What is The Digital Titan?

search engine optimizationThe digital titan is a digital marketing agency that doesn’t have any specific location. It’s was created by a guy who wants to become an expert in online marketing industry and earn seven plus figures per month. Although the website is up, he’s still working on putting up content and attracting clients to the site. He knows that with time and persistence he’ll achieve his goal of owning a very successful agency that he can market locally, nationally and even internationally.

Now of one the ideas behind this internet marketing agency is doing local SEO for businesses. This the process of helping a business get their website at the top of Google for a chosen keyword(s). Obviously long tail phrases will work better than broad keywords. They’re less competitive. In the process of doing local SEO clients will have to let their SEO consultants know what they want. Therefore a questioning process should be done before bringing a client on board.

Many people who try to get in the digital marketing space fail because they don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t take enough action and they are held back their lack of understanding and implementation. All of this can be changed by recognizing that some of the greatest minds failed many times before. The fear of failure holds many aspiring IMs back in life. In case you’re still wondering what the digital titan is, keep reading.

As for the creator of the digital titan, he’s not stopping until he gets what he wants. He knows that his business will be successful and he will become good at he does. He thinks about getting a staff and creating software apps and services for people. This will his businesses can be truly passive and hands off. He understands that being the bottleneck to the growth of ones business is bad if they want more time to enjoy life doing other things.  Therefore he is strategically modeling the successful veterans in his industry in order to become successful just like and even excel pass their success levels.

You can visit the digital titan @ http://www.thedigitaltitan.com

Joseph Randall on Succeeding Online

jayBecoming an online success is like getting good enough at anything else. It takes time and work to get good enough to succeed with it. I see all of the successful online marketers who clear checks in the six-figures per month. They lead financially abundant lives and enjoy the time freedom to do what they want when they want on their own terms. These people worked to get where they are now.

On the other hand you have individuals who are aspiring and trying to reach their point. I Joseph Randall would know this. However many people fail (98%) because of several reasons:

  • Lack of correct information
  • Not enough drive, persistence, determination
  • Wanting a push button solution
  • Not investing in themselves and their business endeavors
  • Just wanting things to be easy…

It’s very possible to see success online but no one can make any guarantees to you. Just like I’m not sure if someone will refer to me as Joe or Joey, I can never know for sure what will happen in life. The only thing guaranteed in life is taxes and death. Sorry for being blunt but I have to. If you want to run a successful business, blog, YouTube channel, Vine, or whatever, you’re going to have to put in the work and make a way if you can’t find one. Other successful people have done the impossible or unlikely to happen things. They’re no smarter than you. You have your own talents, skills, passions, qualities, and most of all mind. Use what you have to create something else you want to have as well.

I can’t guarantee you’ll succeed but I can guarantee you that at the end of the night, you tried. Stay thirsty my friends.

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