Chris Aarons

Chris Aarons

Bestselling author and transformation/marketing executive hell bent on helping clients thrive with digital strategies.

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    ByMichael GaleandChris Aarons $1.7 trillion was spent on digital transformation. But, a much as 84% or $1.4 trillion of it may have been wasted. Which group does your organization fit into? That’s...

  • Data Is An Asset And Needs To...

    ByMichael GaleandChris Aarons Because Facebook Isn’t The Only One Playing Fast And Loose With Our Information It will be really easy to take swipes at Facebook for their response (or lack thereof)...

  • Digital Transformation Survey

    We’re looking to understand the barriers and surprising upsides from your organization’s digital transformation journey, and would love to know your insights. Here is a very short survey with...

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    Are you Keeping up Digitally?

    Check out Michael Gale's podcast interview with @NancyGaines and learn about digital transformation...

  • Chris Aarons shared
    Please focus on our needs as users - At least the 87M...

    Dear Mark,  Please don’t get baited by Apple CEO Tim Cook’s comments on your current situation....

  • Chris Aarons shared
    Forbes interview with Michael Gale on #Innovation and...
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    You Can’t Just Rely On Your Friends To Make Digital...

    Was there science behind the idea for the TV show Friends? Five people. Just five people. Was that...

  • Chris Aarons shared
    Cambridge Analytica And Facebook. Don’t judge quite yet...

    As we watch and learn more about what happened with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, there are...

  • Chris Aarons shared
    #DigitalTransformation Landscape research by Inc.Digital....


  • Arthur W. Page Society's Future Leaders Program (2015-2016)


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