With regret, we’ve made the decision to close down Flavors.me.

We fully appreciate how frustrating this is. It took a great amount of deliberation and discussion to reach this difficult decision. But, recent issues with Flavors forced us to look very carefully at the service we provide and we no longer feel we can offer a robust service into the future. We’ve now retired our hosting and web-builder services.

I'm an existing Flavors user, how can I access my old content or domain?

Flavors page content is no longer available. Premium and free users were emailed in February with deadlines and suggested partners for building a new web presence. If you have any questions about your content, please contact us support@flavors.me

All custom domains purchased through Flavors were migrated to Hover on 14th March 2017. Hover should have been in touch with instructions for managing your domain. If you didn't receive any correspondence from them, you can contact them here.

I'm just visiting, how can I find the website I was searching for?

If you were trying to access a company or individual's website, we're sorry but this service is no longer available. In order to locate their new website or alternative contact details, we'd suggest using Google or Facebook to track them down.

If you were looking to build an online presence with Flavors, please find a list of alternatives here.