Blog Reboot and Posting Strategy

This is your standard “going to start blogging again” message. I have thrown together a list of things I want to blog about in my task list and will begin posting new entries about them soon. Below is a list of topics I will likely be covering and why:


The why here is obviously because I’m a programmer and a geek, but these are things I’ve been playing with lately that have me excited about development again. Also, as I begin researching the cloud based platforms that solve my information management needs, ¬†I want to study the programming side of the tools as well. So, watch for parallel posts there as well.

  • Windows Azure
  • Visual Studio Database Development Features
  • Application Life Cycle Management with TFS
  • Agile Project Management

Time Management and Information Organization Solutions

I recently evaluated the tools I use for managing things like email, task lists, notes, etc and found that to utilize the information I need efficiently requires many applications that are not related or integrated.

As an example, I use Outlook to track my work task list and Evernote to store notes, presentation materials, and web resources related to those tasks. However, I have not found a solution for integrating those two so that I can see notes from Evernote that are related to a task in outlook, and vice versa. Throw in the context switching (personal projects and email, work projects, etc) and the inefficiency adds up pretty quickly.

As I find tools that meet the basic requirements, I also plan on doing quick posts about some of the features of the tools as well that get overlooked in the marketing propaganda. This will help me better utilize the tools I choose and hopefully provide some good information for others to use. The first one I plan on doing is a post on Microsoft Office Outlook 2011 Mailing List Manager feature.

I’ll be writing a series of blog posts about my research into the tools and platforms available to solve these problems. Below are some of the topics I am already planning on discussing:

  • Using User Stories to turn the pain points I find into actionable tasks that I can prioritize
  • Create a list of goals that must be met by whatever solutions I use
  • Google Chrome Browser Extensions – ex: StayFocusd,
  • Google Products
  • Microsoft Productivity Products – Outlook, Sharepoint, etc.
  • Evernote and related Platforms
  • Cloudring
  • Do I have to choose a hardware vendor and stick with it?
  • Password management
  • Time Management Strategies – Pomodoro, Getting Things Done (GTD), etc.


That’s it for now. Please provide feedback if you have something that works for you that may help me out! Also, I plan on putting together presentations to accompany my programming related posts, so if you want to have me speak at a user group or event on a particular topic, let me know about it!

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