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Goodson acquitted of all charges in death of Freddie Gray

The case against Baltimore City Police Officer Caesar Goodson Jr., highlights the power that police officers have over those they arrest, but not the responsibility for those they have taken into custody. Goodson, who drove the van Freddie Gray was riding in when he sustained the injuries that...

  • The trials for officers accused in Freddie Gray's death slog on

    The trials for officers accused in Freddie Gray's death slog on

    At every murder trial, the victim's body is part of the evidence, but with Freddie Gray's death and the ensuing trials scrutinizing the actions of six Baltimore City police officers, Gray's bones are picked over again and again. Both the prosecution and the defense draw on photographs, video, lab...

  • Making hand-cranked ice cream—and passing the torch

    Making hand-cranked ice cream—and passing the torch

    I was digging around in my dump of a basement the other day and caught a glimpse of aqua-blue fiberglass. It was the hand-cranking ice cream maker that my mom had recently handed over to me—a sort of changing of the guard from when she was mistress of our family's summer vacation and its ice cream...

  • Single Carrot penetrates an aging mind in 'Midlife'

    Single Carrot penetrates an aging mind in 'Midlife'

    "The rules have changed." Those words are almost an incantation throughout "Midlife," Single Carrot's last production of their ninth season, which is devoted to the theme "No-Fear New Work." Indeed, Single Carrot's commitment to taking risks continues in a big way with the world premiere of playwright,...

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The Walking Issue

The Flâneur This week City Paper steps off the beaten track with a Walking Issue. It is June in Baltimore, that narrow sliver of time between our miserable wet spring and our baking hot summer when it is still pleasant to be outside and wander around our city. All old cities, like Baltimore, were...

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Gallery owner, artist, once an insider, now a step away from being out

Dwight Whitley is better than this. His connections used to mean something. Back when George Winfield ran public works, Whitley would meet him at home after work and hang out. "His wife was a sweetheart," Whitley says. "He'd come in and say 'why'd you let this nigger in here?'" He laughs, remembering...

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  • Cheap Eats: Mick O'Shea's

    Cheap Eats: Mick O'Shea's

    328 N. Charles St., (410) 539-7504, Last year, City Paper heard through the grapevine that a few people over at Irish pub Mick O'Shea's were miffed because we awarded them a "Best Chicken Tenders" award last year. Of all the delicious, artful versions of bar food Mick O'Shea's makes—including...

  • Mt. Vernon's Marie Louise Bistro crafts a delicate steak tartare

    Mt. Vernon's Marie Louise Bistro crafts a delicate steak tartare

    When I was a teenager growing up in Brussels, I had a routine on my way to a Wednesday, after school ballet class. For about 80 francs ($2), I'd order a massive sandwich from a bistro with a take-out window near Rue de Boucher, prop myself on some nearby steps, wolf down the food while people-watching,...



Moments In Club: 61 digressions about Baltimore Club music

Moments In Club 61 digressions about Baltimore Club music By Brandon Soderberg 1 "Which is better?—to lay open a new sense, to initiate a new organ for the human spirit, or to cultivate many types of perfection up to a point which leaves us still beyond the range of their transforming power?" -Walter...



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In her new book, Mike Brown's mother writes about the life of her slain son

Lezley McSpadden is not here to bullshit you. McSpadden is the mother of Missouri teen Mike Brown, who was gunned down in August of 2014 by police officer Darren Wilson, and whose death arguably sparked the Black Lives Matter movement. In her new book "Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil: The Life,...