Classroom Freebies

I Have, Who Has?

I Have, Who Has? activities are a simple way to review a concept with your students. Traditionally the game is played with the whole class. This game focuses on place value understanding.
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This game is aligned with the 5th grade Common Core (5.NBT.1)

Metric Measurement Posters

These are a set of seven posters (kilometer, hectometer, dekameter, meters, decimeter, centimeter, and millimeter) - one set in color, the other in black and white.

Print, laminate and hang. These are a great reference for your students when they are tackling metric conversions.

Be the Teacher! Rounding Activity

This small group activity will engage all your students as they each get a turn to "Be the Teacher!" and practice their rounding skills. 

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Each card includes the answers to the rounding questions.

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This activity works best with groups of 3 or 4 students.

Holiday Color by Numbers

This printable Holiday Elf is perfect for the last few days before vacation. The color by numbers activity is aligned with the Common Core Standards (5.OA.1).

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Students solve each of the numerical expressions using order of operations. Then using the color code on the page, students color each section of the elf.

 I have added a page for students to show their work


What's My Number?

What's My Number? is a game I've played with my students that improves their number sense and allows for time to practice reading multi-digit numbers.
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Directions are including.

Guided Reading Labels

Do you need some labels for your guided reading book boxes?  It was time for mine to be replaced!  These are A-Z on green polka dot background. Enjoy your school year!

Numerical Expressions Worksheet

This freebie was made to cover standard 5.OA.2

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It is a two-sided worksheet that just contains numerical expressions. The answer key is provided.