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Upcoming September Sensations


The summer season is coming to a close and we are preparing for fall. Although we’ll be ready for a change in the calendar, we will keep the fun going into September!

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You Want More Prize Squad? You Got It!


You’ve been following the DC Lottery’s Prize Squad updates on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram throughout the summer. You’ve seen the excitement of our winners on YouTube videos. And, you don’t want the Prize Squad missions to end. Well get ready for MORE Prize Squad mania! We’re extending the Prize Squad missions into September! That’s right! By popular demand, the summertime sensation has been extended into for fall fun!

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Celebrating Our Winners


Winning the DC Lottery is always a feel good experience. A big or small win is fueled with the great feeling of accomplishment, surprise, and happiness. DC Lottery winners come from all backgrounds and we celebrate each and every win.  Our  excitement for winners is shared through our winner’s page with updates and pictures, on our social media channels likeFacebook and Twitter. Your wins make us feel like winners too!

Our winner’s page is filled with great stories of first time players, family and friends sharing a winning experience, or great tale of luck.

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DC Lottery is keeping the Summer Sizzling


DC Lottery’s Sizzling Summer of Winning has been nothing short of sensational! This season, we’ve celebrated an array of winners from our contests, promotions, and events…and we’re not done yet! We’ve been all over the city with our  revved up winning machine, the Lucky Lottery Mobile, started a faithful following with our Prize Squad missions, and  begun the hottest contest, the Sizzling Summer of Winning!

The Lucky Lottery Mobile has been in overdrive hitting the streets of Washington, DC this summer. DC Lottery brings lucky lunch breaks with the opportunity to play your favorite numbers games, buy scratchers and enter promotions for great prizes.

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Winning Numbers

Past Winning Numbers
  • Mega Millions

    Mega Ball = 12
    Megaplier = 2

  • Powerball

    Powerball = 27
    Power Play = 2

  • Hot Lotto

    Hot Ball = 15

  • DC3

    Mid-Day 8/31/2014

    Evening 8/31/2014
  • DC4

    Mid-Day 8/31/2014

    Evening 8/31/2014
  • DC5

    Mid-Day 8/31/2014

    Evening 8/31/2014
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