

… who has never said a word …

Engagement photography in Paris by Adagion Studio

… starts to sing.

Let’s briefly interrupt this post to appreciate why the nighttime-reflection images above work; it’s not necessarily about exposure or composition. Night shots can be tricky given the technological limitations of our camera equipment. As a rule of thumb (and I hope I’m not dating myself or my equipment), if I cannot see you with my naked eye, chances are the camera cannot either.

In order to still come away with a strong image in dark environments, it’s necessary to slow down the shutter speed, which in turn means that you need to be able to hold still to avoid introducing “blur.” And as far as aquatic reflections are concerned, wind can cause surface ripples, which may or may not be desirable for the photographer. Shoot accordingly.

… for the Sake of Imagery … 

One pointer I like to share with my associates is to imagine how a passionate amateur photographer might capture our subject if she were to use the same equipment as we do. Chances are she may hold the camera at eye-level and frame the subject in the middle of the picture. In order to add value as artists, however, we need to be different. The way I look at it, our role is to see, compose, and at times become uncomfortable for the sake of imagery. “Uncomfortable” comes in many shapes and forms, but our next image is a perfect example of what it may take.

It was already well past midnight in the early wee hours of the morning, but it was a beautiful night and we were looking for something fun to do … so we walked twenty minutes until we reached Kate’s beloved Alexandre III Bridge for our final memories of the “day.” After a few impressions on top of the bridge, we decided to venture below it, where it was a little obscure … some would say uncomfortable – we prefer risqué. I would describe the dimly lit environment as the perfect place to be indecent and not get caught by mom.

Engagement photography in Paris by Adagion Studio Photography

"The most refined lady bugs do it … let's do it, let's fall in love." ~ Cole Porter

Let’s briefly return to our point on breaking out of your comfort zone for the sake of imagery, because it kind of goes both ways: a couple seeking to build a mystery may sometimes find itself on the proverbial edge — it’s there where you operate in a state of elevated anxiety and feel alive. And for us photographers, it may mean getting down and dirty to capture a unique perspective. Getting dirty is certainly what it took for the image above considering that I inadvertently laid down in pee: dog pee, human pee — it matters little, for the shot would have warranted more.

… 6.00 am ish near the Eiffel Tower …

Garry Winogrand once astutely noted that “if he saw something in his viewfinder that looked familiar to him, he would do something to shake it up.” What I think he was getting at is that an artist should have the courage to venture out of her proverbial comfort zone to avoid “recycling” ideas. I would agree with Garry, but admit that if I were to document 1,000 engagement sessions in Paris, I would still return to the Eiffel Tower at sunrise every time. And this is the reason:

Acrobatics at the Eiffel Tower. Engagement Session documented by Adagion Studio Photography

Imagination is more important than knowledge. ~ Albert Einstein

Beautiful engagement pictures from the Eiffel Tower captured by Adagion Studio Photography

'Tis not as easy as it looks to get a bird and a random drunken biker to perform in concert on this one.

Silhouette engagement photo at the Eiffel Tower photographed by Adagion Studio Photography

Ascension on the Wings of Love

For the casual reader among us who may be asking herself whether you need to be a (former) professional dancer like Kate to achieve enchanting Eiffel Tower silhouettes, I would defer to the next image featuring a random, drunk cyclist … and to a slightly modified rendition of our “memorable pictures equation”: fun + unbridled emotional expression + alcohol = killer results!

Silhouette of a biker in Paris at the Eiffel Tower photographed by Adagion Studio.

9.9 from all three judges … and that after a night of drinking.

Compelling engagement imagery results from striking the proper balance between creative editorial photos and playful snapshots. I love it when a couple is confident enough to be cheerful, lighthearted, and, occasionally even slightly naughty in front of my lens. Precious sweet nothings simply add spice to your pictures and can incidentally make for brilliant wedding invitations.

Paris engagement photography by Adagion Studio

All parts of the human body get tired eventually — except the tongue. ~ Konrad Adenauer

Wedding Invitation photo captured by Adagion Studio Photography near the Eiffel Tower

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. ~ Mark Twain

Die hohe Kunst des Küssens.

There is plenty you can do to make the first kiss on your wedding day (as well as kissing on your engagement pictures) take people’s breath away. Think about it, why does the kiss of, say, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere at the end of Pretty Woman look so divine? It’s probably not because they feel emotions for each other or were born expert kissers. No, it’s more likely they practiced. A lot. So my most valuable advice would be to practice kissing in front of a mirror … and possibly even have a friend take a few pictures for you. Not the worst homework I can think of for a Friday night ….

The kisses that look spectacular on photos tend to work due to the harmonious inter-spacing of the contours from your faces and lips — this is particularly relevant for silhouette kissing where space is required. Besides fresh breath and slightly moistened lips, I would say the positioning of your heads — slightly tilted in the opposite direction of each other — is important as are softly closed eyes.

Understanding Kissing in Paris with Adagion Studio Photography

The Tao of Kissing: Black-belt Level

… taking strategic breaks …

It was still early in the day, but our couple had already been through somewhat of a morning workout with their Eiffel Tower acrobatics — especially Kate whose exceptional performance may well have earned her an audition call from Cirque du Soleil.

Fortunately, they had done their homework; accordingly, both sported a pair of comfy shoes to get from one location to the next. And for those brides among you who may have somehow missed my 1,000 cautions to be gentle with your feet during your engagement shoot, let me go on the record one more time: we are as big fans of 5-inch heels as the next man, but practicality trumps vanity under these circumstances.

What then is a “strategic” break you may ask? Well, the logistics of preparing with a purpose should deal with how to get from one shooting location to the next efficiently while allowing for enjoyable rest well before fatigue sets in. Strategic breaks should also incorporate the need for attire change.

Engagement Session photography by Adagion Studio

Strategic self-inspection in the urban jungle.

Pont de Bir-Hakeim

In preparation for our engagement adventure, Kate, Amina, and I had our Paris “points of interest.” For Amina, it may have been the ever-elusive Musée d’Orsay clock or the menacing Gargoyles of Notre Dame de Paris whereas for Kate the opulent Opéra National de Paris was likely at the top of her list.

I can say without a doubt that the location I most looked forward to was Pont de Bir-Hakeim – possibly the most iconic among the 37 or so Seine bridges within Paris. The much-photographed steel wonder was immortalized on film in classics such as Marlon Brando’s Last Tango in Paris and most recently in Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

The bridge was even cooler than I had envisioned — miraculously devoid of people and accentuated by perfect lighting. This was really the first opportunity to put to work our props, one of which included a vintage camera that Adam used to capture his fiancée. Props are an excellent way to bring a sense of perceived realism to a context that is choreographed by definition. They can distract from camera awareness, increase the fun element, and help immerse the couple into playful editorial role-play.

Engagement Imagery on Pont de Bir-Hakeim photographed by Adagion Studio Photography

Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot. ~ Groucho Marx

Engagement photos captured by Adagion Studio in Paris

No man is worth your tears, but once you find one that is, he won't make you cry. ~ Unknown Author

Andy Warhol's Prophecy #1

Andy Warhol's Prophecy #2

… props that work …

As a photographer who shoots engagement sessions almost weekly, I find it refreshing when a bride surprises me with a prop I have not yet photographed. Yet, it’s important that the prop be within character of the couple and the shoot. We have worked with creative props ranging from hilarious silly string streamer over vintage umbrellas to oversize balloons and seemingly everything in between.

Well, when in France, do like the French, right? And what prop could possibly say French more than the traditional French baguette? So, when we arrived at our next shooting location, Notre Dame, Gregory and I set out to locate the nearest boulangerie-patisserie, while Kate, Adam, and Amina bridged the time by procuring a bouquet of enchanting flowers, which we would eventually incorporate into our Seine River imagery.

At the boulangerie, the baker handed us three baguettes, which I would have described as perfectly adequate for our needs. But just to make sure, I questioned the monsieur if he was happy with the appearance of his baguettes considering that they would be immortalized in my photographs. His reaction was priceless … and, may I say, so proudly French: he asked me to immediately return the three baguettes and placed them back with the other bread. Then, after a brief study of his stash, the monsieur expertly grabbed three different baguettes that were more to his liking. I already felt flattered, but when he would not hand them over to us quite yet, I knew we were in for something special. The boulanger — in fine artisan manner– produced a long carving knife and proceeded to manicure his bread. It didn’t really matter that the customer line now stretched to the street, for pride trumps expediency. And vive la France for it!

Engagement session photography by Adagion Studio

Carefully Manicured Baguettes in Action #1

Engagement session pictures produced by Adagion Studio

Carefully Manicured Baguettes in Action #2

Engagement sessions are primarily about fun. If a couple is playful, it’s almost impossible not to come away with great photos. With that in mind, I often introduce into my engagement sessions a context in which the couple is asked to perform some task involving movement.

Movement, in turn, comes in a multitude of shapes and forms — be it running, jumping, dancing, or a combination thereof. After Amina and I felt we got the baguette portraits we wanted and were no longer concerned about the integrity of the props, we invited Kate and Adam to have some fun with the law of gravity.

Engagement Session along the Seine River with French Baguettes

Carefully Manicured Baguettes in Action #3

Engagement session made in Paris by Adagion Studio

An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all. ~ Oscar Wilde

Shakespeare & Co.

Who could refrain
that had a heart to love
and in that heart courage
to make’s love known?

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

With their engagement adventure, Kate and Adam had the courage to make their love known to the world and with our next location, we found an ideal place to savor it: the Shakespeare & Company bookstore. Located on Rive Gauche, just steps from the Seine and with a view on Notre Dame, this utopian hideaway was featured by CNN as one of the ten most beautiful bookstores in the world.

Engagement pictures taken at the Paris Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore by Adagion Studio Photography

Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labeled "This could change your life." ~ Helen Exley

Just like Kate, the bookstore’s founder, George Whitman, studied in Paris to advance his French, before opening Shakespeare & Co. in 1951. The shop soon became a Bohemian sanctuary for literary visionaries and notable authors as Anais Nin, Henry Miller, and Allen Ginsberg, who were said to have enjoyed the pancakes and tea there.

Kate and Adam had the chance to relish precious downtime in the heart of this book lover paradise. In its cozy reading corners, time just seems to fly when you’re in love; but what better time for Adam to commit to memory Shakespeare’s prescient line from The Taming of the Shrew: “Kiss me, Kate, we shall be married o’Sunday.”

#Engagement pictures at the iconic Paris Bookstore, Shakespeare & Co. by Adagion Studio Photography

The universe is made of stories, not atoms. ~ Muriel Rukeyser

Dressed to kill …

Our perceptive readers may have noticed that Kate underwent a good few outfit changes up to this point. Some of you may even be wondering how Adam had any suitcase space left over for his own clothes. For me, however, the important takeaway is that Kate put plenty of consideration into looking seductively elegant. As a result, her engagement imagery demonstrates remarkable verve and versatility.

Let’s be clear folks, formal wear is by no means required, but style is! If you find it challenging to identify suitable attire, it may be a good idea to consult a style expert. We are believers in Merci New York‘s Jacqueline Weppner and Amélie Mauduit, who will be delighted to make you look like the most desirable woman in the solar system while energizing your engagement adventure with creative “inspiration boards.”

Other advantages of collaborating with Merci are that the ladies can connect you with talented make-up and hair-stylists and help you carry attire and props during your actual shoot. What’s more, they may even hook you up with a discount voucher for the exquisite Rent-the-Runway, which enchants women across the country with its compelling concept of: love -> wear -> return.

Speaking of Rent-a-Runway … this is where Kate procured most of her outfits, which she was able to rent for a fraction of their retail cost. One such dress was the gorgeous golden Screen Siren Gown by Badgley Mischka, which adorned her for our visit to the Opéra National de Paris.

Engagement pictures at the Paris Opera taken by Adagion Studion Photography

Screen Siren Rendezvous

Like any other composer of opera, I choose a subject because it contains vivid characters in highly charged dramatic situations. ~ Carlisle Floyd

The Opera was notable in several ways:

  1. It was near the very top of Kate’s engagement session location wish-list;
  2. It was the establishment where Adam became my first groom ever to wear a tuxedo for an engagement session;
  3. Two zealous ladies (mis)took our couple for celebrities and followed them around everywhere with their little snap-shot camera.
Engagement picture taken at the Paris Opera by Adagion Studio Photography

Fun, camera, action!

Engagement imagery photographed by Adagion Studio in the Paris Opera

Dreams are free therapy. ~ Grey Livingston

Engagement session photography in the Paris Opera by Adagion Studio

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. ~ Oscar Wilde

After the Opera, we enjoyed a quick cafe break, bid our farewell to Greg, and proceeded to Montmartre for a classic staircase silhouette, followed by a visit to sample Kate’s favorite salad in the world at Le Relais Gascon. I can only say WOW! The salad was an optical and culinary delight I will return to many times over.

Engagement image at Montmartre documented by Adagion Studio Photography

Life without love is a shadow of things that might be. ~ Unkown Author

Kate's favorite salad in the world as served at Le Relais Gascon.

Le Tour de Paris

Au soleil sous la pluie
A midi ou à minuit
Il y a tout c’ que vous voulez
Aux Champs-Elysées

Les Champs-Elysées by Joe Dassin

Engagement pictures photographed in long exposure on Paris's Famous Champs Elysees by Adagion Studio

Long Exposure on Champs-Elysées

The final stage of the Tour de France traditionally ends on the Champs-Elysées, the impressive promenade that stretches from Place de la Concorde to Arc de Triomphe. We felt that this was the appropriate location to complete our Tour de Paris. Huddled in a taxi (be prepared to pay several Euros extra for a fourth person), we made our way to what the French call “La plus belle avenue du monde.” It’s a great location for long exposure shots, which for Kate and Adam meant having to remain still for approximately ten seconds — likely the longest kiss of their lives!

From there, we made our way to the stunning Arc de Triomphe, which was built by Napoleon Bonaparte in honor of his victories. We kind of considered it a victory just to escape the traffic of the Champs-Elysées in one piece. Speaking of traffic, legend has it that the Arc de Triomphe is the only spot in Paris where traffic accidents are not judged — in other words, insurance companies split the costs 50-50. And one more fun fact while we are at it: the kiss below only took five seconds.

Engagement Photography in Paris by Adagion Studio Photography.

Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. ~ Franklin P. Jones

There’s nothin’ in life that’s worth doin’, if it can’t be done from a horse. ~ Red Steagall

… well, we thought the Champs-Elysées would be our final stop given that it was already past midnight and Amina and I needed to catch a 6.00 am train to Frankfurt, Germany. However, for the sake of imagery, we took a 30-minute stroll to the Eiffel Tower which physically and metaphorically brought us full circle. Just as we arrived at the tower, we were welcomed by some 20,000 twinkling lights — a magical, yet increasingly rare scene in the City of Light — which is officially looking to trim costs by making its monuments more green.

This is the point at which we asked Kate and Adam to switch to horsepower as they boarded one of the most majestic merry-go-rounds in the City of Light. Earlier in the post, we touched on the idea of leaving one’s comfort zone. Well, for our bewildered couple this entailed straddling the carousel ponies backwards …

All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse, and a good wife. ~ Daniel Boone

Engagement photos shot at night at the carrousel near the Eiffel Tower by Adagion Studio Photography
Love makes the world go around.
Engagement pictures taken on the carousel near the Eiffel Tower

Do try this at home. We won't tell anyone.

The Happy End

And just after we had taken our last engagement session shot of Kate and Adam, it started to rain — not quite the downpour we would have needed for memorable imagery, but certainly enough to enchant Owen Wilson, who in Woody Allen’s entertaining romantic comedy, Midnight in Paris, insists that “Paris is most beautiful in the rain.”

People say life is a journey — for some the next destination may be home while for others it could be the unknown they’re still to discover. Dear Kate and Adam, whatever is next for you, we at Adagion and A.V. Photography wish you and your families plenty of fun, adventure, and happiness.

Amina & Cengiz

Engagement imagery documented in Paris by Adagion Studio Photography

There is great meaning in life for those who are willing to journey. ~ Jim England

PS The Proposal in Kate’s Own Words

Adam had originally intended to propose to me shortly after New Year, but when the jeweler called Adam to pick up the engagement ring one month earlier than foreseen, Adam’s proposal plan began to unravel: he suddenly faced the daunting task of concealing my engagement ring box in our small, shared, Manhattan apartment until sometime in January.

This, of course, proved unsuccessful — for I stumbled upon it while putting away laundry (I swear I didn’t peak!). Then about two weeks after I discovered “it,” with my poker face wearing thinner by the day, Adam brought up something related to us getting engaged … and it simultaneously slipped out that he had already purchased the ring … and I, of course, had already found it.

Now, he faced the challenge of attempting to surprise me with an engagement proposal (when I already knew he had the ring) — and with a new self-imposed deadline of before Christmas so I could show the ring to my family over the holidays, just one week away (he couldn’t send me home without it, right??). Good luck!

I kept an eye out for anything peculiar during our back-to-back parties Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights and then just as I started to relax (because nothing good routinely happens on Mondays), he came home with roses and Champagne to romantically propose to me curled up on the couch next to our Christmas tree watching Miracle on 34th Street. The unplanned, but “completely” perfect, “us” proposal!


http://cengizphotography.com/2011/paris-engagement-adventure-with-kate-adam-dreams-come-true/feed/ 18
The Adagion Desktop Wallpaper Collection — Sunflower Celebration! http://cengizphotography.com/2011/adagion-desktop-wallpaper/ http://cengizphotography.com/2011/adagion-desktop-wallpaper/#comments Sun, 25 Sep 2011 15:30:23 +0000 Nik http://cengizphotography.com/?p=2362 Somewhere in ancient Egypt, around 4000 B.C., the papyrus — a delightfully crude ancestor of present-day paper — made its debut on the equally nascent media scene.

Then around 200 B.C., as the industrious people of China were experimenting with rice paper, someone over there glued it to a wall . . . thus inventing the very first wallpaper: a bold new frontier in the emerging art of interior design.

Zoom forward a few millennia and here we are: playing with invisible electrons, energizing pixels, weaving digital tapestries into desktop decorations we still refer to as wallpaper. This humble applied art form is a source of joy, inspiration, and emotional comfort to anyone with the good fortune of having a desktop they can call their own.

After I joined Cengiz‘s team at Adagion Studio, I swiftly posted a delicious private collection of his sparkling artwork on my desktop. A wonderful way to expand our mission of spreading happy vibes around the world with colors, shapes, images, and light would be . . . drumroll! . . .

The Adagion Desktop Wallpaper Collection

which we proudly unveil today.

May it bring lots of fun to your laptops, desktops, iPhones, iPads, and all the crazy new toys, gadgets, and devices the future will spawn!

Thank you kindly for stopping by and have fun with wallpaper #1,

Sunflower Celebration by Cengiz Ozelsel

~ Nik Juliani, Chief Creativity Officer at Adagion.com & CengizPhotography.com

sunflower_desktop wallpaper

To download, please right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac) on your format below and save to your hard-drive. This mini tutorial will show you how to install wallpapers on your iPhone.


Download formats >>

800×600 | 1024×600 | 1024×768 | 1152×864 | 1280×800 | 1280×1024

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iMac 21 | iMac 27 | iPad | iPhone | iPhone 4 | MacBook Air

* * *

Another surprise: we are working on a new series — Top Secret — where Cengiz will be taking us inside the creative process behind a handpicked selection of his images and showing us black-belt photography tips we can use to take our photos to the next level.

To register your interest, please enter your email in the box below:

Your address is safe with us.  
http://cengizphotography.com/2011/adagion-desktop-wallpaper/feed/ 0
Same-Sex Marriage Legalized! Congratulations on a Promise Kept! http://cengizphotography.com/2011/same-sex-marriage-legalized-congratulations-on-a-promise-kept/ http://cengizphotography.com/2011/same-sex-marriage-legalized-congratulations-on-a-promise-kept/#comments Sun, 26 Jun 2011 17:10:27 +0000 Cengiz http://cengizphotography.com/?p=2234

Congratulations, New York, and welcome to the 21st Century!

Now love has many more colors in New York!

Congratulations New York to legalizing same-sex marriage! And thank you to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, who kept his campaign promise, and to the four courageous members of the Republican majority who helped champion this victory.

Thank you, Republican senators!

The new law will go into effect by late July, 2011, meaning that same-sex couples can now start planning their New York weddings. We could not be happier for our New York gay and lesbian friends and the greater modern gay-rights movement which poignantly finds its foundational roots in New York’ West Village — specifically dating back to June 1969′s riot against the police at the Stonewall Inn.

Celebrating Equality in New York

In the past, we have spoken ad nauseam about the tasty ingredients of memorable wedding and engagement imagery: Fun + Imagination + Unbridled Emotional Expression. Interestingly, I had previously not given much thought to it, but having attended Sunday’s massive parade down NYC’s Fifth Avenue, I could not help but think that all these shiny, happy people personified just that.

We could not be more thrilled with this landmark victory and look forward to many happy same-sex weddings. In the meanwhile, let’s let the pictures speak!

Sailor Dip Kiss from Times Square Remix

Shiny happy people in true colors marching across New York!

Love Conquers All

The Sky is no Limit!

30 days left … and counting!

Eye Candy!

Proud to be Gay = Proud to be a New Yorker.

http://cengizphotography.com/2011/same-sex-marriage-legalized-congratulations-on-a-promise-kept/feed/ 6
Central Park Boathouse Wedding: The Living Daylights Starring Mr. & Mrs. Husband http://cengizphotography.com/2011/central-park-boathouse-wedding-the-living-daylights-starring-mr-mrs-husband/ http://cengizphotography.com/2011/central-park-boathouse-wedding-the-living-daylights-starring-mr-mrs-husband/#comments Wed, 08 Jun 2011 19:54:38 +0000 Cengiz http://cengizphotography.com/?p=1796

Two people celebrating the first day of a new chapter of their journey.

Ladies & Gentlemen, The Central Park Boathouse!

Even the mighty Law of Gravity can make an exception for the right reasons.

A Manhattan Skyline View from the Boathouse

Poster Perfect!

A get-away cab is the perfect way to send off our couple the 'New York'-way.

… whoever she was, [it] must have
scared the living daylights out of her …

~ The Living Daylights by Ian Fleming

At the risk of hyperbolizing Kristin’s close encounter with a Police K-9, it must have scared The Living Daylights out of her: imagine the prospect of a formidable (and may I add hungry-looking) canine almost snatching the delicate wedding gown from a bride moments before she is to first see her husband-to-be …

A professional dog with a taste for the finer things in life . . .

K-9 Attacks New York Bride … just joking, but would make for a catchy headline, wouldn't it?

Well, as William Shakespeare so aptly put it, “all’s well that ends well.” And this story ends well for both the dress and Mr. & Mrs. Husband. Yes, you read correctly — Kristin is now officially wife and Husband, which is the catchy surname she henceforth takes on from Edward.

But let’s start at the beginning: Kristin and Edward were originally introduced to us by our dear friends Julie and Sandro, whose emotionally captivating NYC wedding remains one of my most treasured. Interestingly, Julie and Sandro’s wedding day — in which we utilized a limo to tour Manhattan for suitable photography backdrops — helped me develop as an artist and influenced how I document engagement sessions and pre-ceremony editorial portraiture.

Julie & Sandro's wedding portraiture at New York's Grand Central Station.

We kicked-off Kristin’s “Getting Ready“ coverage at one of New York’s hottest boutique hotels, The Hudson New York. To my great delight, Kristin — in collaboration with her talented event planner Lauren from (Loli Events) prepared with a purpose.

Allow me to explain: as we’ve observed before, the wedding experience is characterized by all five senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing) as well as by what Immanuel Kant referred to as “extrasensory” modes of perception (balance, temperature, and motion). When all five senses are stimulated in concert, the result can be pure bliss and a deep appreciation for the grandeur of the moment (on a side-note, but apropos to the five senses, The Living Daylights is an archaic English idiom believed to be early 18th century slang for somebody’s eyes, which was subsequently extended figuratively to refer to all vital senses).

During “Getting Ready” coverage, the bride’s emotions tend to be unguarded and the resulting images are usually some of the most precious of the entire wedding. Importantly, the prepping and grooming rituals set the tone for the day and — by extension — can gracefully ease a bride into her wedding celebrations. Kristin understood that “Getting Ready” coverage is a time of tears and joy, love and laughter, surprise and anticipation; accordingly, she allotted ample time for this aspect of her nuptials and invited her friends and family to join the fun. What’s more, Kristin made certain that all important telling details (e.g. rings, dress, shoes, vows, bridal bouquet, etc.) were easily accessible for me to photograph and had the hotel’s cleaning staff stop by first thing in the morning to tidy up her bridal suite.

The wedding rings are set to the British flag in honor of Edward's heritage.

The warm background fire illuminates Kristin's wedding shoes in quiet anticipation.

The colorful melange of wedding bouquets was a veritable feast for the eyes.

Wedding dress detail reflecting the magnificent Hudson Private Park with its 45-foot high trees.

As you can see in the image above, I elected to abduct Kristin’s cherished gown and frame it outside of her bridal suite in the Hudson’s Private Park. My idea was to combine the dress detail with a scene setter of the hotel; hence the 45-foot trees in the reflection. And below is a collage of other delightful details I found or set-up on the morning of Kristin’s wedding.

Can you spot a message from a secret admirer called Edward Husband?

We are often asked about the characteristics of a phenomenal bridal suite. There are no hard rules here, for any room that makes you happy and comfortable will be appropriate. With that said, making the extra investment to get a bridal suite with expansive floor-to-ceiling windows and a balcony can pay handsome dividends. Tall windows allow for more natural light — photographers need it, love it, and it’s ultimately one of the key ingredients that makes the magic work for us. When it comes to light, the formula of MORE = BETTER generally applies.

As always, there are noteworthy exceptions . . . Kristin’s bridal suite being one. Specifically, in spirit with other amazing Morgans Hotel Group properties around the globe, the New York Hudson makes for a distinctly exclusive ambiente with classic Philippe Starck trappings eclectically highlighting the hotel’s sophisticated architectural structure. Kristin’s room was purposefully dim with only two small windows allowing for limited natural light, which was supplemented by warm electric lighting.

In such cases, the job of the photographer can at times be a little more challenging, but an adventurous artist will find a way to use the environment to her advantage. It actually helped me draw attention to Kristin’s hair-styling as the dark background created the perception of a soft frame.

Poetic warm colors coupled with hair-spray create a mysteriously compelling "Getting Ready" portrait.

Makeup Magic in Action

One way in which Kristin eased into her wedding celebrations was by practicing yoga on a windowsill, where she had previously lit a scented candle. Meditation is an excellent idea to help bring body, mind, and spirit into harmony before the emotional roller coaster of the Big Day. In fact, I routinely encourage my brides to do more of what supports their happy experience and to avoid activities or company that might dampen their state of joyful anticipation.

A yoga pose to bring body, mind, and spirit into harmony.

Proper etiquette suggests that the photographer ask the bride well in advance of her wedding whether she welcomes his (and cinematographer’s) presence while she slips into her gown. There is no right or wrong way to do things; instead, the question is how comfortable are you getting into your wedding dress in front of the lens of a relative stranger? Well, we’ve said it before and it bears repeating: chances are that you will look gorgeous on your wedding day. Why hide unless there are cultural or religious reasons at stake?

I’d estimate that approximately half of my brides welcome my presence in their suite while they put on their dress. A few brides may even look at these pictures as a kind of boudoir session opportunity to surprise their future hubbies with sexy, classy portraits. Kristin had both the videographer and me document her in various states of preparation and, looking at the resulting pictures, it was an excellent decision. Alas, most of the imagery is for Mr. & Mrs. Husband’s eyes only.

Reflections are a good way to add emotional layers of complexity to an image.

It was particularly touching when Kristin's mother and sister helped her into the dress.

Next, we decided to leave the hotel to roam Columbus Circle for a few fun pictures of Kristin with her bridesmaids. But before we stepped out of the Hudson, we still captured two dazzling editorial-style images. The first took place in the hotel’s cozy library, where Kristin put her best effort into the break shot. Her form was spot-on as she tried her luck in putting the cue’s tip to the cue ball.

Cue Tip to the Ball

The second editorial picture was taken in Hudson’s awe-inspiring lobby with its forty-foot ceilings and abundant climbing ivy. Kristin used simple white balloons as a prop to add some spice and variety to her pictures.

Balloons are a marvelous prop to add variety to your images.

And here are a few fun impressions from New York’s busy Columbus Circle.

Our ladies are attractive enough to interrupt his text messaging.

The officer is so distracted he may actually forget to issue a parking ticket.

Love it when brides are cool enough to play along with innocent bystanders.

This takes us to the second half of Kristin & Edward’s wedding day, which took place at the Central Park Boathouse — arguably one of the most desirable wedding venues worldwide. And whether influenced by England’s Royal Wedding or not, several female guests elected to sport colorful (hair) fascinators adorned with feathers, beads, and flowers.

Welcome to the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, New York City, Planet Earth!

A different perspective confirms its transcendent beauty.

The Lake Room at the Boathouse

Hair fascinators adorned with colorful feathers, beads, and flowers.

More funky headbands and hats . . .

Take a Wish

Before the choir bells would ring, Kristin and her mother enjoyed a very special private moment together …

Kristin receives her mother's blessing.

… all while Edward and his best man nervously exchanged some final words of wisdom in anticipation of the arrival of the bride …

Groom and Best Man before the Big Moment.

Edward anxiously awaits the arrival of his loved one.

… who eventually makes her way to his side.

Kristin awaits for Edward's confirmation that she is indeed the most amazing woman in the universe.

Fairytale Ceremony at the Boathouse

Tenderly touching hands for the final time as an engaged couple.

A favorite 'musician' shot from the ceremony.

And one of the most memorable highlights from the ceremony occurred when Kristin’s sister grabbed her guitar and microphone to serenade the couple with John Hiatt’s tear-jerking “Have a Little Faith in Me.”

Is it the look in your eyes

Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares, baby
I think I want to marry you.

~ Marry You by Bruno Mars

Almost surreal beauty as Kristin and Edward look each other in the eye.

The Tender Ring Exchange

Don’t say no, no, no, no, no
Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
And we’ll go, go, go, go, go
If you’re ready, like I’m ready.

~ Marry You by Bruno Mars

And the groom may kiss his bride! Congratulations to Kristin & Edward from the Adagion Studio family!

Mr. Husband may kiss Mrs. Husband for the first time.

Proud parents of the groom captivated by their son … in fine English manner.

Appreciation and multi-generational participation comes from all angles.

JUST WED! And now it was high time to use the remaining daylight to explore the spectacular Central Park for family- and fun formal pictures. We began with a Royal Wedding Kiss …

We present Mr. & Mrs. Husband's first formal as a married couple.

… followed by a procession to Central Park’s famous Terrace. Considering that Kristin and Edward elected not to do a Reveal or so-called First Look, we used a portion of their cocktail hour to do the family formals. It is always a good idea to have a point-to-person with authority in place to summon all family and guests. The idea is to get the formals out of the way as quickly as possible so that guests are free to enjoy the cocktail hour and the couple has more time to capture some precious, frame-able imagery with their photographer.

Kristin is accompanied by mother and sister as the procession leads to Central Park's venerable Terrace.

An uplifting moment as Mr. Husband drops by in true James Bond style.

Ceiling tiles made by the Minton Company of Stoke-on-Trent, England.

We hope you have enjoyed this wedding and would like to leave you with some final impressions ranging from cake-cutting to spicy dance floor scenes. Let’s let the pictures speak.

A peek into the lively Boathouse reception room.

The Cake

Should Edward be worried or are Kristin's intentions pure as it relates to feeding him cake?

… turns out Edward had reason to be worried.

All's well that ends well … and the kissing may even taste more delicious after the cake.

Just You and Me

When all the pieces come together …

Photography: Cengiz from Adagion Studio and Cengiz Photography
Location (Hotel): The Hudson New York
Location (Ceremony): The Central Park Boathouse
Dress: Selia Yang
Shoes: Guiseppe Zanotti
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Priscilla of Boston
Groom’s Tuxedo: Made in London by Jeet Rathor
Wedding Cake: Sugar Flower Cake Shop
Ceremony Music: Lindsay Sammon
Band: Totally Live
Florals: Lenox Hill Florist & Events
Hair: Merian Lima
Make-up: Asif Zaidi
Catering: The Loeb Central Park Boathouse
Cinematography: Matthew Hanlon from Love & You Video
Stationary and Invitations: Hello Lucky
Event Coordination: Lauren from Loli Events

http://cengizphotography.com/2011/central-park-boathouse-wedding-the-living-daylights-starring-mr-mrs-husband/feed/ 12
DIY Weddings: Going Green in the Hamptons with Sara & Drew http://cengizphotography.com/2011/diy-weddings-going-green-in-the-hamptons-with-sara-drew/ http://cengizphotography.com/2011/diy-weddings-going-green-in-the-hamptons-with-sara-drew/#comments Sat, 04 Jun 2011 00:29:49 +0000 Cengiz http://cengizphotography.com/?p=1625

A YOGA session is a wonderful way to set the tone for your wedding day.

In the past, great wedding photography — at its core — had always simply been a means to an end, namely to beautifully preserve a love story that could be reflected upon, shared, and remembered forever. So-called photojournalists were ideally suited given their uncanny ability to unobtrusively capture the fast-paced nature of a wedding. The idea of wedding photojournalism purism was to tell a wedding narrative with all its enchanting moments — the heartbreaking tears, the belly-aching laughs, and the playful sweet-nothings — as it naturally unfolded. Distraction, camera awareness, and the presence of your photographer were undesirable.

Today, as we see it, the modern wedding photographer has evolved to where she takes on the role of the confidant, consultant, photojournalist, creative director, and partner on the journey which starts during the bride’s engagement, continues through her wedding and well beyond. Importantly, while distraction and camera awareness remain undesirable, the presence of your photographer is now appreciated. Above all, it’s about enhancing your experience by doing more of what is additive to the experience, which, in turn, is shaped by a sundry list of factors, including expectations, chemistry, the fun-element, and a natural flow to her Big Day.

It’s an excellent idea to kick-off your wedding day with an activity that helps relax, encourages positive thoughts, and channels your focus and energy to where they are needed most. For some folks, it may be a casual round of golf and for others a massage or simply a rejuvenating cucumber mask.

Before we take a look at how Sara & Drew chose to embark on their special day, let us first remember that my creative relationship with the couple started well before their Hamptons wedding: I was fortunate to be part of their adventurous NYC Engagement Session, which beautifully combined imagination, fun, and unbridled emotional expression.

Drew & Sara enjoying an intimate moment in the lively streets of New York . . .

One way Sara eased into her wedding day celebrations was through an early-morning yoga class, taught by her college roommate on SOLE EAST‘s outdoor deck.

Body, mind, and spirit in harmony in the beautiful Hamptons.

Another compelling way in which Sara prepared for her wedding day “Getting Ready” coverage was by sculpting her own bridal bouquet while surrounding herself with a multitude of fragrances, colors, and textures. Interestingly, Sara learned her craft in a floral workshop where our talented friend, Ivie Joy from Celadon & Celery, helped her master the art of floral design. This was the first time one of our brides created her very own bouquet. She did not stop there, however, and also prepared the enchanting floral arrangements that would later grace her lovely reception table tops.

Now let’s briefly shift to Sara’s groom, Drew, who was first introduced to us by Lauren, a well-respected wedding planner from Lauren Daversa Events. A former Navy Lieutenant and graduate from Harvard College and Stanford Business School, Drew exudes a calm authoritative confidence to go with his self-deprecating humor and contagious energy. He just launched a tasty new venture, DishList, which is a wedding registry that allows food lovers to receive dinners at the finest restaurants in town.

It may then come as somewhat of a surprise when I tell you that Drew was also one of the most emotionally expressive grooms we’ve had the pleasure to document. I find it special when a man has the confidence to allow his feelings to flow freely as you can see below.

Drew & Sara in the magic of the moment . . .

At Adagion Studio, we are well known for combining unscripted, emotionally engaging moments with fun, creative, lifestyle portraiture. That’s what touches us and makes our job so rewarding! What is perhaps less evident is that we bring the same energy and passion to documenting the precious little details, telling scene-setters, and heartwarming ambiance — all of which consciously or subconsciously affect your five senses and, by extension, shape your experience. As our regular readers know by now, we are wont to pointing out that if all five senses are stimulated in tune, the result can be pure bliss.

Importantly, it’s your wedding vendors who help orchestrate great lighting, harmonious music, enchanting decor, tasty culinary delights, and whatever else helps bring your fairytale vision to life. And it’s our job to make sure their work is properly remembered.

Interestingly, the telling details are not necessarily the type of imagery that lends itself to our Journal entries and website galleries considering that we prefer to tell a couple’s love story with emotions. Then again, the many symphonic details in this particular Hamptons’ wedding were so organic to the location and day’s festivities that we would be remiss to withhold them.

A collage of enchanting visual mementos . . .

The wedding dress gets to take a breath of fresh air as I opt to document it in nature rather than the hotel room.

Lovely DIY wedding cake sculpted by Sara's good friend, Sara Landis.

When I first heard that Sara & Drew’s wedding would take place on the Hamptons’ beach, my excitement was somewhat muted given that I practically live on a beach in Miami, where I routinely get to experience beautiful weddings. What’s more, I had never previously visited the Hamptons despite having spent the better part of the past decade in Manhattan. So you can imagine my surprise when I first set foot on the raw, natural sands of Kirk Park Beach in Montauk.

Now, I’ve covered weddings on some of the most awe-inspiring beaches stretching from Turks & Caicos to the paradisiacal Boracay Island in the Philippines, but I must say that the Hamptons can pretty much hold its own. In fact, its landscape was somewhat reminiscent of the enchanting, uncultivated beach of Santa Barbara, where I recently shot a trash-the-dress session following a wedding at the Bacara Resort & Spa.

Here is a look at Sara & Drew’s serene ceremony setting! It had the potential to raise awareness to an almost spiritual level of consciousness, making for the perfect place to celebrate the union of two people in love.

Serene solitude as Sara and Drew tie the proverbial knot in front of their loved ones.

Playful detail thanks to the ever-so-thoughtful Lauren Daversa.

Aerial view of the enchanting beach ceremony site

Celebrating love with friends and family on the moon?

A ceremony setting blissfully devoid of distractions

Just in case you were wondering what those folks are doing on the beach.

And . . . here comes the bride with her brother by her side.

So what made this particular beach wedding so special besides its aesthetic allure?

As we’ve observed before, memorable weddings come down to the chemistry between the bride & groom, the positive energy they emit, and the transcendental laws of attraction as they pertain to every facet of the event — notably that the wedding comes together for the right reasons and that families and guests alike are there to have fun and celebrate the union of their loved ones. It’s about tears and laughter, about unconditionally immersing in and enjoying the moment, and ultimately about heart warming love.

COMPLETELY IN THE MOMENT . . . nothing else matters

When two people are so in love, it's sometimes not easy to tell apart TEARS AND LAUGHTER.












A tidal wave of LOVE . . .











The “first-kiss” image immediately above faintly shows Sara & Drew’s officiant, Jonathan Ebel, who, to my best of knowledge, is an assistant professor in the Department of Religion at the University of Illinois. I cannot recall the last time a minister touched me so profoundly with an insightful, well-articulated speech: his words came directly from the heart, were selected with the couple in mind, and resonated delightfully with the souls of all present. Jonathan, himself, appeared so emotionally vested that his deep participation in the so-called right of passage lent my images an enchanting context.

It is apparent how Jonathan's message resonates with the guests.

The reflection in the sun glasses tells the other side of the story.

Everyone present participates wholeheartedly in the magic of the moment.

Jonathan's words have everyone captivated.

As already noted, when all five senses click in concert and the couple embraces the proverbial moment, a blissful experience and deep artistic satisfaction for the photographer are almost assured!

The magic of the moment

Love is in the air as anticipation makes way for realization that the couple is about to tie the knot.

A quiet moment for the first time as wife and husband

In the end, what really mattered in this unique ceremony was that Sara & Drew were comfortable to openly express their feelings. It was about comfort in front of their family and friends, but also about love that was so captivating that it allowed for what we’ve coined “callow disregard for perception.”

Drew soaks up a some tears of joy . . . and then exchanges his handkerchief even before the rings . . .

. . . and hands over his handkerchief to Sara so she can dry her tears.

And here goes Sara with the handkerchief!

And then came the moment we all assembled for — let’s let the pictures do some talking . . .

It's time to exchange something else besides tears & handkerchiefs . . .

Drew places a ring on Sara's finger . . . and smoother than during the Royal Wedding, I may add.

And Sara places her ring on Drew's finger … tenderly and lovingly!

And he may kiss the bride . . .

. . .

Realization sets in as Drew is a married man . . .

Once the charming ceremony came to an end and we got family formals out of the way, it was actually time for Sara, Drew, and me to roam off into the sun to capture fun, editorial-style portraiture. However, we had already shot so many precious images that there was no real need to do so. Instead, we captured two quick looks, after which Sara & Drew proceeded to their cocktail hour.

Not a big fan of mug shots, but this surfboard prop worked well.

It was a first for me when the seal decided to grace the wedding with its presence.

As our journey with Sara & Drew draws to a close, some of you may be asking yourself why the title refers to a Green Do-It-Yourself (DIY) wedding. The DIY aspect is hopefully already abundantly apparent from above’s narrative, but in summary Sara — in collaboration with her college friend — molded her own wedding bands, floral arrangements, wedding cake, custom-shoes for the ring bearer and flower boy, a Just Married signage for the couple’s reception chairs, and decorative chalk boards for the table numbers.

And then there would be an eye-popping, copious dessert table that was so tempting that I found myself alternating clicks with my camera shutter with tasty cakes. Speaking of food, one reason Sara & Drew’s festivities felt so green was because all food was sourced locally.

The dessert table was such an optical and culinary delight that I needed to document it from both directions

… and here is the other angle, from which it looks equally magnificent!

And in conclusion, we will leave you with some final impressions to round out the day. On behalf of Adagion Studio, congratulations to Sara & Drew and your families!

Bride's mother finding the right words!

Brother of the groom's toast

First Dance

Champagne send-off!

Photography: Cengiz Ozelsel from Adagion Studio and Cengiz Photography
Location: Sole East (Hamptons)
Event Styling & Coordination: Lauren Daversa Events
Dress: Blue
Shoes: Vera Wang
Wedding Cake: Sara Landis
Ceremony Music: Larry Macri
DJ: DJ Big Drop
Florals: DIY
Hair: Shay Melia
Make-up: Audrey DaCosta
Catering: Sole East
Cinematography: West Front Productions
Tent Rental: American Tent Rental
Stationary and Invitations: à Deux Bridal

http://cengizphotography.com/2011/diy-weddings-going-green-in-the-hamptons-with-sara-drew/feed/ 7
Save-The-Date — Miami Engagement Session with Vanessa & Pablo http://cengizphotography.com/2011/save-the-date-miami-engagement-session-with-vanessa-pablo-2/ http://cengizphotography.com/2011/save-the-date-miami-engagement-session-with-vanessa-pablo-2/#comments Sat, 14 May 2011 12:25:12 +0000 Cengiz http://cengizphotography.com/?p=1491 www.cengizphotography.com

Two people madly in love + a gorgeous day in Miami = a recipe for adventure!


. . . hey pretty baby with the
high heels on,
You give me fever
like I’ve never, ever known.
You’re just a product of
I like the groove of
your walk,
your talk, your dress . . .

~ The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s lyrics could have been written for Vanessa, who is indeed a product of loveliness. It might be her charming Venezuelan accent, her passion for photography, or simply the way she walks with her high heels on . . . .

But let’s start at the beginning. Vanessa & Pablo came to us via the talented and always entertaining Lauren from Lauren Daversa Events. I rendezvoused with the couple at the beautiful Vizcaya Museum where we intended to kick off our new adventure. Vanessa was overjoyed about the prospect of taking pictures around this Miami landmark with its majestic, French chateau-like setting with expansive, manicured gardens, colorful orchids, and elegant fountains which provide abundant reflective aquatic surfaces for creative editorial portraiture.

Alas, upon arrival, we learned that the Vizcaya closes to the public on Tuesdays. What a shock, for I had lots of cool ideas up my sleeve for my new friends.

Speaking of preparation: I approach engagement sessions much the way I do weddings — it’s all about the experience, which in turn is shaped by a multitude of factors, including expectations, chemistry, the fun-element, and a natural flow to the shoot.

As photographers, we are so conditioned to perceive the outside world through our sight that we sometimes neglect other sensory perspectives which stimulate our imagination and, by extension, energize our creative output. Hence, I make a point of reminding my clients — especially leading up to their nuptials — that their engagement session and wedding experience will be characterized by all five senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing) as well as by what Immanuel Kant referred to as “extrasensory” modes of perception (balance, temperature, and motion, to list a few).

When all five senses are stimulated in tune, the result can be pure bliss and deep artistic satisfaction for the couple as well as for their photographer.

Engagement Session Portraiture by Adagion Studio

Best things in life . . .

Let’s briefly shift attention to see why the image above works so well. First, compositionally, the couple’s chins and Pablo’s right arm form the contour of a heart, the universal symbol of love. What’s more, there is a sublime sense of anticipation as Vanessa & Pablo’s lips are about to enter a deeper state of connection. Pablo’s eyes are closed as he gracefully commits to their kiss.

“And how exactly do the five senses relate to the couple’s kiss as represented on a flat two-dimensional surface,” you may be tempted to ask? Well, the picture implies beauty is also in the mind of the beholder; that tasting your loved one’s lips in harmony with the invisible play of pheromones and the soothing sounds of the ocean culminates in a sensory symphony of delight.

Still, wouldn’t you agree that the most “developed” sense in this picture is that of touch? Vanessa & Pablo are completely immersed in the moment and oblivious to the rest of the world or the camera lens . . . .

Engagement photo documented by Cengiz from Adagion Studio: www.adagion.com

Only YOU!

Back to our engagement session: once we found out that the Vizcaya Museum was closed on Tuesdays, we were faced with two alternatives: 1) re-schedule our shoot or 2) improvise. In general, I am all about well thought out preparation and would have chosen option 1. However, Vanessa & Pablo had prepared with a sense of mission and were just dressed to kill so we decided to move forward and leave the museum for Miami’s ultra-hip Design District.

The Art of Air Kissing requires years of dedicated practice which always pays off in the end!

Doesn't really matter where we're going as long as we're together!

Two people, ONE WAY, and a single mission . . .

As we’ve observed before, an engagement session means different things to different people across various cultures. Of course, there is the classic scenario where the groom-to-be gets down on one knee, produces a brilliant diamond ring, and pops the question. However, nowadays, the term engagement session is routinely used to describe a 2-3 hour photography shoot featuring two people who play, dance, and laugh in a beautiful concert of intimacy.

A crucial benefit of an engagement session is that it allows the couple to evaluate their photographer for fit since if it doesn’t “click” among them during the photo shoot, the photographer’s presence is unlikely to feel right on the wedding day.

Another compelling reason for an engagement session is to come up with fun imagery for the “Save-the-Date” card, which was also a priority for Vanessa & Pablo. To this purpose, the couple’s event planner, Lauren, kindly created three separate signs for us that read “SAVE,” “THE,” “DATE.” Our plan was to come up with at least three meaningful pictures that we could juxtapose to design a memorable card.

Enjoy our final selection:

SAVE . . .

. . . THE . . .

. . . DATE

SAVE THE DATE — Final Version

And another non-verbal definition of bliss . . .

. . . where all five senses contribute to the magic of the moment.

http://cengizphotography.com/2011/save-the-date-miami-engagement-session-with-vanessa-pablo-2/feed/ 11
Talent Search http://cengizphotography.com/2011/talent-search/ http://cengizphotography.com/2011/talent-search/#comments Thu, 14 Apr 2011 17:46:32 +0000 Nik http://cengizphotography.com/?p=1301

Position: Associate Photographer
Company: Adagion Studio LLC
Location: Miami / New York

Adagion Studio seeks a talented Associate Photographer to join our team.

This is a freelance position which could potentially result in a permanent job offer as Associate or Principal Photographer with us. We are looking for a talented, creative, and dynamic artist to join our team — either based out of Miami or New York.

This is a unique opportunity for you to document beautiful weddings around the country (primarily in New York and Miami/Palm Beach) and learn from some of the most distinguished photographers in the industry. Above all, we are young and like to have fun … all while dazzling our clients with creativity, like-ability, etiquette, and brilliant imagery.

Your role requires:

  • Demonstrated ability to learn from and contribute to a team of like-minded individuals;
  • Photography industry experience required — wedding experience per se is not necessary, but preferred;
  • Keen command of the requisite technical photography skills and ability to shoot well in low-light situations with limited use of a flash;
  • A facility with Photoshop & Lightroom is not required, but is a plus;
  • Good fitness level– you must be able to handle the rigor of 15-hour wedding days (we routinely kick off our events at 9.00 AM and often end after midnight);
  • Professional appearance and etiquette;
  • Excellent communication and relationship building skills with an engaging “can-do” attitude;
  • Proven ability to work independently and meet quick turnaround times.


Document weddings and other events as an Associate Photographer. You will be required to edit your own images from beginning to end according to our exacting standards. Occasionally, you may be called upon to help our Principal Photographers edit their wedding photos.

Compensation is commensurate with your experience and skill.

Please submit your application to the attention of Cengiz Ozelsel at:
info <at> adagion <dot> com and type “Associate Photographer” as the subject line of your message.





STEP 1: All candidates for the Associate Photographer position must submit their complete application by Monday, April 25. No exceptions will be made for applications that are received later;

STEP 2: We will invite the 6 most suitable candidates to participate in real weddings around New York / Manhattan on May 6, May 7, and May 21, 2011. All applicants are responsible for their own travel. Applicants will be asked to indicate their date and location preferences;

STEP 3: During the real weddings, we will have an opportunity to evaluate the candidates as they interact with us, the bride, and guests. It will also give us a sense of their energy, creativity, and etiquette. All candidates will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement so their resulting images remain exclusive to Adagion Studio. In turn, we will evaluate the quality of an applicant’s photos based on looking at both the RAW and edited images. While we do not have a minimum number of strong images in mind, we would expect somewhere in the range of 80-100 pictures;

STEP 4: We will invite the most suitable 2 candidates back for a final wedding, which will take place in Miami or New York in June or July, 2011;

STEP 5: Similarly to STEP 3, we will evaluate both candidates based on personal and artistic criteria;

STEP 6: Voila our new Associate Photographer, who can look forward to a rare opportunity to build a name for herself/himself under the roof of Adagion Studio.

Thank you very much for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!
Cengiz & Team

http://cengizphotography.com/2011/talent-search/feed/ 0
My Entries for The Wedding Photojournalist Association’s 2011 Q1 Contest http://cengizphotography.com/2011/my-entries-for-the-wedding-photojournalist-associations-2011-q1-contest/ http://cengizphotography.com/2011/my-entries-for-the-wedding-photojournalist-associations-2011-q1-contest/#comments Tue, 12 Apr 2011 03:11:28 +0000 Cengiz http://cengizphotography.com/?p=1264 Hi Brides & Photographers,

Here are the 18 images I submitted to the Wedding Photojournalist Association’s 2011 Q1 (first quarter) Contest–the images in this post are a little retouched, whereas my original submission did not allow for much post-editing. Please let me know which of the photos below resonate most with you, and why? Which ones don’t belong in the competition?

Raw emotions at the Vizcaya Museum

Lovely found details accentuating the bride during Getting Ready coverage at the Boca Resort, Palm Beach

Father and Bride dance

Love is in the sky

Lovely reflections of the couple at the Vizcaya Museum, Florida

Bridal party celebrating the Orthodox Jewish Bedeken

More emotions!

And some more … Bedeken emotions

Could have been submitted under Emotions as well, but we need some Ceremony imagery

Processional at the Vizcaya Museum, Florida

Great father-and-son emotions under the Chuppah

Found details at the Church ceremony for a Breakers Palm Beach wedding

Final wedding dances at a lovely reception in Islamorada, Florida

More Chuppah emotions from the Vizcaya

Groom dancing at the Vizcaya Museum … you see I love this wedding!

Pure and unadulterated emotions as the groom writes a love letter

Creative reflections bridal portraiture at the Vizcaya Museum, Florida

Wedding Recessional at the Vizcaya Museum, Florida

Father and daughter emotions of an Orthodox Jewish Bedeken ceremony at the Vizcaya Museum, Florida

http://cengizphotography.com/2011/my-entries-for-the-wedding-photojournalist-associations-2011-q1-contest/feed/ 4