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Welcome to the Pants on Fire Project, a non-partisan effort to debunk all the liars and the lies that pollute the American political process. Here, as a kick-off, Rachel Maddow shares some perspective on the right-wing echo chamber:

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Here is why it happened http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/20101103295 http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/20101103295#comments Wed, 03 Nov 2010 14:27:34 +0000 fp http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/?p=295

Where do we go from here?

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Pinkwater takes down Blackwater http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/20101026287 http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/20101026287#comments Wed, 27 Oct 2010 02:55:30 +0000 fp http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/?p=287

Not guilty! In court today, Medea Benjamin entered this video into evidence and the trumped up trespassing charges against her were dismissed…

Background: In August, Erik Prince, owner of the Blackwater group of mercenary companies claimed he was leaving the USA to establish residence in the UAE. His flight allowed him to avoid giving depositions in some civil suits that were pending against him. Medea Benjamin and a couple of Code Pink (or “Pinkwater” as they now call themselves) members visited the Prince home in McLean, Virginia and was surprised to learn that the former Navy Seal’s family was still in residence. Mrs. Prince had Benjamin busted for trespassing. The final court date was today.

Here’s the deets

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Rethuglican tea party moment http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/20101026283 http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/20101026283#comments Tue, 26 Oct 2010 14:50:30 +0000 fp http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/?p=283

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Ben Manski the Progressive Choice in the 77th Assembly District http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/20101023279 http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/20101023279#comments Sun, 24 Oct 2010 03:50:35 +0000 fp http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/?p=279

I can’t say enough about this guy. He provides a clear alternative for positive change.

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Polling http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/20101023276 http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/20101023276#comments Sat, 23 Oct 2010 23:51:38 +0000 fp http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/?p=276

Question: I’m calling from a national research firm. We’re conducting a survey and I’d like to ask you a few questions about issues that affect people here in Wisconsin. This will only take a few minutes of your time and no one will try to sell you anything as a result of this survey. May I speak with a male/female 18 years or older who lives at this address and is now at home?

Answer: What address? This address? The laundromat? I’m folding a load of tidy-whities, dude. Just a minute… anyone here want to talk to some survey weasel? Sorry duder. Everyone’s busy, and nobody’s home. Did I tell you it’s the laundromat?

The above exchange or one like it would take place 460.3 times out of every thousand polling contacts if polling companies used lists that included all cell phone numbers and landlines. Household polling is no longer meaningful. Nobody’s home except my dad and he had a stroke.

In 2008, a study found that polling results including cell phone users leaned about 5% more in a progressive direction than polls relying on landline contact alone. Public polling is a black art, the goal of which is to trend toward the midline of all other poll results while ultimately predicting more “wins” than the competition. Public polling of political races is a profit center for polling companies. They want to get it right, and to get it right they want to do it like the competition does it.

The results this year should shake up the industry, since the polls themselves seemed based as much on media noise as on genuine public opinion and are skewed far from the most likely outcomes. When Russ Feingold wins his Wisconsin senate seat, the polling companies will have to congratulate him on a big come-from-behind victory. In fact, the results have been only in doubt due to the noise in the system from the propagandists, noise that doesn’t much influence voters, but that creates the static impression paid for by the propagandists.

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On strike in France http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/20101020270 http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/20101020270#comments Wed, 20 Oct 2010 14:08:06 +0000 fp http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/?p=270

The people of France are on strike against the erosion of pension benefits mandated by Sarkozy’s neo-liberal policies. Since October 12, over a million people have been in the streets protesting. Fuel depots are closed and transportation, public and private, is slowing to a standstill. In the US, the French struggle has barely been acknowledged.

Today’s New York Times plays catch-up, but the American “news cycle” is dominated by a phone call from Clarence Thomas’ wife to Anita Hill.

Here’s a comment lifted from the thread that follows the Times article:

I find it really entertaining for Americans who have never been to France, don’t understand our mentality, and know next to nothing about our politics are commenting so vehemently. Let’s talk about laziness, shall we? Who’s lazier, the Frenchman who goes out into the street to march against the reforms which aren’t the only solution to the problem or an American who sits in front of their TV watching Glenn Beck and whining about their taxes?

Whether or not the reform is right, we have the right to protest it, and at least we use that right. Unlike most of what the media has been saying, the strikes in most of France have been peaceful and minimally disruptive.

Also, quit saying we get free education, free health care, free pensions, etc. We don’t. We pay for them our entire lives through TAXES, which are far higher than taxes in the US. Yes we have our problems, but quite frankly, I’d rather be here than there.

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Ben Manski and Medea Benjamin http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/20101016251 http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/20101016251#comments Sat, 16 Oct 2010 16:11:39 +0000 fpaynter http://classwar.frankpaynter.com/?p=251

Progressive activist Medea Benjamin isn’t often in Madison, so when she comes, one goes. Last night she came for Ben Manski, a real progressive, a Green running for Assembly in Wisconsin’s “safe” 77th district. His opponent, Brett Hulsey, a Democrat and former lobbyist for energy corporations against environmentally sound legislation, has one thing going for him: the tendency of the voters in the 77th to vote a straight party line.

Last night’s 5pm gathering on Bascom Hill drew about fifty people. Many more than that are expected at the stadium today to watch the Badgers play the Buckeyes.

So what did I learn last night that the fans who were saving their energy for today’s football game might have missed? Here’s a list:

  • Condaleezza Rice was on the Jon Stewart show this week flogging her autobiography and her own peculiar brand of Presbyterianism. In an effort to remain fair and balanced, Stewart will have Medea Benjamin on the show this coming Tuesday.
  • Benjamin, founder of Global Exchange, says that the 9/11 terrorist attacks stopped the global movement in its tracks.
  • I was reminded that Colin Powell was laughed at by the people of the world when he gave his false “WMD” testimony at the UN. Nevertheless Bush moved from that testimony to the Iraq invasion.
  • NGOs in Afghanistan have been advised by the Afghanistan NGO Safety Organisation to register with the local Taliban. Things are that shaky over there.
  • Connecting the trillions we spend on Empire with the dearth of jobs in the USA is on the activist “to do list.”
  • The Madison/Rafah sister city project is working on potable water projects in Gaza.
  • Israel’s blockade of Gaza will be busted this weekend through the cooperation of Egypt and Syria. “The aid will not go to Gaza by sea. It is due to arrive Monday at the Egyptian port, from where it will be transferred into the Palestinian territory by land through the Rafah crossing.”
  • Recommended reading: “The Three Trillion Dollar War” by Joseph Stieglitz.
  • George W. Bush will be in Milwaukee on November 10th. Email patriciajgold@gmail.com for details on how he will be encountered.
  • George Goehl of National Peoples Action is organizing to monitor elected sheriffs and judges and recall them for bad decisions.
  • “Move to Amend” first national Democracy Convention planned for Madison next August.
  • Glenn Greenwald will be on campus on 11/3, appearing under the auspices of Progressive Dane.
  • John Nichols was at last night’s gathering. He might have been the guy who said: “Since the Jon Stewart Rally for Sanity has no substance, we must bring substance to it.” He did aver that Stewart is the most radical voice in mass media today, and also that he (Nichols) likes the sign that reads: “I disagree with you” and, on the reverse side, “…but I do not think you are Satan’s spawn.” He urged that people have fun at the Stewart rally. He said, “Our side shouldn’t just be about critique.”
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