Autodesk Civil 3D 2014 Service Pack 2

Here is the Service Pack 2 Release


Pipe Networks and Pressure Networks

Import and Label .SHP Files

I don't do this very often and when I do I always have to look it up. So I am going to write it down my self.

The First thing is to Import your SHP file. The file I will be bringing in and labeling is a Parcel File from an appraisal district.


Type "MAPIMPORT" on the command line, Select your .SHP file

This dialog box will come up with several options.

Make sure you select the correct Coordinate System you are in.

2015 Civil3D Quick Peek

New Features in AutoCAD Civil3D 2015 can be found HERE

Some of the features that stand out to me are in RED:

Select Similar object

Select Similar command can help speed up your production. It is one of my favorite commands when working with a topo file.

Pipe Network Crossing/Lateral Display

When you profile a Pipe Network and you look at you profile and you are missing the crossing Pipes in Profile.

There are two places you can check to see why it is not showing up.

1. Edit you Pipe style and make sure Under -->Display-->Profile-->You have Crossing Pipe visibility turned on.

Infrastructure Design Suite Network License Hotfix

OK.. I just spent way too long trying to get my C3D 2012 users a license.

When you upgrade C3D into aInfra. DesignSuite you will need to run this hot fix.

Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Network License Hotfix


AU2013 has officially started! Looks like a great turn out.

Off to the Blogger Social 2013. 8pm-....

Bright and early for classes on Tuesday.

Vehicle Tracking Software

SincPac - Station Points

Quux Software has a ton of 3rd Party tools that run on top of C3D.

One that I have been using a lot is the "Station Points" Command.

Basically it adds a Station and Offset to the Raw Description of the point or points you select. That way you can create a point table with Point Number and Description.

Works Great when you have to control multiple points on the plan.

Autodesk University 2013

Autodesk University 2013 is a great place to Connect with a bunch of people working in the same field sharing ideas and learning new ways of doing things.

This will be my 8th year to attend and every year I come home with a lot of great information to pass on to my co-workers.

So get out there and share, collaborate, teach and get involved! And have a blast doing it.

You can also get Certified for Free:



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