Tomorrow is the dreaded FAR Exam

Tomorrow at noon, I sit for the FAR exam and apply all the knowledge I’ve gained through the hundreds of study hours in an attempt to pass my 2nd part of the CPA exam. I’ve imagined a 75, I’ve dreamt of the 75, and now it is time to make my dreams a reality and do all I can to get that 75 or higher.

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5 Helpful Tips for Studying While on Vacation

man-studying-on-beachAs Memorial Day approaches (or any other holiday, for that matter), many of you may be taking some trips to take advantage of a 3-day weekend. That’s fantastic, especially if you’re celebrating the end of a testing window or just need to get away. But, for those of you who are hesitant to take some time off because you’re afraid you’ll lose too much study time, fear not! We’ve got some helpful and effective tips you can use to make sure you’re able to get out of town and enjoy some time in the sun!

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Discount on AICPA Membership

join-aicpa-todayRoger CPA Review has partnered with the AICPA to extend an exclusive offer just for you on AICPA membership. Join the world's largest member association representing the accounting profession and receive membership benefits including networking opportunities, discounts on products and services, industry news and publications and professional development opportunities.

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Brushing up on Professional Development: The Art of the Business Card

business-cards-for-accountantsWhen’s the last time you received a business card from someone? When was the last time you updated your own? How often do you go out of your way to ask for one?

In today’s day and age where everyone can connect professionally to everyone else through sites like LinkedIn, the art of the business card can seem somewhat less relevant than it used to be. But don’t be fooled! Business cards are still a very significant part of today’s professional world.

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SEC Cooling on IFRS?

Roger CPA ReviewAs anyone studying for the FAR exam knows, IFRS stands for International Financial Reporting Standards and CPA Candidates are expected to have a broad base of IFRS knowledge for the CPA Exam. Well, that might change.

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Student of the Month, May 2015: Bai Robinson

Name: Bai Robinson

College(s):  Excelsior College

Exams Passed: AUD, BEC, REG

Our Student of the Month for May 2015 is Bai Robinson!  Bai has passed three  parts of the   CPA Exam and is currently studying for FAR. Congratulations to Bai on her accomplishments and we wish her the best on finishing the CPA Exam!

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Don't be Discouraged if You Fail the First Time

The other day at work, a co-worker (who works in the drafting department) asked me if getting the CPA was hard. I wanted to say, “You're kidding...right?” Instead, I politely said, “Yes, it is.” He proceeded to tell me he thought about doing something different and since he already does income taxes for several family members and some friends, he thought it might easy to become certified.

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Brushing up on Professional Development: Crafting a Cover Letter

You’ve heard it before, and we’ll tell you again--whenever submitting an application to any type of professional opportunity, a cover letter is a must. While some job descriptions may not specify the attachment of a cover letter or in areas of an application that state it is optional, always err on the side of providing one. Here are the reasons why and some helpful tips on how to craft a great cover letter. 

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The 5 Types of People You Meet in the Prometric Waiting Room


If you've already taken one or a couple of parts of the CPA Exam, you'll find that in the Prometric Test Center waiting room are usually some of the same personalities you come across time and time again. Take our fun personality quiz to see which one you are!


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Brushing up on Professional Development: Resume Tips

laptop-on-desk The process of resume building can sometimes be a long, drawn out one. There’s so much information out there with tons of advice on how long it should be, what it should say, the kind of template you should use, and so on and so forth. But, the truth of the matter is, so much information wouldn’t exist if resumes weren’t such an important tool that employers use for a first impression of their candidates.

So, we figured that no Professional Development series would be complete without some great resume advice that you can use in 2015.

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