New release: A Field Guide for Mobile Journalism by Robb Montgomery

Visual Editors is publishing a series of textbooks that teach the fundamentals of multimedia mobile reporting with smartphones and tablets.

Volume one is on sale now.

A Field Guide for Mobile Journalism
By Robb Montgomery
Published by Visual Editors, ©2014

14,903 words
120 pages
183 illustrations

This first book teaches the fundamentals for using smartphones to produce powerful photo stories.

The MOJO guides are designed for media students, educators and the next generation of mobile storytellers. 

In this volume:
• Learn practical and innovative methods to take better pictures with whatever mobile device you have with you
• Master the fundamentals of apps, camera controls, composition, and lighting
• Discover what gear field reporters use to make photo stories
• Unlock your potential as a storyteller by understanding how great stories are made
• Use groundbreaking new apps to craft rich, multimedia reports
• Learn how creating trust can help you make great portraits 


“The MOJO Guide is a wonderfully complete and strikingly accessible training book for anyone who wants to create compelling stories with their mobile phone and/or camera. It covers the basics of good visual journalism and the technical aspects that are so important today.”

Howard I. Finberg
The Poynter Institute

“We all know mobile matters. Now Robb shows everyone how it can be done: demystifying the technology and showing what is possible with the camera you always have in hand. Essential.”

Peter Bale
CNN International

“Robb’s comprehensive ‘A Field Guide for Mobile Journalism’ is the ‘go-to ’ and ‘how-to ’ for mobile visual journalism. Congratulations for publishing this masterpiece of bringing the complexity of mojo technology to the level of simplicity in real-world practice.”

Martha L Stone
CEO, World Newsmedia Network 

About the author

Montgomery built an entire newsroom and media lab around mobile reporting in 2012 for two journalism schools.

He spent a year developing the mobile reporting training, technology and workflows for hundreds of broadcast reporters for Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty.

Now, he has taken all of these experiences and put them into a practical series of training guides, workshops and webinars for media students and educators.

Tips for how to make high quality stories with mobile devices like these can be found in this series of textbooks at