Thank you for 6 amazing years!

Echo Conference 2008-2013


A Message from Rob

One of the hardest decisions we’ve made as a company was made over the last 3-4 months. We have decided that we will not be doing our Echo Conference in 2014 and, as of now, are not committed to any future years either.

For those interested, I want to express our reasoning and thoughts on this. First, Echo is and has been a tremendous part of who we are as a company. Echo is a highlight every year for our company culture. Our staff works hard together, in unison, and it’s very satisfying. Second, Echo has created a tribe… and one that we love. We love connecting with hundreds of like-minded creative types in the Church. Echo has become an annual reunion of sorts for us and many others. We deeply cherish this reunion and the friends we get to see. We also love having interaction with other amazing companies and ministries doing great things. We’ve been lucky to have so many great sponsors and exhibitors and are so grateful for those relationships and ‘business’ partnerships, in some cases...

Photos & Videos

Check out our latest gallery from Echo Conference 2013, along with all of our conference opener videos and Davin daily recaps.


Will You Do Another Echo Conference?

We do not have any new events scheduled on our calendar at this point. That said, we might host another Echo event in the future. But there are currently no plans for such an event.

What happened to all the blog posts and articles?

In order to make the Echo transition as easy as possible, we have decided not to archive our blog content publicly. If there is a blog post that you would like to access again, please contact us at, and we will try to track it down for you.

Will You Keep the Echo Store?

The Store is now closed.

What other conference(s) would we recommend for the Echo crowd?

We think there are several conferences which have an event-wide focus or track that our specific Echo audience might be interested in attending. Here are a few options worthy of your consideration:

Why not sell Echo?

We considered a variety of options in determining our next course of action with Echo, including (1) keeping/maintaining/growing the event; (2) selling the conference and brand; and (3) pausing Echo. In the end, we decided it was in the best interest of RT Creative Group to take option #3 and "freeze" Echo, holding onto the brand while keeping the possibility open for us to run future Echo events.

What are we working on now?

First, we have two other divisions that we consistently maintain, build, and grow: Igniter Media and Graceway Media. Our primary goal is to continue serving ministries by making these websites more and more beneficial to church leaders everywhere.

We do have some new initiatives that we are considering and getting excited about, but they are each in the early development stage and wouldn't make sense for us to mention yet.

What is the best way to stay in contact with RT Creative Group?

We have a company blog that we maintain. As you can imagine, it's

There are several ways you can stay in touch with our organization or divisions:

  1. Bookmark our company blog
  2. Subscribe to our Igniter Media Newsletter
  3. Follow us on Twitter: RT Creative Group / Igniter Media / Graceway Media
  4. Become "Fans" on Facebook: RT Creative Group / Igniter Media / Graceway Media
  5. Email us:
  6. Call us: 866-340-1826