Chris Aarons

Chris Aarons

Bestselling author and transformation/marketing executive hell bent on helping clients thrive with digital strategies.

Austin, Texas Area
Marketing and Advertising
  1. Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and Management
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Chris Aarons is a seasoned professional who is breaking ground at the intersection where digital transformation, sales and marketing strategies all meet. He is the co-author (with Michael Gale) of the best selling book, “The Digital Helix: Transforming Your Organization's DNA to Thrive in the Digital Age"which shows how to create a digital-first DNA for your organization to not only embrace the digital age but thrive in it​. In addition, he facilitated many group programs for clients, spoken at industry group events and teaches and serves as a guest lecturer on Digital Marketing for the University of Texas at Austin.

An innovator with more than 20 years experience, he has created and implemented powerhouse programs in a variety of professional settings. From international PR agencies to Fortune 500 companies, Aarons is the quintessential "go-to"​ guy in strategic marketing that requires the highest level of creativity and knowledge. In 2005, he launched a successful social media program at AMD, which quickly defined best practices in the world of social media and influencer relations.

Aarons founded Ivy Worldwide, a word-of-mouth, social media and digital marketing consultancy in 2008. While at Ivy, he received top honors from the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) for his “31 Days of the Dragon” campaign. Since then, it has been become one of the most recognized and copied social media campaigns ever. In addition, Chris has won Summit International’s Emerging Media Award for Effectiveness, HP’s Circle Award for Worldwide Marketing Excellence and were finalist for ad:tech’s Limelight Award for Best Social Media Marketing campaign as well as Promo Magazine’s Pro Award for Best Campaign on a Budget, among others.

Aarons has successfully tackled challenges for industry-leading companies including Adobe, Amazon, AMD, Cisco, Dell, HP, LG, Microsoft, Philips and others.

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  • Social Media
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  • Digital Strategy
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  • Viral Marketing
  • Digital Media
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  • Arthur W. Page Society's Future Leaders Program (2015-2016)


  • Inc. Digital: The DNA of Winning Organizations In The Digital Age

    Inc.Digital: The DNA of winning organizations in the digital age (To be published March of 2016)

    Many are trying to get digital right across every facet of the organization. Yet, research shows us that less than 16% of organizations are truly succeeding in driving tangible results.

    To be successful, digital transformation must deliver a value far in excess of the sum of its parts. Digital can’t just be an addition to an organization’s existing structure, it must be embraced within and throughout the organization in order for the parts to work together and deliver real results. To do this, organizations need a framework to orchestrate all the components, functions and actions to achieve the promise of digital transformation.

    Inc.Digital, the book, shows how to do digital right. With its seven key elements, it provides the framework to bring everything together to deliver true value to your constituents and gain long term advantage.

  • Social Media Judo – The essential guide to mastering social media and delivering real results for your brand

    re your social media efforts delivering real, tangible results while paying for themselves? Social media judo is born out of the philosophy of successes we have had creating programs using minimal client effort and achieving maximum results. This is exactly why social media works for marketing and why it drives ROI and is hyper-effective when done correctly. Social media and the resulting effect on all of us are driven by the momentum of real influencers working to inform and educate other buyers. Your job is to find a way to tap into this momentum and help propel your company to be greater than the sum of its parts. Social media judo will show how to do just that as well as how to create your own "judo moves" that will
    • increase sales
    • cut marketing costs
    • boost engagement and, most importantly
    • pay for themselves with real revenue
    Ivy has helped dozens of other large and small companies such as AMD, AT&T, HP, Microsoft, ProFlowers, Time Inc. launch and grow their social media efforts.



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