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Feed Your April 1st Appetite with These Retro Pages

It’s fun seeing some of the quirky examples of home pages on web sites today, including Amazon’s retro “April 1, 1999″ page.

I can’t think of a time we’ve ever done anything like that on, mainly because we don’t want to distract customers from the jobs they’re coming to do with us.  But, if you are craving some old school pages, here are a few:

1992: Cisco Information Online (CIO) – Telnet/Modem Only:


1994: Cisco Information Online Web Site:


Mid-1994:  Cisco Information Online Web Site Stellar Motif:


1995: Cisco Connection Online (CCO):


1996: Cisco Connection Online (CCO):


Prize for the best comment below.

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  1. pts
    Love the space station and rocket ship motif from 1994 -- clearly, not the final frontier but we boldly went there!
  2. Love the screenshots showing Netscape Navigator browser!

  3. pts
    It's so easy to forget what things looked like when we are bringing it back "old school"! What a fun post!

  4. pts
    Drop shadows were definitely in vogue in '96! Gradients rule the day now.

  5. pts
    I'm not admiting how many of these I remember....Thanks for the fun post!
  6. Time Lapse of a Tech Giant
  7. I like the 1994 link called "LAN2LAN". Local Area Networks? Guess that idea LANded, huh!

  8. pts
    Looking at the past makes me wonder what the future brings. It's going to be exciting- that's for sure!
  9. I was hired by the web team with that lovely 1996 design. Yep, that long ago. I remember when they were figuring out what to call it instead of CCO, they hired a marketing/brand company who came up with various names, two of which were: Cisco Yo! and Yo Cisco! Luckily, we did not go with their ideas, and eventually decided to just call it

  10. pts
    Wow! Blast from the past!

  11. pts
    Looks really retro and what I gather from this is that IT really has progressed a lot and that too in such a short time period. Probably the only industry to do so! Brings to life the keywords Disruption and Innovation and Transformation that are so relevant in our industry!

  12. pts
    I remember that back in the 90's, most webpages had a "text-only version" link available. Such were the internet connection speeds of those days.

  13. pts
    Super Nice Digging !

  14. pts
    This makes me appreciate how much I enjoy modern design! Thanks for sharing all this.

  15. pts
    Really nice. I'm used to do similar searches on . Knowing where you came from to understand where you are going :)

  16. pts
    An amazing snapshot of evolution within a 4 year span. What's 'Netscape'?

  17. pts
    Great Article, I am new in this blog, hope i will understand it soon.

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